(Part : 29) Inseparable Souls

“If Abhi hadn’t come that day on time, he would’ve raped me. I completely broke down after that day, it took me so many months to come out of the trauma. He was my best friend, a friend for whom I could even die. Not even in my worst dream, I’d  thought that he would do something like this with me. Sana, before I also trusted him like you. Rumours were already spreading that he was misbehaving with girls, but we both were not ready to believe on them, we were trusting him, but then we got this for trusting him. Sana, we’re sorry that we became so late in informing you about him. We know that you love him so much, but he doesn’t deserve your love, you need to understand the truth.” Noor was trying her best to make her understand. Sana was silently staring down at floor. She was hell shocked and in extreme pain after hearing such bad things about her love.

“No.” She shouted loudly, looking at Noor who was standing, having tears in her eyes.

“Bhabhi, my Sidharth can never do this, he respects girl. I-I know him, trust me.” She said, holding Noor’s hand, tears trickling down her eyes.

“I can give you thousand examples to prove you that he can’t do this. You can also ask from anybody in office.” She was crying miserably. Noor and Abhi were also crying seeing her in pain. Sana’s words were clearly showing that she trusted him blindly.

“Don’t tell me that you’re thinking, we’re lying to you? Don’t you trust us?” Abhi asked, staring at her incredulously. She cried more, closing her eyes dejectedly. Noor was also crying, seeing her in pain. All three of them were in extreme pain.

“Bhai, Bhabhi, I trust you both. I’m sure about this, you both will never think bad for me, but what I’m trying to say that Sidharth is not wrong and I’m damn sure about this.” She said with utter confidence. Seeing her trust toward Sidharth completely shocked Abhi and Noor.

“Then why he did this to me ?” Noor asked, having pain in her voice and tears were constantly trickling down her cheeks. It was clearly visible that she was also in extreme pain, remembering about the betrayal of Sidharth.

“Did you ever ask this question from Sidharth?” Sana asked instantly. Noor became shocked for a moment. She moved her eyes at Abhi because they never met him after that incident.

“You both never asked him, why he did this  and what was his compulsion?” Sana was crying badly. Noor cried, closing her eyes dejectedly, the flashes of Sid forcing her came in her mind and also how lovingly he used to tease her before all this happened.

“I know bhabhi, you would be in pain after what he did with you.” She said holding Noor’s hand. She could feel Noor’s pain completely because she had also gone through the same pain. “But think for once now, did Sidharth ever misbehaved and looked at you in such a way?” She asked, Noor was silent.

“I am sure, he didn’t because you trusted him so much. Did you ever think that suddenly how he got changed so much?” She was trying her best to show them reality and proving his love innocent because her heart knew that he was innocent. She didn’t know his side story, but still she was trying to prove him innocent. She loved him truly and unconditionally.

“If he was forced to do all this then why he didn’t tell me anything.” Abhi asked, he was still not ready to believe that Sidharth was innocent because he’d tried to rape his girlfriend in past.

“He was broken because nobody was there to ask him that Sidharth, what happened. Everyone saw, what he showed, he spent 1 year in jail. After this he went into darkness.  From so many years,  he was so lonely, no was there to support him.” She was sobbing. Her heart was aching badly, thinking about his pain. Her words and her trust toward Sid, somewhere Noor and Abhi were also started to rethink about all this matter.

“Tell me one think, if Sidharth really wanted to rape someone.” She said those words difficultly, closing her eyes. “Then why he didn’t rape any of girl? Why he was just misbehaving with them? Why always girls at the last moment got saved?” She was thinking and taking out all the possible points which were showing that her Sidharth was innocent. She wanted to make Noor And Abhi believe her. She didn’t want to think about all this and still she didn’t want to know the truth because she was sure that Sid was not at fault. He was forced to all this.

“Abhi, why we never thought about all this before?” Noor asked, looking at Abhi and he was standing shockingly.

“Because you both always thought about his betrayal that’s why. Like a coin has two sides, in the same way every situation of our life has two sides.” Sana answered her question quickly.

“I want to know the truth, I want to meet Sidharth, Abhi. I want to clear everything. I want my answers.” Noor spoke, looking at Abhi, having tears in her eyes. Sana smiled slightly because she won to prove her love innocent. This only happened because of her trust which he had on Sidharth. Her trust only forced them believe that he was innocent.

“We will surely meet him and clear all things. Now we will do what we should’ve done long ago.” Abhi said, cupping Noor’s face, she nodded her head. “If he is innocent then I would never able to forgive myself, Abhi.” She started crying, hiding her face in his chest and clutching his shirt tightly.

“Sidharth, you will get back whatever you had lost in your past. You suffered a lot in past. I don’t know why you did all this, but I know one think that you were forced because the person who can die to save a life of a stranger girl who was going to be raped, how could that person think to rape somebody himself?” She thought in her mind, having full trust on her love.  Her trust on him was clearly showing that how truly she loved Sid. Nothing could break her trust  and she proved this.

“Thank you so much Sana for opening our eyes today. I just hope whatever you are saying would be true.” Noor wished.

“Bhabhi, just trust me.” Sana reassured Noor, placing her hand on her face.

“Today you really amazed me, Sana. Not even for once, you doubted him. In fact you fight for your love with us without confirming the truth, seriously your this trust only has forced me think that maybe Sidharth is not wrong.” Noor said to Sana.

“Bhabhi, I love him a lot. You know that when I got kidnapped after that I started to keep distance from man, but Sid attracted me toward himself with his kind nature. I fell in love with him, seeing that how much he respects girl and how he helped them in need. Our story was very complicated because he was scared to accept my love, he was scared to come out of his darkness, but my love won because our love is true.” Sana told them, having a slight smile on her face. They were looking at her and seeing that how much she loved him.

“We should leave now, Sidharth must be finding me.” She said, getting anxious for him. They both nodded their head at her and started to leave the room.

“I hope Sid is fine, please god be with my love.” She prayed joining her hand. ” I’m coming to you my love.” She was lost in talking to herself while strolling toward the main door of the house. She was happy to prove Sid innocent and she was happy because she was going to meet him.

“Where you all are going in so hurry ?” As Shahil asked, they all got stopped, listening to his words. Sana and Noor looked at Abhi because he was the only one who’d brought Shahil in all this matter.

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