(Part : 5) Inseparable Souls

One Month later

Sana’s P.O.V.

From one Month, I’m working in SS company with Mr. Rude Shukla. I’m still trying to figure out, why sir is like this? He’s a good human being from inside, he has a big heart. He cares for others but didn’t show. His each and every act shows how perfectly he is handling the business but I still don’t know, why he never shows his good side to others, why he shows that he is monster, why he shows that he doesn’t care about others. Sometimes I feel like he tries to hide his pain behind his anger. I’ve seen, how much he respects girls. Before meeting him, I used to think that all boys just use girl and then throw them like a trash, but he changed my point of view for boys. Now when he shouts on me, I don’t feel hurt because I know, he yells at me just to keep his fake monster image safe. I don’t know, why he wants to show the world that he’s monster.

Since the day I fainted down, he has been keeping his eyes on me that I’m taking food on time or not. Now what is this? I mean who cares for his employee so much, but my boss is different and I’m happy that i got a boss like him. I’m happy to work with him and the most important thing is that i feel safe with him. Now I only want to know why sir is like this, I know then only i will get relief. Yes, that mission is still on.

Sana sauntered into her home at night, holding the trophy of employee of the month. Yes, she had won the title of employee of the month because she was doing her job perfectly. She was super happy after getting this title because everyone was praising her but she was a bit upset too because her rude boss, Sidharth didn’t praise her.

Abhi and Noor were sitting in the hall. Sana hugged her brother from behind, wrapping her hand around his neck. “So today my baby sister got what she deserves.” Abhi smiled proudly, putting his hand over her face. “Yes, bhai because Shehnaaz gill is perfect in everything.” She blew her hair out of her face in attitude after breaking the hug. “I am proud of you, my baby.” Noor hugged her and Sana grinned, hugging her back.

Next Morning

She stepped into the office, having a beautiful smile on her face but she was not aware that god had planned something very big for her to take her test that how strong she was.

She was strolling toward the lift and felt like everyone was staring at her. She felt weird because few boys were smirking looking at her and girls were giving her disgusting looks. “God, why they all are seeing me like I did some crime.” She asked bemusedly from god. “Sana, run because like always you’re getting late.” Her mind reminded her and she rushed toward the elevator. She sighed after stepping inside. The door got closed and she found a girl staring at her, she was giving her disgusting looks. “What’s the matter, what I did ?” She muttered under her breath.

She was sauntering toward Sidharth’s Cabin. Everybody were staring at her in the corridors like before, giving her disgusting looks. She was utterly confused that what was happening here. “Excuse me..” She was about to ask from a girl that what’s the matter but she left after ignoring her like she was untouchable. She felt hurt, she wasn’t understanding that why everyone was treating like this. “Rita” As Sana called Rita, she also walked away, ignoring her like others. Her lips drawn down and her eyes became moist after seeing her friend, Rita too behaving like others with her. At least, she could tell her the reason.

She ignored everything and strode toward the cabin. “Slut” She stopped as she heard somebody calling her slut. She turned behind, fuming in anger. She found everybody staring at her. She closed her eyes to fight back with her tears before turning around. “What the hell, how could someone call me slut?” She muttered before stepping into the Cabin of Sid. She was really upset and angry.

“Good morning, sir.” She wished him without smiling and Sid stared at her silently for few seconds. He was shocked that why she wasn’t smiling today. He could clearly see in her eyes that she was upset. Even he also became upset seeing Sana sad. He wanted to see her smile because in this month, he became habitual of seeing her smile in the morning. Her smile gave peace to his heart, mind and soul. Sana didn’t even know that her smile was so precious for her boss.

“Miss Shehnaaz, here is some files, do the corrections. I want the file on my table in one hours.” He gave her files and she held them while nodding her head. He was staring at her face, waiting to see smile on her face. He didn’t know why he was becoming restless to see her one smile. He instantly looked on other side as Sana looked at him. She turned and sauntered toward the door while Sid stared at her dejectedly. He wanted to know the reason of her sadness. It was hurting him deep inside, seeing her like this.

Sana rushed into her Cabin after ignoring everybody’s stares in the corridors. She was hurt. She wanted to know, why they all were

treating her like this. “Sana focus on the work now. In the break you can ask from somebody that what happened.” She tried to concentrate on her work after sitting on her desk but couldn’t. It was killing her.

“Should I go and ask from someone about this or should I talk to Sir about this matter?” She thought after closing the file.

“No, no, I shouldn’t talk to sir about this. He’ll blame me and scold me. I really don’t like when he shouts on me. I should again try to talk with Rita about this” She decided and took out her phone from handbag. She shook her head as she cut her call. “I won’t sit idle, I want to know what’s the matter because Shehnaaz is not weak and coward. “She blew her hair out the face in attitude like always.

“Don’t call me from now because I don’t want to talk to the girl like you.” Sana frowned after reading Rita’s message. “But what i did ? Please tell me.” She instantly sent her the message but didn’t get any reply from other side. “Oh god, what is happening?” She held her head with her both hands, resting her elbows on the table.


“Sir is calling you in his cabin.” Peon informed Sana. after one hour, walking into her Cabin. Peon left as she nodded her head at him.

“Sir is not going to leave me because I’havn’t done his work on time.” She stood up sadly and after gathering her handbag, she walked out of the Cabin. She reached to his Cabin after utterly ignoring everybody.

“Where are the files?” Sid asked sternly as she sauntered into the Cabin. “You’re gone.” She mumbled, moving her eyes down.

“I haven’t checked, them yet.” She stammered, moving her at him because she was scared. Sid was shocked because for the first she didn’t complete her work on time. He instantly understood that something was really bothering her a lot, he was sure now.

“Okay, complete it later on because dealers are waiting for us in the conference room. We’ve to attend the meeting” He didn’t scold her because he didn’t want to make her more upset by shouting on her. Sana looked at her shockingly, raising her eyebrows. She was utterly shocked that why he didn’t shout on her. She wasn’t excepting his this type of reaction from him. She sighed with relief.

After that they stepped out of the cabin together and now nobody was staring at her because Sid was with her. “Cowards, in front of sir, now they all are behaving like nothing had happened.” She huffed, glaring at them.

“Miss Shehnaaz, come inside. Where are you lost?” Sana instantly looked at Sid after coming  back on the earth as Sid shouted. She hurriedly walked inside. Dealers were already presented there with the few staff members. She settled down. Sid started the meeting after shaking his hand with the dealers.

A man from the office staff who was sitting beside Sana, he was smirking at her. She shook her head and tried to concentrate on the meeting after ignoring her but his next move shocked hell out of her. He put his hand over her thigh. “Bastard” She glared at him and jerked away his hand. She wanted to give him a tight slap on his face but she controlled herself, clutching her fist because she didn’t want to spoil the meeting. Sid understood that there was something fishy when he found Sana glaring at him.

That person again dared to put his hand over her lap. This time, she couldn’t able to control herself from slapping him. She slapped him after removing his hand from her lap in furry without caring what all would think about her because he deserved many more slaps for his this disgusting act. Girls should not fall weak before men, they should always fight back for their self respect. Everybody became shocked after seeing this. Sid was also shocked and that person was glaring at Sana, putting his hand on his face.

“How dare you touch me like this , you bastard?” Sana roared at him. That person opened his mouth to say something but he instantly closed his mouth as Sid yelled, glaring at him. “You both please keep your mouth shut for a moment.” Sana was glaring at that man. Her eyes innocent eyes were filled with anger.

“I am sorry gentlemen. We have to postpone the meeting.” Sid apologised but dealers were fuming in anger after seeing all this. “No, we’re sorry Mr. Shukla but now we can’t invest money in your company.” Dealers cancelled the deal and marched out of the conference room.

“Now Will you please explain me Miss Shehnaaz, what’d happened which forced you to slap him during the meeting?” He asked glaring at Sana. Sana opened her mouth to tell the reason but before her the person who misbehaved with Sana, Akshay spoke “Sir, she” before Akshay could complete his words, Sid roared cutting his words. “Have I asked you to speak?” Sid shut his mouth. Sid was sure that Akshay was at fault that’s why he questioned Sana, not him. He knew, Sana was a sensible person and she wouldn’t slap him unnecessarily during the meeting. He knew Sana would tell the truth and Akshay would make fake stories.

She stammered. “Sir, he touched.., my thigh during the meeting.”  Sid punched him on his face in fury as Sana told him what he did with her. She was utterly shocked because his this act was unexpected. Today Sana came to know that Sid trusted her a lot because Sid declared Akshay culprit after knowing her side story only without even listening to Akshay.

“Sir, She’s lying. She’s a slut” As Akshay abused her with this word, Sid punched him two times, getting out of control. Sana glared at Akshay. “Just Shut up, you’ve no right to call any girl a slut , you bastard”Sid roared at him, grabbing his collars. He lost his temper. Sana was hell angry because of the Akshay’s behaviour but after seeing Sid’s reaction, the way he was supporting her, she felt little relief. She was sure now that she didn’t need to take tension and also didn’t need to prove herself innocent in front of anybody because her boss would handle everything. She started respecting him even more because his last words clearly showed that how much he respected girls.

“But, Sir, I’ve proof that this girl is not innocent.” He uttered but Sid punched him again and didn’t let him to show the proof because he knew the truth that Sana was innocent, he trusted her. “I don’t need any proof because I know she’s innocent.” Sana was staring at Sid incredulously. His words shocked her to the core because she never thought that he would support her like this one day and she didn’t know that he trusted her so much. She felt something in her heart at that moment and her eyes became moist with that feeling. Nobody had ever supported her like him before. She was overwhelmed.

“Sir, please let him show the proof, I want to see that what is the thing which declared me as a slut in front of everybody.”she said confidently because now she was completely sure that Sid would do justice with her and would support her. “Not only him, today everybody in the office were seeing me like, I’m slut.” She uttered last word in crying tone. Sid looked at her bemusedly after knowing this. “Please, sir, let him show the proof.” She implored, staring at Sid and what next Akshay showed them, it shocked them to the core.

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