(Part : 31) Inseparable Souls

“Shehnaaz..” When Sana jumped down from the bridge, that time only Sidharth reached there and his heart stopped beating for a moment when he found his love dying in front of his eyes. He rushed to catch her but couldn’t because it became too late. Noor started crying badly, hugging Abhi. 

“No matter what I will get her back.” He murmured to himself, having determination in his eyes. He also jumped down into the water without having any fear because she was his life, if anything happens to her, he would also die. Love gave him strength to protect his beloved, to complete their love story, and to write the end of their story.

Noor and Abhi were utterly shocked to find that the person whom they’d been blaming since so many years, he didn’t even for once thought about himself before risking his life to protect Shehnaaz. They could clearly see that how truly and unconditional he loved Shehnaaz. She was more important for him than his life. He could do anything to protect her. She was his world. He wasn’t afraid of dying, he was afraid of losing her.

Sid found her and brought on the edge of river. He placed her on ground gently.

“Shehnaaz-Shehnaaz-“ She was unconscious and he was trying to wake her up, patting her face, tears were mechanically trickling down his cheeks. He didn’t want to lose her.

“I love you so much, you need to come back for me, baby.” He whispered, having so much love, and pain in his voice, and eyes, he was afraid to lose her. He pressed her body upper body with his hands to take out the water. She puked out the water from her mouth and got her conscious back as he applied the pressure on her upper body with his hands. She was coughing, sitting up and he was rubbing her back. Sid sighed with relief because finally he got his angel back.

Sana stared at Sid incredulously. She couldn’t able to believe on her eyes that Sid was in front of her. It was like a beautiful dream for her. “Are we in heaven?” she asked in disbelief because few minutes ago, she was thinking that she lost everything when she lost him. She thought it was the end of their love story.

“Thank god, you’re fine, baby.” He sighed and smiled, looking into her eyes intensely and stroking her cheeks with his thumbs. Sana was still staring at him unbelievably. They were seeing each other after four days which were like four years for both of them. They just got lost in each other eyes for few minutes.

“I just can’t believe that you are in front of me. I thought, I lost you and would never able to see you again.” She uttered, placing her hand on his face and looking at him like she was seeing him after so many years. He just instantly pulled her into his protective arms to make her believe that everything which was happening, it was real. She hugged him tighter, pulling him closer to herself. They took a deep breath like they got their breath back after coming in each other arms. His touch was making her feel alive and she found solace in his arms. They were hugging each other tighter and pulling each other closer to themselves as like they both wanted to store each other in their arms forever. They were not ready to break the hug because they were scared if they break the hug, they would lose each other. Their lips were drawn up into blissful and content smile. Their eyes were closed, they were just feeling each other touch. They went to some another world where there was nobody except them. They wanted to get lost in that world forever and never wanted to come back from that world.

As they broke the hug, he started kissing  each and every inch of her face crazily. After every kiss he was whispering I love you to her. His this gesture was clearly showing that how madly he loved her.

“I really love you.” He breathed after clasping her face, gazing deeply into her eyes while her eyes were already gazing in his eyes, filled with so much love. “I love you, more.” She whispered after kissing his hand, her mouth formed a relaxed smile.

“I am sorry.” She suddenly apologised and he looked at her, narrowing his eyebrows in confusion. “I’m sorry for doubting your love, I thought you again didn’t trust our love, you again tried to kill yourself, I felt like i lost everything. I lost my mind and jumped down. I did wrong, I’m sorry.” She said guiltily, having pain in her voice and eyes. He was listening to her silently and caressing her face fondly with his thumbs. “But I was so wrong, because now you trust. Because of your trust only, today, our love won.” Her lips curved into broad and beautiful smile, her eyes glinting with the happiness. He placed a kiss on her forehead, she gently closed her eyes and smiled blissfully.

“It’s true that I’m angry because you tried to do what which you asked me not to do. I gave you promise that I would never harm myself if you are not with me, I would believe our love, but still you thought that I could kill myself.” His voice was filled with disappointment, Sana moved her eyelashes down in guilty.

“Now, I want one promise from you that no matter what, you’ll never try to kill yourself because we are one, Shehnaaz, if one die, other will die automatically.” He explained her after clasping her hand, looking at her, having so much love in his eyes .

“I promise you that I’ll always love you if you are with me or not and I’ll never do such stupid things again. “She hugged him happily and he embraced her, she snuggled in his arms like a small baby.

“Sidharth, bhai told me about your past.” She said as they broke the hug, he nodded his head normally like his past didn’t matter to him anymore.

“I’m happy that after knowing my past also, you are still with me. I love you so much.” He kissed her forehead. “The good news is that my past doesn’t matter to me anymore because I got you, the person who trusts me and will trust me no matters what.” He said with full confidence, having full trust on his love. She smiled broadly and her eyes shimmered with the happiness. She was super happy to know that he forgot about his past completely.

“Sidharth, look, I really don’t want any explanation of what you did in past, because I’m utterly sure that you must be forced or there must be any other reason, but I don’t want that bhai and bhabhi, they should blame you. I want that you should prove yourself innocent to them. But In my eyes, you are already innocent. I don’t need explanation because I know my Sidharth could never do something like that because he respects girl, and he is a gem.” She said, having full trust on her love.

Sidharth was not understanding that what he had done that he got a life partner like Shehnaaz who trusted him blindly. He was yearning for somebody to trust him in past, and finally he got Sana, no matter what she would never doubt him. He was feeling so lucky to have her in his life.

“Sana, you deserve to know the whole truth. I-“ She shushed him by putting finger on his lips.

“Explain everything to bhai and Bhabhi, clear their misunderstanding. I don’t want any explanation, your past doesn’t matter to me because it was past. In present we’re together and only this matters to me.” She only wanted that he should prove himself innocent in front Noor and Abhi because she didn’t want them to blame him.

“I love you.” He whispered, looking deeply in her eyes. He really loved her so much.

“I love you too.” She smiled at him.

“I think now it’s enough of talking, let’s come to the real thing.” He moved closer to her lips, brushing her lower lip with his thumb. She grinned at him, her heartbeat quickened and breath became uneven because of their proximity.

“I just can’t wait to taste your delicious lips after four days.” As he whispered, she herself took his lips into her mouth after pulling him closer to herself by grasping his collars. She was kissing him hungrily like she was craving from the ages to kiss him. Sid let her kiss the way she wanted today and he was also enjoying the kiss of his wild cat. She was kissing him like there is no tomorrow, she was pouring all her love in the kiss and telling him that how much she loved him and missed him. After getting breathless, she broke the kiss slowly and both looked into each other eyes passionately, breathing heavily.

“Now it’s my turn.” He said after making her sit on his lap. He captured her lips, pulling her head back after grasping her hair. Now he was the one who was kissing her hungrily and she was letting him kiss her, holding his shirt. She was feeling like her each and every cell of her body were becoming alive through his kiss. The kiss was  a bliss for both of them because after losing each other, they got each other back.

After the kiss, she rested her head on his chest. Like a small baby, she was sitting on his lap. He cradled her like her mother. She was listening to his soothing heartbeat which was relaxing her soul. Sid was playing with her hand and kissing them. They weren’t talking, just feeling each other presence which was giving peace to their soul, mind and heart. Their lips were drawn up to blissful smile. It was a pure blissful moment which was filled with true love. If they separated and fell apart in future, no matter what, they would always find a way out to be got back together. They were inseparable souls, nobody could separate them, neither distance nor death could separate them. Their bodies could be separated, but not their souls because their soul was one.


Finally they’re together, happy?

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Love Mehak

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