(Part : 25) Inseparable Souls

The most important chapter of their life, yet to be opened. The chapter which would be filled with extreme pain because life is not only filled with happiness, life is like a roller coaster ride and it is like a rainbow, life never gives only happiness, it also gives sadness. If life will give only happiness then how we will come to know the real meaning of happiness. Like this in their life, dark days were going to come after the happy days. God was going to take the test of their true love.

Yes Separation is there, but please have a faith on me. Soon they will meet. Separation is needed for this story, I have planned this Separation from starting only to reveal the past of Sid in a interesting way, separation is must.

Please don’t comment like “don’t Separate them”. If you have a trust on me then read it.

The story is going to become interesting from this part, just trust me and keep doing comments which encourage me a lot.


“No, I won’t go to Jaipur without you.” Sid strictly denied, taking his clothes out from the bag like a stubborn kid when Shehnaaz was packing his bag. She glared at him like his mother.

In one Month, Sidharth’s song became viral on youtube. That’s why he became popular in one month only. This became possible because of Shehnaaz, she’d recorded his song and uploaded on YouTube. Yesterday only he got a call from Jaipur and they informed him that they wanted to organise a concert for him. Sid wanted to take Sana with himself and even she wanted to go with him, but then who’ll handle the business here, they were working on very important project and that’s why Sana decided to remain in Mumbai. But Sid was not ready, he didn’t want to go without her.

She clasped his hand “Sidharth, you know, you’re very lucky that you’ve gotten this opportunity of concert in one month only. Please don’t lose this opportunity, grab it. I want to see you becoming a famous singer because you deserve it, baby. I want to see you becoming rockstar.” She was trying hard to make him understand, but Sid wasn’t ready to listen her.

“My answer is still no, I won’t go without you.” He said sternly. He just didn’t want to go without her, he needed her beside him every second.

“Okay fine, I’m going with you.” She stood up in anger and marched toward the cupboard, frowning. She started taking her clothes out. “Because of your stubbornness, you’ll destroy the company which you’ve made with your hard work, very good Mr. Shukla, keep it up.” She was furiously keeping the cloth into luggage, he was looking at his angry baby helplessly.

“I just don’t want to go away from you and I will not be able to sing if you’re not with me.” He said, clasping her hand and gazing at her, having love in his eyes for her.

“I understand you. Do you think that I’m happy to send you alone and I don’t want to go with you?” She asked, placing her hand on his face and looked deeply into his eyes. He remained silent. 

“Sidharth, I want to go with you, but I don’t want that the company which you have made, it will get destroyed” She told him the reason and he understood her.

“So we’ve to live without each other for three days.” He asked pouting sadly like a small baby. She nodded her head and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back, pulling her closer to himself.

“I’m always with you.” She uttered after breaking the hug. “In your heart.” She placed his hand on his heart, his lips curved into a smile.

“And I’m always there with you in your heart.” He repeated her words, placing her hand on her heart.

“Our heart beats for each other, no one can separate us because our heart are connected to each other which can’t be separated.” She whispered, looking deeply into his eyes, her voice was filled with love.

“You’re absolutely right, god can separate us physically, but he can never separate our soul and heart which are connected to each other.” He murmured, gazing in her eyes deeply. She nodded her head, smiling.

“I’ll miss you.” She looked at him, making a sad face .

He smirked at her. “Still we’ve three hours, my angel.” He winked at her and suddenly pushed her on the bed, giving shock to her. After removing his shirt hastily, he came over her.

“You scared me.” She whispered dramatically, putting hand on her heart and then they both laughed.

“I’m not gonna leave you baby so easily, today.” He said, covering themselves with the blanket. She was grinning at him.

“Even I don’t want you to leave me.” She slammed his lips with her lips and then they started kissing each hungrily. He pulled her top over her head hastily as they broke the kiss. He reached down, trailing kisses from her neck to her waist. He opened her jeans button deftly. He hooked his thumbs into her jeans to pull down her jeans with her undies.

After that he pulled out her jeans and threw it in the corner of the room. He started rubbing her round and round with his one hand and he was pulling down his jeans and boxer with his other hand. Her eyes were closed, she was moaning, clutching the mattress. He stopped to wear the condom and she looked at him, flushing. He came over her and captured her lips before easing into her deeply in one go. She screamed in his mouth and instantly encircled her legs around his torso, taking him deep inside her.

After that the room was filled with their moans and groans. They spent three hours in loving each other, they wanted to stop the time because they were going to be separated for three days. They both didn’t know how they would spend three days without each other when spending a minute without each other was impossible for them.


After giving her a good bye kiss on her forehead, he sat inside the car. Both looked at each other. She gave him smile because she knew that her smile was his strength. She leaned down and pulled him closer to her face, holding his shirt. “I’ll miss you.” She whispered after sucking his lips without caring about the driver who was seeing them sitting at the front seat of car. They both chuckled, seeing the driver expressions.

When the driver started the car engine, they both felt pain in their heart because he was going away from her, still they were smiling for each other. When the car started to leave and their hands which were entwined with each other, got separated. She stood there seeing the car going away from her, having pain in her eyes. ” I don’t know, how I’ll spend these three days without you, Sidharth.” She murmured and lone tear trickled down her cheek mechanically.

“She said wrong that I’m lucky to become popular in one month and to get a opportunity to sing in concert. The truth is that I am lucky because god blessed me by giving her to me, the precious gift. She walked into my life like an angel and gave me what I was craving for. She gave me a new life, a life which is filled with love and happiness. I never want to lose her and I never want to lose this life. After this concert, I’ll tell her everything about my past . The past which gave me pain and pushed me into darkness for so many years, the past which is now nothing for me because she is with me. I’m sure now, she’ll understand me and will trust me. She’ll never go leaving me alone.” He was thinking all this sitting in the car.

He decided to tell her the truth but he was not aware that he got late because his past was going to come in front of her.


Shehnaaz was preparing presentation for a meeting when she got a video call from Sidharth. Her lips curved into a beautiful smile, seeing his name and photo which was flashing on her screen. She picked up his call. She put the phone in front of her after tucking her hair behind her ear and sat comfortably.

“Shehnaaz, I never felt so nervous before, I can’t sing.” He was standing at the backstage, utterly nervous. His performance was going to start and he called her because he was  getting nervous like a small kid because after so many year, he was going to sing in front of huge crowd.

She smiled, seeing her nervous baby. “Sid, first take a deep breath.” He did what she asked him to do. “Better” As she asked, he nodded his head.

“Now listen to me, forget that you’re standing on the stage and thousands of people are seeing you, sing as like you’re standing in empty room and you are singing for me. Imagine me standing in front of you.” She was trying her best to remove his nervous.

“Thank you so much, you’re the solution of my every problem. I love you so much. I want to kiss you, angel.” She chuckled, listening his words. Whenever he called her angel, she felt happy from her heart because from starting she wanted to become his angel and his this words always reminded that she won, her love won.

“Sir, it’s your turn.” A boy called him and he just nodded at him. “All the best and rock the stage.” She wished him good luck and gace him flying kiss.

He was just smiling like an idiot, gazing at her. “Now go.” Listening her words, he came out of his dream world and left after biding bye to her and she just smiled.


Three days passed away and everything went perfect, he rocked the stage and made his place in many hearts with his magical voice. They missed each other a lot in those three days and they were dying to hold each other.  He reached back home, he was tired and dying to see love of his life. He called her after lying on the bed comfortably.

“Hi, Sidharth.” She with in a second answered his call. She put the phone on the speaker and placed it on the dressing table because she was combing her hair, getting ready to meet him after three days. She wanted to look beautiful.

“Where are you my angel? I’m dying to see you.” He asked, she smiled after listening to his voice which was showing that how desperate he was to meet her.

“I’m just getting ready, Sidharth.” She answered him, wearing the earring.

“Okay tell me when I’ll reach there, what you will do?” She asked after last time glancing herself in the mirror and stood up.

“I’ll first see my pretty angel from head to toes, then I’ll pull you toward myself by grabbing your waist, then I’ll kiss your beautiful lips and will make you breathless.” She was flushing, listening to his words. His words were arousing her desire.

“Now bye, I’m just coming.” She hung up, blushing and he chuckled. She rushed out the room after hanging the bag over her shoulder.

They both were not aware that they would not going to see each other for few more days. God was planning something very big for them, god wanted to take a test of their love. If they truly loved each other then they would pass the test and if they didn’t love each other truly, they would get fail in the test and will lose each other forever.

After an hour

Sidharth was becoming restless to see his angel, his eyes were at the main door of his mansion. He was getting more and more desperate to see his angel with each passing minute. He was seeing the time again and again.

“When will you come my angel?” He thought, closing his eyes worriedly. As he opened his eyes after a minute and looked at the door, he widened his eyes in shock. He stood up, staring at the person unbelievably who was striding toward him.

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