(Part : 7) Inseparable Souls

When Sana rushed out of the conference room, Sid stood there silently for few seconds, staring at the door.  He sighed, closing his eyes and glared at all four of them who were now standing, bowing their head down in shame. He clenched his fist, staring at them in fury.

“I don’t want to make my hands dirty by slapping this bastard. Sir, he is Monster and he will remain Monster. I don’t want to waste my time on the monster like him.” He was about to beat each one of them but stopped himself as her words echoed in his ears. “She said right, we shouldn’t make our hands dirty, these bastard will always remain bastard.” He thought, giving them disgusting looks.

“But I’ve a better plans for them.” He muttered, calling somebody. He put the phone on his ear.

“Sir, please forgive..” Shruti was about to apologise but she shut her mouth as Sid gave her deadly looks, showing his hand to her. ” I’m controlling myself because you’re a girl but don’t force me to become like your bastard friends.” Sid roared, making all them shivered in fear.

“It’s an emergency here, come to my office fast, there are four criminals who are needed to be punished.” He hang up the call after saying this.They stared at each other, having fear in their eyes, Sid smirked. “You all are gone and make yourself ready to get suffered in hell.” He scared them with his words, they all gulped down the lump in their throat in fear. They wanted to run but they knew that they couldn’t escape because they were standing in his territory. He sat on the chair warping his hand around his chest in attitude, smirking at them.

Police inspector with six male police constable and two female constable were coming behind a office girl, that girl was showing them way to conference room where Sid was desperately waiting for them. All the staff were looking at them in horror. As they stepped inside, Sid shook his hand with the Police Inspector while all four of them looked at the coops shockingly. There were two constable for each one of them, they were putting handcuffs on their wrist so that they couldn’t able to run. Female constables were arresting Shruti.

“You can’t arrest  us like this without any proof.” Akshay still dared to said this. Sid chuckled and then his words came like a punch for all of them.

“I don’t want any proofs to make you all arrest. You all will suffer in jail till my wish because i am powerful here.” Sid turned his face to inspector, having smirk on his face. “Take the garbage out of here, I can’t bear them more in front of my eyes.” Sid gestured his hand toward them.

” You are making us your enemy, Mr. Shukla.” Last he heard Shruti’s words and then there was a utter silence in the room. He stood there, closing his eyes. Today incident reminded him of the day when Police had arrested him, the day which had snatched everything from him and changed him. “From today, he is nothing for us, just  take him with you.” A lone tear trickled down from his eyes to his cheek as a male voice echoed in his ear. He instantly opened his eyes and wiped his tear. He sighed deeply before stepping out of the room.


“Is Shehnaaz is with you?” After coming in his cabin, he called the Driver which he had hired for Sana.

“No, Sir, she didn’t come, I’m standing outside of her car.” Sid cut the call, getting disappointed. He was worried for her, he didn’t even know where would be at this moment.

“I want you here in my Cabin in ten minutes.” He sent the message to Shehnaaz on whatsApp and waited for her reply because she came online instantly as he sent the message.

“Sir, could i get a leave for one day?” He thought something closing his eyes for a second after reading her message.

“Leave not granted, I want you here right now or else you will be punished.” He sat on his chair comfortably after sending her the message. He was sure that now she would come to him herself. He didn’t want to leave her alone.

On the other hand, Sana frowned after reading his last message. She was sitting at the backstairs of the office. She wanted to spend some alone time because today’s incident made her very upset and disturbed. She was feeling shameful because she was a girl and the person who’d had done this with her, that was also a girl. She wanted to take leave for one day from work because she knew, she would not able to do the work today. She needed one day to gather herself back.

“What is this? Why can’t he give me a holiday when he knows everything that happened today. Seriously this man, Why I fall in love with him.” She cried like a baby saying this to herself and sent okay to him, having no other option.

“Sana think positive, maybe he wants to spend some time with you and he doesn’t want to leave you alone in this condition.” Her lips curled up into a smile as she thought.

“Haye, if this is the reason then I want to kiss him right now.” She giggled, hugging her bag  near to her heart.

“Off course this would be the only reason. He can never say anything directly to me because he knows, his monster image would be get spoiled If he said directly to me that Sana, please come here, I want that you should be with me right now, I’m worried for you.” She muttered, guffawing with delight. “Very good Sana very good, now I can say that you love him truly because you have started understanding him very well.” She praised herself and stood up, grinning. She sauntered toward his cabin happily, forgetting everything.

The best thing about Sana was that she moved on easily from the bad incident. She didn’t waste her precious time of life by crying over the things. She enjoys every moment of life to the fullest forgetting all the pain and the things which bother her.

She was relieved because now no one was staring at her like before. Rather they all were apologising from her and she was shocked, seeing this. “Shehnaaz, I want to say something” She moved her hand to knock the door of cabin but stopped as she heard

Rita’s voice from behind. She turned toward her. “Shehnaaz, I’m really sorry that I didn’t trust you. Please forgive me and don’t think that I’m saying sorry to you because sir asked us to say sorry to you.” She apologised from Sana, her eyes were filled with the guilt.

Sana was shocked after listening her last words. “What really, sir himself has asked you all to apologise?” She asked getting happy. She used to get so happy on small things like a small kids.

“Yes, he made a announcement and warned everybody to don’t ask anything from you. He also sent all the culprits in jail. I’m happy that the truth came out.” Sana was going crazy after hearing her words because she knew, Sid did all this for her and he cared for her but didn’t show.

“Rita, it’s okay. We don’t know each other that much, so I wasn’t expecting you to trust me. The people who did this, they were punished and I’m happy.” She held hand, smiling at her.

“I hope, in future, we will start trusting each other.” Sana smiled broadly as Rita said.

“I hope so too. Rita, now I’ve to go because I’m already late.” She instantly turned over her heels and knocked the door as Rita walked from there.

She sauntered into the cabin after getting permission from her beloved, Sid. She was happy from her heart, forgetting about everything because the person whom she loved, he was doing so much for her. This called as magic of love, she had gone through a lot today but still she was happy because she got the support of the person whom she loved. Sid was relieved after seeing her smiling face, he’d been dying to see her beautiful smile since morning. Now he was happy but shocked too because he wasn’t expecting her smile. He thought that she would be sad after today’s incident but he was happy. He didn’t know that he was the only reason behind her precious smile. For a moment he got utterly lost in her smile. His smile was not less than heaven for him.

“Miss Shehnaaz, I just want to say one thing after seeing what has happened to you that never be so perfect.” she looked at him, widening her eyes in shock because she wasn’t expecting these words from him. “What? I thought that he would ask, how are you, Sana or he would show a little concern toward me but he’s saying me that I shouldn’t be perfect, now what is  this ?” She was puzzled and stared at him incredulously.

“Sir, I want to ask something from you. Can I ask ?” She badly wanted to know the reason behind his two faces.

“Miss shehnaaz, if it’s related to work then go ahead.” She rolled her eyes after getting same answer from him like always. “Why can’t I talk about something else?” She asked, getting irritated.

“Because, I don’t want to talk about something else, I’m boss here and you have to listen me.” She pouted sadly after listening his words. “Am i clear to you, Miss Shehaaz or not ?” He asked and she  just nodded her head positively because she knew him very well, he won’t listen to her.

She shook her head and turned over her heel, facing her back to him. “What do you think, if you keep showing me that you are rude, you don’t have heart and I’ll stop loving you. No Mr. Shukla by doing this you are encouraging me more to know about you. What is the thing which is stopping you from expressing your true feelings to me? Why you always try to show that you are rude because I know  in reality you are not, but don’t worry I am Shehnaaz and I have my own ways to take the truth out, now you will see me, Sir. My love is true, not a joke.” She blew her hair out of her face in attitude after muttering to herself.

Sana’s P.O.V.

It was late night and I was still not feeling sleepy, whole day I kept wondering “What should I do so that I get to know the truth?he’s very famous, surely on google, I can find something about him. “I picked up my phone from side table and typed Sidharth Shukla on google and then clicked on search. Opening the first link, I found the bio of his company. I was just about to click on back button but at the end of page, a link caught my attention. The heading was ” Sidharth Shukla was Arrested in 2015″ I was staring at the phone screen, my eyes wide open. “Why Police had arrested him?” I thought and opened that link. The phone slipped down from my hand because I was more shocked after reading the whole article. It was written that he was arrested for Molestation of his college teacher and he’d also spent one year jail.

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