(Part : 30) Inseparable Souls

“Dad, we’re going back home because now Sana knows the truth about Sidharth and she will never meet him.” Abhi turned toward him and lied to him. Sana didn’t want to give any explanation to her father, that’s why she didn’t turn, just kept standing there silently.

“Shehnaaz will live here only from now.” Sana because furious after listening to his words.

She turned toward him instantly. “Mr. Gill, I will live in Mumbai with them and you are no one to stop me.” She answered him back in attitude. “Let’s go bhai.” She sauntered out of the mansion with Noor and Abhi after shutting her father’s mouth.


At night, Sana happily strolled into Sidharth’s mansion because she was thinking that he would be still waiting for her.

“Sid, Sidharth. Where’re you?” She was searching him in the whole house, shouting his name. When she didn’t find him in the house, she instantly called in office to ask about him. She came know that Sidharth didn’t come to office. She became anxious for him.

First reason was the past incident where he tried to commit suicide, and second reason, his phone was coming switched off. She was not understanding why he went like this again. He should’ve trusted her and their love this time.

“He again didn’t trust me.” She murmured to herself and few tears trickled down her cheeks mechanically.

“I don’t know where Sid went? I was worried about this only.” She helplessly looked at Noor and Abhi, crying. Her voice was filled with extreme pain. She felt as if she had lost her Sidharth forever. Her heart was aching badly, first the reason was that she was worried for him and second, she was thinking that he again distrusted her. 

“Sana, I’m sorry.” Abhi clasped her hand and whispered, having guilt in his eyes. She looked at him confusingly

“He left you because I told him that you’ve started hating him after knowing the truth, and-and I also asked him to never find you.” His words were like a bomb falling on her. She felt like her heart stopped beating for a moment. She was thinking about Sidharth that what he could do with himself after knowing that she hated him.

She lost her balance and suddenly slumped down on floor with thud. She started crying mechanically. “It’s all over, nothing is left, I lost him, I want to die, please, kill me.” Her words shocked Abhi and Noor, they had never seen her so broken before. Her pain was hurting them and specially Abhi who was thinking himself the reason of his sister’s pain. Unknowingly he’d given her extreme pain.

Sana was a sensible girl. She never reacted like this, she never talked about ending the precious life, but she wasn’t in her senses. Her mind wasn’t in her control because she hadn’t slept from few nights because Sidharth was not with her. Due to lack of sleep, her brain was dominating her intellect and she was overthinking.

“Shehnaaz, we’re with you, we’ll find him, you are very strong girl right?” Noor knelt down beside her and side hugged her by encircling her hand around Sana’s neck. She tried to console her and also tried to encourage her to find her love, but Sana was shattered completely, she was feeling like everything got finished, she lost him. She was overthinking.

“Bhabhi, I’m tired of being strong all the time. What is my mistake? Why every time god wants to break me? First in childhood, god snatched away my loving father from me, he loved me so much, I was his princess. After that I met Mr. Gill, I thought I got my father back but he has never loved me. He’s always forced his decision on me and when I doesn’t listen to him, he locks me in the room. He shows his fake care and concerns in front of everyone. Still-still, I remained strong, but god planned to break me more, I got kidnapped, and even then too, I remained strong because you all were with me. But now I’m tired, I have had no power left to face more pain.” Her words were clearly showing that how much she had suffered in her life, but she had always stood strong, never fallen weak. Noor and Abhi were shocked and dejected to find her in her worst condition.

“Bhabhi, he can do anything to himself. I don’t want to lose him, I will die without him, I want him.” She was crying miserably, hiding her face in Noor’s chest. Only the thought of living without him was killing her. Noor was also crying, seeing her in extreme pain. Abhi was feeling more and more guilty, and regretting for his deeds.

“Sana, you’re thinking wrong. When I told him that you hate him, he was not believing me. I tried my best to convince him that you hate him, but he didn’t believe me. He left the house, saying to me that your love is true, you can never hate him and he will find you.” Listening to his words, Sana felt like she got her breath back. His words did a magic on her. She was relieved now. She’d never thought that Sid would ever trust her so much. She was feeling so happy because today her love won. She became successful to bring him completely out of his darkness.

“Bhai, why didn’t you tell me about this before? You-you don’t know, how much happy I’m to know that he trusted our love for the first time. Oh my god, you told him that I hate him and even after this he didn’t believe this. Now I’m understanding why god planned all this, god planned all this to show me that how much Sidharth trusts me. I’m sorry god, I doubted you, I’m so sorry Sidharth that I doubted you.” She was happy and behaving like a crazy girl. Noor and Abhi sighed with relief seeing her smile, but they were still worried because They still didn’t know that where was Sidharth.

“I should call mom, Sidharth must have gone to Delhi.” She instantly called her mom, having smile on her face and hope in her eyes. She became happy to know that Sidharth was there only. Sangeeta told her that her father, Shahil asked her to go and insulted him, but from evening he was waiting for her by standing outside of house.

“Mom, I want to talk to him, please give him phone, I’ll explain him everything.” Sana was happy now, she was going crazy to listen his voice. Her mom agreed and sauntered out of the mansion.

But Sana’s bad luck, he left from there.

“Sana, he left. Are you fine now beta ?” She cut the phone dejectedly after listening to her words.

“I need to go back delhi now” Sana said to Abhi.

“Don’t worry, Shehnaaz, we are with you, we will find him for you.” Abhi blinked his eyes and reassured her, cupping her face. She was just praying to god to make her meet him.


Next morning, Shehnaaz reached back to Delhi with Noor and Abhi. Shehnaaz was crazily searching for her Sidharth nearby her house by asking from people about him and showing his photo. Noor and Abhi were also helping her in this.

“Yes, Madam, he came here yesterday evening. How could I forget him, he saved a life of kid, a truck was about to hit a kid but at last moment he saved him.” A Shopkeeper told Sana and she felt so proud to know this, her lips curved into small smile. Noor and Abhi looked at each other in shock when they came to know that Sid had saved a life of a kid yesterday. They were feeling guilty for judging him wrong.

“Bhaiya, could you tell me, where he went after that?” She asked, having a hope in her eyes. That shopkeeper told her they way.

Sana with Noor and Abhi stride at the direction shown by that shopkeeper. They were asking about Sid from the every single person who was passing by. Sana’s eyes suddenly fell on the pendant of Sid on the corner of bridge. It was the locket which she had gifted to him and he had promised her that he would never remove this locket.

She bent down and picked up the pendant. “It means, he jumped down the bridge.” She murmured, staring at the locket which was in her hand now. Noor and Abhi looked at her shockingly after listening to her words.

“Shehnaaz, have you gone mad? What are you doing, come down” They freaked out as Sana climbed on the railing of bridge to jump down because she was thinking that Sidharth had also jumped down after removing his locket.

“No, I can’t live without him, he is my heartbeat, I don’t want to live, please, I want to die.” She became crazy in love, her mind stopped working at that moment, she just wanted to die.

“Shehnaaz” Noor and Abhi both shouted loudly in shock as in front of their eyes, she jumped down the bridge.

So how do you find the update?

What do you think, what will happen next ?

What do you think, Sidnaaz would die like this ?

Is this the end of their story ?

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Love Mehak

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