(Part : 27) Inseparable Souls

“No, angel, this time, I’ll trust our love and I’ll trust you, you can never trust on Abhi’s words, because you’d said that if we truly love each other then we should trust each other. I know you love me truly and you trust me, I’ll know the truth and no matter what I’ll bring you back in my life, because I love you truly and our love is not weak that someone words will create misunderstanding between us. Abhi hates me because he never trusted me but you’ve trusted me always and your trust always has given me strength to live life. I’m coming my angel and I promise you that I’ll trust you and our love till my last breath because in my life, there is nothing except your love.” He was talking to himself, having determination in his eyes to bring Shehnaaz back. His words clearly showing that how truly he loved Shehnaaz and their love was so strong. Now he started trusting her too. He was utterly sure that she could never hate him and Abhi was lying to him.


“Shehnaaz, Shehnaaz-” Sidharth marched into the Gill’s Mansion after fighting with the guards, shouting for her. Abhi stamped out of his room with a scowl on his face as he heard Sidharth’s voice.

He stared at him, having anger in his eyes. “How dare you walked into my house?” Abhi roared at him furiously, but Sid ignored him.

“Shehnaaz.” He was just calling his Shehnaaz. He just wanted to talk with his love.

“Get lost from my house right now.” Abhi growled at him, pushing him toward the door.

“I don’t want to talk you, I just want to talk to my Shehnaaz.” As Sidharth called Shehaaz as his Shehnaaz, Abhi punched him hardly. He scrawled at Sid, his eyes were filled with hatred.

“She’s not yours and she’ll never be yours, I’ll never let this happen.” Abhi roared at him in fury, raising his finger at him. Sid looked at him, having pain in his eyes.

“Abhi, you can beat me as much you want, but just let me meet Shehnaaz for once. She-she loves me a lot, she can’t live without me. We both love each other.” Sid begged helplessly in front of Abhi. His voice was filled with pain and his condition was clearly stating that how much he loved Shehnaaz. At this moment also he was thinking about her.

“I know that my sister love for you was true and that’s why she broke down when I told him about you, but you don’t need to be worried about her, we are there for her. Now just get lost.” He again pushed him toward the door. Sid was controlling his anger difficultly. His words were hurting him like hell.

Sid sighed deeply after closing his eyes. “I won’t go. I want to meet Shehnaaz. Until I meet her, I won’t go.” He shook his head but Abhi’s next words broke his heart.

“Shehnaaz is not at home, she left. She has gone so far from you and she doesn’t even want to see your face again, she hates you.” Sid was looking at him in disbelief.

“No, she can’t go leaving me alone, she can’t hate me, you’re lying.” Sid took few step backward disbelievingly, Abhi was just glaring at him, his eyes were burning with anger.

Sidharth’s heart broke down completely, but still he wasn’t ready to believe that Shehnaaz could hate him.

“I know, you are lying. Shehnaaz is in the house.” He pushed Abhi aside and started finding his angel in the whole house, shouting for her like a crazy lover. His craziness and his trust on his love was clearly stating that how truly he loved Shehnaaz.

He dejectedly lumbered back to the hall  where Abhi was still glaring at him in anger. Sid didn’t find Shehnaaz in the whole house, but his heart was still saying him that she couldn’t go leaving him alone.

“Please, stop acting that you love Shehnaaz. You can’t make me fool again, just get lost” Abhi shouted at him.

“I know, Shehnaaz haven’t left me. You must forcefully sent her away from me, but Mr. Abhimanyu Gill, I will find her very soon. Our love is true and our heart are connected to each other, my heart will surely find her.” He marched out of the mansion determinedly. His words were clearly stating that how much he trusted Shehnaaz, but the biggest question was why Abhi couldn’t see his true love for her sister.

Sid was wandering aimlessly on the road, thinking about Shehnaaz. His mind was saying that Shehnaaz left him after knowing about his past, but his heart was not ready accept this.

“No, she can’t go, she loves me, she said that she will always trust me.” He was sobbing like a small baby. People who were passing by, they were calling him crazy but he didn’t care because he was in pain. Suddenly he slumped down and started crying mechanically. He was crying on his destiny. Whenever he thought to live happily, life always said no to him that you can’t live happily. 

“No, I’ll fight with my destiny, I’ll fight with everyone. Whosoever will come in between us, no matter what I’ll fight with them to get you back because you’re the only reason that I’m breathing.” He stood up, having determination in his eyes after wiping his tears.

“You said right Shehnaaz that our hearts are connected to each other. God can keep us separate physically, but can’t separate our heart from each other, and this is the only reason my heart is still beating for you and giving me strength to fight for us.” He smiled faintly, he was utterly that he would find her no matter what.

On the other hand Shehnaaz was constantly beating the door of a room and crying terribly. Somebody locked her up in a room. “Open the door.” She yelled, beating the door. Her hands became red but still she striking the door with her hands .

“You can’t lock me here like this, Mr. Gill. You can’t control my life and I don’t believe you that my Sidharth could do something wrong.” She kicked the door furiously. He sat down on the bed, holding her head, having anger and pain in her eyes.

“I’ve to do something, Sidharth must be waiting for me. He can harm himself if he’ll not find me. I still remembered that day he was about to jump down the building, thinking that i left him.” She was only thinking about him and this was clearly showing that how much she loved him.

“No,relax, Shehnaaz, Sid will never do that again because he gave you promise that he would never try to end his life.” She murmured, reassuring herself that he wouldn’t do anything silly again like before.


Shehnaaz happily strolled out of her room to meet Sidharth after three days. Her heart was jumping with excitement to see love of her life after three days which were like three years for her. Only she knew that how she’d spent those three days without him, it was so difficult for her. Her smile vanished away as she found her father sitting in the hall with his bodyguards. She didn’t get happy, seeing her father, rather she frowned. She didn’t like her father because he always tried to force his decision on her. She marched toward the door, ignoring him, but stopped suddenly for a moment after listening to his words.

“Where you are going, Shehnaaz?” He asked, striding toward her. She rolled her eyes and again started striding toward the door.

He marched furiously toward her. “Don’t you have any manners, Shehnaaz? I’m your father and I am asking you something.” He stopped her, grasping her arm.

Shehnaaz turned toward him, glaring at him.”Father-“She chuckled. “do you even know the meaning of father, Mr. Gill.” She asked furiously.

“Shehnaaz-” He shouted in fury, gripping her hand tighter and she stared at him, having hatred in her eyes for him. It was clearly visible from their conversation they both didn’t share a good bond, their relationship was complicated, Sana hated him, but the question was why.

“Shehnaaz, I know the truth that what you are doing in Mumbai. Instead of working in your brother’s company, you are working in Shukla’s company and more than this, you are dating Sidharth Shukla. Have any shame left in you or not?” He scolded her, she rolled her eyes.

“So, what’s wrong in this?” She asked in attitude, crossing her arms around her.

“Wrong is that you hid the truth from me and wrong is that you love the person who is a bastard-“ As he said wrong about his Sidharth, she became furious and snapped at him, cutting his words.

“Mr. Gill, I don’t want to listen a single word against my Sidharth.” Her eyes were spitting fire and Mr. Shahil Gill who was Shehnaaz’s father, he was shocked to see her anger.

“So this means it is waste of time to explain you?” He asked and she nodded at him.

“Take her to my car.” As he ordered to his two bodyguards, they grasped her arms instantly before Sana could react even.

“You can’t control my life.” She roared at him in anger and now he ignored her words.

“Leave me.” She was struggling to come out of the tight grips of his bodyguards .

“Shehnaaz, I know you are stubborn and you will not listen to anyone easily, but I know how to control you and yes my dear, I have full right to control you because I am your father. I know, what is right for you and what is wrong for you.” He said coldly, coming close to her, Shehnaaz was just glaring at him angrily.

“Now take her to my car, I’m just coming.” He ordered his guards. They nodded their heads and started dragging Shehnaaz’s out of the house.

“Mr. Gill, you can’t control me because you are not my father, you’ve always given me pain, you’ve never given me happiness. Your concern, your love, everything is fake and I know about this.” She was yelling at him when Guards were dragging her out of the house.

When Guards went taking Shehnaaz out of the house with them. Abhi sauntered of his room, tears were trickling down his eyes.

“Dad, please, there is no mistake of her in this-“ Before abhi could speak more, he stopped him by showing his hand to him.

“You’ve already spoiled her life, this was the only reason, I was not letting her to work out. The person like Sidharth is everywhere who can trap her because she is innocent and this only happened. She fell in love with that person who is not right for her. Now Abhi listen to me very carefully, If you want that Shehnaaz should come on right track then let me handle her in my own way.” He said to Abhi and dashed out of the house. Abhi was standing there, his eyes were filled with pain.

Noor sauntered out of the room as he left. “Abhi, you did wrong to call dad, we could’ve explained her with love .The way dad is handling her is wrong. She will become more aggressive and will not listen to us.” Noor uttered, having concern in her voice for Shehnaaz.

“Noor, one week ago, when I came to know that Shehnaaz is in love with him, I got shocked. I was keeping my eyes on her and came to know that how crazily she loves him. She blindly loves him. She won’t listen to anybody, Noor. Only dad can handle her. You know my heart is crying seeing my sister in pain, I just want to kill him.” Abhi looked at her helplessly. She placed her hand over his shoulder.

“Abhi, I can understand, what you are going through because I’m also going through the same pain. But we need to be strong for her and I don’t want to leave Shehnaaz in dad’s hand. I will tell her the truth and I know she will understand me . It will hurt me and it will her too but she deserves to know the truth.” Noor said, having tears in her eyes and Abhi instantly took her in his arms, from his eyes too tears fell down.

After few hours

Shahil was locking her inside the room when her mother Sangeeta came running there.

“Why are you locking her ?” She asked and tried to stop him by holding his hand.

“Sangeeta, I’m doing this for her betterment only. You know she will not listen to us, she will again go to meet Sidharth” He said holding Sangeeta’s face. She was staring at the door, having pain in her eyes because inside Shehnaaz was screaming and constantly hitting the door.

“But let me talk to her for once. I can explain her, she will listen to me.” She was on the verge of crying.

“Sangeeta, she won’t listen to you, she blindly loves him. For her betterment only, you need to make yourself strong.” He sauntered from there and from her eyes tears trickled down. She was feeling pain, seeing her daughter locked up in the room, screaming for help, but she couldn’t do anything.

Flashback Over

Shehnaaz was lying on the bed like a dead soul, staring at the ceiling. Lots of things were going in her mind. She was missing Sidharth like hell, she wanted to cuddle with him, but more than this she was worried for him. She was going crazy, wondering that what Sid could do when he would not find her.

“Sidharth, this time you have to trust our love and then only, you can able to find me or else everything will get destroyed, our love and our dreams, everything will be destroyed. Now everything is in your hand. Please god, give strength to my love so that he can come to me and take me out from here.” She prayed to god, crying.

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