(Part : 32) Inseparable Souls

Sidnaaz were sitting in the cab, holding each other hands and gazing at each other, having so much love in their eyes.

“Sana, why did you think that I jumped down from the bridge?” He asked, looking at her bemusedly. Sana looked down in guilt because she’d misunderstood him.

“Actually, I found your pendant so-“ She uttered, looking at him, but he cut her words.

“So you thought, I jumped down.” He asked in disbelief before she could complete her sentence. She nodded her head guiltily, moving her eyes down.

“I am so sorry that I misunderstood you.” She apologised, looking at him sadly.

“You did wrong, but I completely understand you. If I was at your place, I would’ve done the same, because I can’t even think to live without you. You are the peace of my soul.” He clasped her face, stroking her cheek with his thumbs.

“Now I trust you that you’ll never go leaving me alone.” Her lips curved into a beautiful smile, listening to his words. She hugged him, she was happy because finally he started trusting her love. He hugged her back by wrapping his hands around her and kissed her head.

“Sidharth, but how your pendant fell down there and how you again reached there?” She asked confusingly, looking at him after breaking the hug.

“Last night, I spent at the bridge only, it was my worst night, i was just thinking about you. I was not understanding where to find you.”His lips drawn down, thinking about last night. It was his worst because last night he’d spent without her, without his angel.

“Sidharth, relax now I’m with you.” As she reassured him, holding his hand firmly, he came on the earth back. He suddenly embraced her into his arms tightly as like he wanted to store her in his arms forever, she hugged him back, having blissful smile on her face.

“Thank god that pendant fell down there and I reached there again to find it and in this, I found you.” He uttered happily after breaking the hug. She was smiling at him. Both were beyond happy to get each other back.

Sid start moving close to her and about to kiss her lips, but Sana stopped him by putting her hand in between their lips. “Sidharth, we aren’t at home.” She pointed her finger at the driver.

“I want to kiss my baby right now and I’ll kiss her. I don’t care if somebody is seeing us.” He whispered, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Yes, who cares.” She murmured and captured his lips, pulling him closer to herself after grasping his collar. He kissed her back, clasping her face. They kissed each other passionately without caring about the driver who was staring at them through the front mirror.


Sidnaaz reached Gill’s Mansion. “Sana, I can’t go inside.” He whispered, stopping at door. As she looked at him, he looked at her helplessly. She instantly understood that he didn’t want to face Noor and Abhimanyu.

“Sidharth, if you really want that your past should not affect you, then you have to face your past, you have to face them.” She explained him, clasping his face, he was just staring at her like a helpless kid.

“I just can’t face them after what I did with them.” He removed her hands from his face and took few step backward. Sana felt pain in her heart, seeing him helpless like this.

“Sidharth, it wasn’t your fault. I know, whatever you did in past, it wasn’t your fault. I am standing beside you always, I’ll explain them, please for me, come inside with me.” She implored, holding his hand and squeezed it gently to assure him that she is with him. He was just looking at her in disbelief.

“How can she trusts me so much?” He thought, looking at her incredulously. “Because she loves you truly.” As his heart answered him, he just smiled broadly, gazing at her. He kissed her forehead. Then they sauntered into the mansion hand in hand.

Noor was crying in Abhi’s arms, worrying about Sana.

“Bhai, Bhabhi.” As she called them, they both instantly looked up at her. For a second they got shocked and then instantly rushed toward her.

“Thank god, Sana, you’re fine.”’Noor hugged her tightly. She hugged back Noor after leaving Sid’s hand.

“How could you do this, Sana? Are we nothing for you?” Abhi asked angrily.

“I’m so sorry bhai.” She apologised after him a hug.

“You know right, I’m your crazy sister, please forgive me. I promise you, I’ll never do this again.” She apologised, holding her both ears cutely. Noor and Abhi shook their head and forgave her.

After that she became worried when she didn’t find Sid beside her.

“Sana, today we got you back because of the person whom we hated the most. Whatever he did with me in past, now I don’t care what was his reason because today with his act he proved that how truly he loves you. He’s perfect for you, Sana.” Noor said, placing her hand on her face. She smiled, listening to her words, she was so happy to hear this. Then she looked at her brother and he also nodded his head agreeing to Noor’s words. Sana smiled broadly. Her bhai and bhabhi forgave sid, seeing his true love for her without even knowing his side story, Sana was so happy.

“I want to tell Sid that you both have accepted him.” She smiled cheerily and turn to go out, but she stopped after listening to Noor’s voice.

“Sana, I want to talk to him.” Noor said, coming in front of her.

“This is great idea, I’m so happy.” She squealed joyfully and hugged Noor. She was so happy because everything was getting back to normal and love of her life was going to get his friends back which he had lost in past.


Noor found him standing in the garden, holding the railing. He was standing, facing his back to her. She strolled toward him and placed her hand on his shoulder from behind.

“Sana, I can’t face them after what i did with them. I just can’t, I’m sorry.” Sid said, thinking that Sana was standing behind him.

“It’s me, Noor.” As he heard Noor’s voice, he instantly turned toward her and looked at her shockingly. As they looked at each other, they started remembering about that worst incident which they both were trying to forget. Flashes of that dreadful incident started revolving in their mind. From Noor’s eyes tears fell down. As Sid saw tears in her eyes, he turned around because he was feeling guilty and he was not understanding how to face her.

“Sid, please, we need to talk. I know, it’s difficult but I can’t live like this anymore, you have to tell me, what was my mistake that you..” She paused and sobbed, closing her eyes. Tears trickled down his cheeks mechanically. But before she could speak more, he instantly turned toward her and started apologising for his mistake.

“I’m sorry, Noor.” Sid apologised, joining his hands in front of her, his eyes were filled with guilt. “I know, what I did with you, that is unforgivable, but I was having no other option, for me doing this with you, with my best friend, it was like walking on the burning coals.” He started crying like a small baby after saying this, joining his hands in front of her. Noor was also crying and she was not understanding what she should do.

“I’m really sorry, Noor. I should have never done this with you. It would be better, if I had killed myself.” He slumped down on the floor suddenly and started crying miserably. Noor was also crying seeing his condition, it was clearly showing that he had suffered more than her, he suffered in a guilt of doing this with her.

“I’m sorry.” Sid was about to hold her feet, but she instantly stepped backward and stopped by holding his shoulders.

“Sid, I’ve already forgiven you, seeing how you  jumped into the water for Sana, how truly you love her.” Noor told him while he was still crying, looking down.

“Sid, I just want to know why you did this, what was the thing, which forced you do this.” As she asked, he looked at her, having so much pain in his eyes. His eyes were clearly telling her the story of his sufferings.

“I was forced to do this with you and others girls to save my little sister from getting raped.” He sighed deeply and finally told her the reason. Noor looked at him, widening her eyes in shock and she was confused also.

“What do you mean, rape of your sister ?” She asked bemusedly.

“You remember, there was a group of four boys in the college, they were jealous of me because I was popular in the college and to spoil my life and to spoil my image in front of everyone, they kidnapped my little sister. She was just sixteen, they were sending me the video of her torture and they blackmailed me to spoil my image and I agreed because i was having no other option, i just wanted to save my sister from those monsters. I started to misbehave with girls, but this was not enough for them because you and Abhi were still supporting me. Then they asked me to misbehave with you, i begged them to give my sister back. I was ready to do anything, but not this, they started torturing my sister more and then I did what I never wanted to do.” He told Noor everything. This was the only reason, Sid was afraid to accept Sana and he wanted to keep her hidden from everyone because he didn’t want that anybody would use her against him like in past they’d used her sister, she suffered because of him.

Noor was beyond shocked after knowing the truth, she was feeling guilty that why she didn’t ask him before. He suffered without any fault.

“I know, Noor, what I did with you and with others girls, it was wrong, but I just wanted to save my sister from those Monster. But I got nothing, police arrested me because I misbehaved with a teacher, then the blackmailer informed me about my sister, they told me, how they’d tortured, raped and murdered her. Listening this, I lost my mind, I wanted to die. I tried to tell everyone the truth there, but nobody believed me. I was going crazy in jail, I just wanted to kill all of them with my own hands. The one year in jail was like a nightmare, my sister’s pain and the pain of those girl, with whom I had misbehaved. All these was breaking me from inside. I was regretting very badly, I should have informed police about all this. When after a year I came out from prison, then I came to know my culprit, they all died in car accident. I cried a lot because I wanted to make them suffer like they’d tortured my sister, but I didn’t get even that chance. Noor, I’m sorry, really really sorry, I should have never did that with you.” He was crying badly after telling the whole truth to Noor.

She was numb after listening to his side story. She’d never thought that her best friend, whom she’d been blaming since so many years, he would be suffering more than her. Abhi, and her own family was there with her at that time, but nobody was there with him, he suffered alone.

Noor rushed from there, crying badly. She was not understanding, how to apologise from him. She was dying because of the guilt of not trusting her best friend. She never thought that her best friend who was like her brother, why he would try to rape her. She only saw what he tried to show everybody. She was blaming herself for his sufferings.


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