(Part : 28) Inseparable Souls

Sana was wandering across the room worriedly. Her head was spinning, thinking about Sidharth. She was missing him like hell, but more than that she was anxious for him because she knew he could do anything when he wouldn’t find her.

“No, I can’t sit idle. I need to do something very fast.” She climbed down from the bed.

“Please, show me the way god.” She prayed to god, looking upward and joining her hand. As she heard the sound of opening of door, she rushed toward the door. The door opened, a maid walked inside, holding the plate of food for her.

“Mam has sent food for you.” As Maid told her, she nodded her head. When Maid was placing the plate on the table, she took the advantage and dashed out of the room. She hastily shut the door and locked the maid inside the room.

“Shehnaaz, stop.” When she was running toward the main door of the Mansion, Shahil saw her and he shouted angrily, but she didn’t listen to him and kept running toward the door. That time she was just thinking about Sid, she wanted to meet him at any cost. But before she could step out of the door, she bumped with the someone on the door.

She looked at the person sadly, having pain in her eyes. The person was Abhi, behind him Noor also sauntered inside.

“Bhai, bhabhi, please take me out from here, Mr. Gill took me here forcefully.” She pleaded in crying tone, looking at them, having hope in her eyes, but she wasn’t aware that they were also going to break her heart. They were the only, who’d called her father.

“You aren’t going anywhere, Sana.” As Abhi said sternly, she became shocked to hear these from his mouth. She looked at him in disbelief. She was shocked that why Abhi was saying that she couldn’t go. Everything was giving her negative vibes.

“What do you mean, I can’t go anywhere?” She instantly asked, her voice was filled with anger and pain. “I’ll go and no one can stop me.” She said in attitude, glaring at Abhi. As she took a step to walk out of the mansion, Abhi grasped her and stopped her from going.

“Shehnaaz, first me and Noor want to tell you something, then you can go wherever you want.” Abhi stood in front of her and Sana looked at him confusingly after listening his words. She was not understanding what was going on.

“Abhi, when I asked you to don’t come in between us then why you came here? Already you’ve spoiled her life.” Sana’s father scowled at Abhi, Sana became furious.

“Stop it, bhai hasn’t spoiled my life, you’ve spoiled my life. Even you are still spoiling my life. Nobody has given you right to rule my life, Mr. Gill.” Sana roared at her father, glaring at him, having hatred in her eyes.

“Shehnaaz, is this the way to behave with your father?”Sangeeta shouted on Sana angrily, strolling toward them, Sana chuckled on her words.

“Mom, I was quiet until now because of you, but it is enough now. He can’t keep me away from my love.” Sana yelled on her, her voice was filled with pain. She was going crazy thinking about Sidharth and all her pain was coming out in the form of anger.

“Mom, dad, please, I beg you to stop all this for now. Can’t you see her condition?”Noor shouted because she was feeling pain seeing Sana’s condition.

“Sana, do you trust me.” She asked, clasping Sana’s hand. She nodded her head positively in response. “Then come with me.” She started taking her toward the room.

“Dad please, let us talk to her first,please.” Abhi implored, looking at his father. He shook his head in anger and went from there. Abhi strolled behind Noor and Sana.

“Bhabhi, can’t we talk later, someone is waiting for me in Mumbai. I don’t go to meet him, he can do anything.” As they sauntered into the room, Sana said to her. Noor looked at her helplessly. Sana was not aware that Noor wanted to talk about Sidharth only.

“Sana, the person whom you want to meet, we want to talk about him only.”Abhi said, closing the door. Sana looked at them bemusedly and they were looking at her helplessly.

“Sana, we hid something very crucial from you and we’re regretting now that why we didn’t tell you before. We need to tell something about Sidharth Shukla to you.” Abhi finally told her that they wanted to talk about Sidharth. Sana was shocked to know this.

“Bhai, don’t tell me that his past is linked to you both.” As She asked instantly, Abhi nodded his head. She was hell shocked to know this.

“Oh my god, that mean, you both are the reason of his pain.” Sana uttered disbelievingly and made them shocked with  her words.

“What do you mean by saying this reason of his pain? What he has told you?” Abhi asked shockingly.

“He didn’t tell me anything, but I saw myself, he was in pain because in his past, everyone left him alone, nobody supported him. When I met him, he was living in darkness, he was broken, he was in extreme pain.” As Sana told Noor and Abhi about Sidharth’s condition. They both looked at each other shockingly.

“Shehnaaz, he trapped you in his love by doing all this like he’d trapped both of us in the past.” Abhi said, making Sana shocked.

“This is not true, I’ve utter faith on my love. He loves me truly,  bhai, you surely misunderstood him.” Sana said with full confidence, looking at them. Both could see that how much she trusted him, but next words of Noor shocked her.

“Sana, there’s not any misunderstanding, he had almost raped me, Abhi’d saved me from that Monster or else he would have raped me that day.” Noor screamed her heart out loud and bursted into tears in front of her. She cried, burying her face in Abhi’s chest.

The floor slipped down underneath Sana’s feet. She never thought that Sid could rape somebody in his past. Noor’s pain was clearly showing that she wasn’t lying to her. “He was like my brother, Sana, he was our best friend, but that day he crossed his all limit, I begged him to stop but he didn’t stop.” Noor started telling her about her past from starting.

Shehnaaz was feeling like she was seeing a nightmare because whatever she was going through, it was unexpected and extremely painful. First she got separated from Sid and now her family was telling her that he’d tried to rape Noor, including some other girls. She was sure that his Sid could never do this intentionally, he always respected girls so much.


Sid, Abhimanyu and Noor had a their band, which was called as fab 3. Sid was the male lead singer, Noor was female lead singer and Abhimanyu was a guitarist. Noor and Abhi, they both were in relationship and best friend of Sid. they all could even die for each other. Everything was going fine in between them until one day.

“Sidharth, we’ve heard that you tried to misbehave with a girl of our class and why you are not even coming to meet us?” Abhi asked concernedly from Sid.

“Abhi, people are jealous, they are spreading rumours and I’m busy in studies.” Sid walked out from the room in attitude.

“Abhi, I think Sidharth is hiding something from us, he is behaving weird these days.” Noor said and Abhi nodded his head, agreeing with her words.

After few days

“I need to tell you something, Noor, please meet me at the store and don’t tell abhi about this, I want to meet you alone.” Noor left to meet him after receiving his message. She was relieved that finally Sid was going to share his problem with her, but little did she know that what was god planning for her.

“Thank you for coming, Noor.” Sid said hugged Noor as she sauntered into the storeroom.

“Sid, please, tell me what happened to you? Why you’ve been behaving so weird since few days?” She asked concernedly when he was locking the door. She didn’t even for once asked him why he was locking the door because she’d never thought that Sid would try to rape her one day. She’d had utter trust on her friend.

“Will you help me, Noor?” Sid asked, holding her hand.

“Off course, Sid. If I don’t help you then who will help you.” Noor said being as a true friend.

“Noor, can you give your one night to me? You don’t know until now how I was controlling my desire.” Noor was hell shocked, hearing these words from his best friend. She couldn’t able to believe on her ears.

“Sidharth, you are joking right” She asked, taking few step backward in a shock.

“I’m serious, Noor, please help me. You are my friend, I can’t control more.” He grasped her arms and pulled her toward himself.

“Sid, please stop, you’re ruining our friendship.” She begged him to stop, but he didn’t stop. After pinning her hand on the wall, he started kissing her neck. Tears started falling down from Noor’s eyes. She was trying to come out of his hold, but couldn’t because he was strong.

“Noor, please stop resisting.” He slammed her lips. Noor pushed him and rushed toward the door, but before she could open the door, he held her from behind and pushed her down on the floor.

“Sid, please, don’t do this.” She begged him to stop, but he removed his shirt and came over her. Noor was feeling extreme pain, the person whom she’d trusted blindly, he was doing this with her. He broke her completely. 

So finally the past revealed, did anybody expect ?

How do find the update?

What do you think after reading this part that Noor and Abhi were still doing something wrong to keep Sana away from Sidharth ?

What do You think, what will happen next ?

Love Mehak

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