(Part : 3) Inseparable Souls

Next Day, Sana reached to office half an hour earlier. She was wearing floral jumpsuit, her long hair were opened, falling down over her back and the gorgeous smile on her face was increasing her beauty. She was sitting outside of his cabin and listening to her favourite songs, wearing AirPods. At Quarter to nine, she went to make coffee for him because Rita had told her that a cup of coffee should be on Sid’s table at exact nine o’clock. She knocked the door of his cabin and after getting permission, she stepped into his cabin with the cup of black coffee for him.

“Sir, Good Morning. Here is your coffee.” She put the cup of coffee in front him, smiling at him adorably. Sid glanced at her, picking up the cup of coffee from the table. He sipped the coffee, moving his eyes back at the laptop.

Sana’s lips drawn down when Sid didn’t even reply her back and got busy in his laptop. “Why so rude? Sir, Why do you never reply back to me? Why can’t you smile like me ” She sat on the sofa, pouting her lips and waited for his order.

“Miss, Shehnaaz.” He called her without moving his eyes from the laptop. Sana didn’t give him reply because she was lost in her own world. He moved his eyes from the laptop to her when he didn’t get reply. He frowned, finding her daydreaming.

“Miss, Shehnaaz.” She came on the earth back as he growled.

“Yes sir, yes sir.” She stood up instantly, staring at him. He was pissed off.

“Miss Shehnaaz, do you know where are you at this time?” He asked, crossing his arms around his chest and glared at her.

“Is he mad or what? What is he asking?” She thought.

“Yes sir, I know where I’m. I’m in your office.” She replied him.

“So why you’re behaving like you’re sitting at your home and lost in your dream world. I called you but you didn’t reply me back. I don’t want this type carelessness here.” She bit her tongue after knowing that she’d made him angry. “Am I clear to you?” He asked curtly and she just nodded her head in response.

“What the hell is this? How could he call me careless? That time, I was lost in thinking about him because his this type of weird behaviour is eating up my mind. He’s behaving like an alien.” She muttered to herself, looking down.

“In few minutes, we’ve to leave for a meeting. Today you have to make note there. I want report of the meeting on my desk tomorrow in the morning.” He said sternly and She nodded her head. “Now, for few minutes sit there quietly.” He gestured her to sit on the sofa. He shook his head incredulously as he found her lost somewhere again.

“Miss Shehnaaz, stop day dreaming for god sake.” She shivered, coming on the earth back as he shouted.

“Is the meeting is after few minutes or like yesterday the meeting is after an hour?” She asked this question from him, looking at him doubtfully.

“Sit quietly there and stop thinking because here your work is to follow my orders and my work is to give you orders. I think, now I’m clear to you ?” He asked curtly, staring at her.

Sana sauntered toward the sofa after nodding her head. She sat down there, putting finger on her lips like a small kid.

Sid shook his head in disbelief, looking at her.”She’s such a drama queen” He muttered under his breath and got busy in his work.

“Sana, your rude boss won’t let you speak here.” She made cute faces and her lips were drawn down. Her finger was still on her lips. She was looking super cute, whosoever will look at her, he’ll fall in love with her.

“No.” She shouted, standing up. She all most forgot that she was sitting in his cabin. She shouted no because she couldn’t sit quietly. Listening to her shout, Sid gave deadly glares to her. She shut her eyes tightly in fear.

“Miss Shehnaaz, just go to your cabin right now. Don’t dare to come here until I call you.” He yelled on her, fuming in anger.

She nodded her head cutely and dashed out of his cabin happily. “Thank god, he asked me to go out of his cabin because sitting quiet without any work is impossible for the chatterbox like me.” She grinned.

After that they went for the meeting and there Sid impressed Sana with his style of giving presentation. Full one hour of meeting, she spent, gawking at him. It was getting difficult for her to make the notes because the hot CEO was standing before her. After the meeting, everybody gave a big round of applause to him and signed the deal with him happily. He shook his hand with the dealers. She thought that he would smile now but he didn’t smile. She was hurt deep inside, seeing him like this. Deep inside, she wanted to see his smile.

“What is happening to me? Why I’m attracting toward Rude Shukla ? Why I’m dying to see his smile? Why I was staring at him like an idiot, today? Mere toh kuch pale nhi padh rha ki mujhe ho kya rha hai.” She was confused with this foreign feelings which were developing inside her. She didn’t know that it was just the beginning of love and this love was going to make her completely crazy in upcoming days.

“Sana, stop thinking about him. If you fall in love with this rude boss, your life will become hell. He’ll never let you speak and he’ll always give you orders which you’ll have to follow silently.” She again got busy in talking with herself. “No, I don’t want this type of life. I can’t fall for this man, he’s alien, he’s is angry bird, he’s dominating, he’s rude, he’s monster and he’s not my type. I’ll never fall in love with him, I’m sure. This is just an attraction.”

She was so sure that she would not fall in love with him but she didn’t know that her this words were going to be proved wrong very soon because almighty had planned something else for her.

A week passed away quickly, Sana was attracting toward him more and more. He scolded her on her every mistake, her habit of asking questions and talking with herself irritated him, but still she didn’t know why she was attracting toward him. She used to scold herself for attracting toward a wrong person who was completely different man from her man of dream. Somebody has said the truth that love just happens without any reason.

Sana’s P.O.V.

A week has been passed, really this man is eating up my mind. I don’t know what is his problem. He always shouts on me. No, no, not only on me, he shouts on everybody here.  He shouts like we all had snatched something precious from him in previous birth and now he is taking revenge from us. When I do something perfectly he always said ‘you shouldn’t be so perfect.’ Oh man, now what is his problem? What is wrong if i am perfect?  Seriously he is, I don’t know what he is. Really, this person is a mystery. Nobody can understand him.

But in this one week, I’ve seen one thing that he’s a good person from his heart. Two days ago, a lady employee sauntered into sir’s cabin, that time I was presented in his cabin. Maybe she was six or seven month pregnant, I assumed, seeing her baby bump. Sidharth Sir asked from her politely that why she is working in this condition and he also asked her to take leave. She told him that she had lost his husband five month ago in car accident and now she has been living her life alone with his son and working here to earn her livelihood that’s why she can’t take leave. Then Sir gave her leave for six months and asked her to don’t worry because every month she’ll get her salary on time.

And yesterday, a dealer came for a meeting with us. He wanted to build mall by breaking a building where widows are living, who have no family. Sir denied the deal instantly without listening anything. He asked me to say no to them. They requested him to listen their offer, they tried to convince him in every possible manner, and also said this deal would be very profitable for his company, but he didn’t listen to them. He just threw them out of his office. I was amazed to his attitude at that moment. He used his power on the right time, yesterday. I was happy to see this.

These acts of sir are clearly showing me that he’s good from his heart. He’s living a fake life, putting a mask on his face that he is rude, monster, he doesn’t care about others, he is heartless, he is selfish and he has no heart. But why, why can’t he show his real face to the world? If he’s a good person then why he’s hiding? These questions are eating up my mind like hell. I really want to know why he’s living a fake life.


It was late night, Sidnaaz were coming back after the meeting. Sana was looking out of the window and enjoying the view. She startled as Sid suddenly stopped the car at some deserted place. She stared at him bemusedly and found him opening his seat belt angrily.

“What did I do now? ” She started biting her nails in fear, seeing his anger.

Sid climbed out of the car. Sana opened her mouth to ask him that what happened but instantly closed her mouth as he warned her, his eyes burning in anger. “Sit here quietly and don’t dare to come out of the car.” She nodded her head, putting finger on her lips like a innocent baby.

She saw him walking toward opposite side of the road. She widened her eyes in horror after seeing what was happening on the other side of the road. She was utterly shocked.

She saw that three men were trying to molest a girl and they were touching her in a wrong way. Her screams were not audible to her but by looking at her, she came to know that she was screaming for the help and trying hard to resist them. After that a boy lifted her up, grasping her waist from behind. Sana gasped and palmed her mouth in shock, seeing this.Then Sid reached there and put his hand over the shoulder of the boy who was holding the girl. Other two men stared at Sid shockingly.

“Please, let me go.” The girl was crying badly. That man put the girl down and as he turned, Sid punched his face four times and that man fell down, getting unconscious in four punches. The other two men stared at sid in fear after seeing his strength. He made the girl stand behind himself and clenched his fist, glaring at those bastards.

Sana was sitting there having fear in her eyes. She wanted to go there, but she knew that if she go there, she would only increase the problem. She was shocked, seeing that how Sid was fighting for a girl who was a complete stranger to him. His this act proved her that he was really a great person. He didn’t even for once think about himself before helping that girl. He risked his life to save a stranger. She started respecting him from that day.

After that a man took out the gun from his pocket and pointed towards Sid. Sana’s heart stopped beating for a second, seeing this. Now she couldn’t able to stop herself anymore from going there. She hurriedly stepped out the car and her eyes fell on the iron rod which was kept near to the car. She picked up the rod and strode toward them.

“Shoot me if you can.” Sid asked the person to shoot him, having no fear in his eyes. Sid noticed that the person who was standing, holding the gun, his hand was shivering and Sid understood that he took the gun out just to make him scare. He didn’t get successful in making him scared because scaring Sidharth Shukla was not so easy.

Before anybody could do something, somebody hit on his head from behind and he fell down, holding his head. Sid was shocked to see Sana who was standing grasping the iron rod tightly in his hand. She was fuming in anger.

“Leave me, you bastard.” Sana roared in anger as the last man grasped her arm. Sid clenched his fist, glaring at that man. Sana was trying hard to come out of his hold

“Leave her hand right now.” He said like he was giving warning to him, but he didn’t take Sid’s warning seriously and had to bear the consequences.

“Now don’t blame me for this.” Sid uttered and punched him so hard on his face that in one punch, he fell down after leaving Sana’s hand. Sana was amazed to see his strength.

“Who told you to come here?” Sid growled at Sana. She was shocked to see this because she had helped him and instead of saying thank you to her, he was scolding her.

“And who asked you to save that girl life.” She questioned him back. “You can come here to save the life of this stranger girl, whom you don’t even know, then why can’t I come here to save the life of my boss.” Sid became quiet, he moved his eyes down. Only Sana had power to shut Sidharth Shukla’s mouth.

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