(Part : 34) Inseparable Souls

Warning : Mature content

Sidnaaz were in Sana’s room. Sana was lying, placing her head on Sid’s lap. He was sitting against headboard of bed, lovingly playing with her hair and gazing at his angel, his eyes were filled with love and respect. Yes, he didn’t only love her, he respected her too, he adored her deeply. He’d been just staring at his angel adoringly and devotedly from more than ten minutes without saying a single word. Whenever she tried to say something, he shushed her by placing his finger over her lips. She was playing with his hands, having beautiful smile on her face and her eyes were looking at him.

“I can stare at you all day, my angel.” He whispered, breaking the silence.

She smiled broadly, listening to his word. She raised her head from his lap and sat in front of him.

“So your plan for today is only staring, Mr. Shukla?” She asked moving her eyebrows up because something naughty was going in her mind.

“Yes.” He nodded his head, but understood what she wanted.

“But what’s your plan?” He smirked at her, tucking her hair behind her ear and coming close to her face, both were smiling looking at each other.

“My plans are totally different.” She whispered near to his lips after pulling him to herself by grasping his shirt like a wild cat.

He gave her a salacious smile. “Don’t you wanna share your plans with me?” He asked erotically, brushing his lower lip with his thumb.

“No, I’ll directly show you.” She captured his lips, she sucked his upper lip and in response, he sucked her lower lips cupping her face. They were kissing each other like they were craving from ages, the kiss was filled with only and only love. She straddled her over his lap, her knees against his thighs. He grasped her hair with his one hand and kissed her passionately after pulling her head back, he took his other hand inside her top. He stroke her bare back inside the top, sending shiver down her spine and abruptly unclasped her bra. She was opening his shirt’s button. They broke the kiss for a second, he hastily pulled her top over shoulder and she helped him in removing his shirt. They again started exploring each other mouth. She was rubbing herself back and forth, up and down against his groin. Their desire were arousing with each passing second. Their bodies were on fire.

After breaking the kiss, he attacked toward her neck. He pull off her bra while nibbling and kissing her neck lovingly. He started kneading and squeezing her twins, she was moaning, moving her hands in his hair, clutching them and tucking them. He was showing no mercy today. He was hungry for her.

He abruptly pushed her on bed and came over her, astride her. “Today, I’m not gonna leave you so easily, baby because I’d been waiting for this since four days.” He said huskily, near to her lips. She was gazing at him, panting and her twins were moving and up.

“I just can’t wait.” She breathed.

He gave her salacious smile to her before pinning her hands on the mattress. He placed a lingering kiss on her lips. He reached down to her twins after trailing kisses all over neck. He started chewing and sucking her twins, holding her hands firmly against the mattress. She felt a urge to touch him, but he wasn’t leaving her hands.

“I want to touch you, Sidharth. Please, leave my hands.” As she requested, he smirked against her twins before looking up at her.

“Today, you can’t touch me. You put your life in danger, today and this is your punishment for risking your life. So that next time you won’t repeat it, baby.” She pouted sadly, but didn’t argue with him, because she did wrong and she really deserved the punishment for her stupidity. After he again started sucking his favourite lollipop which were her twins, she was just moaning under him.

“Remember, no touching.” He warned her sternly before leaving her hands. He kissed her belly gently and licked her belly button after going down. She was shivering with his every kiss. He undid her jeans button deftly and pulled down her zipper before sliding his hand inside her undies while kissing her waist and belly. He cupped her inner thigh, she squeezed her legs in response, clutching the mattress.

“You’re so wet, baby.” He looked up at her and whispered, rubbing her down.

“Only for you. I need you badly.” She moaned, throwing head back as he rubbed her vigorously with his thumb.

He gave her erotic smile before pulling down her jeans and undies, looking at her with desire in his eyes. He positioned himself on her, entwining his hands with her against the mattress after removing his jeans with boxer.

“I love you, baby.” He confessed intensely, looking deeply in her eyes before easing deep into her in one go.

“I love you too.” She shut her eyes and screamed, digging her nails in his hands. He kissed her eyelids without moving, giving her time to adjust his size. He slowly moved out and entered into her again deeper. He repeated this and then took the speed. She encircled her legs around him, taking him deep inside her.

“You did so wrong today.” He shoved into her. “Never do that again.” He gave a hard stroke. “What if something happened to you?” He was giving her hard stroke with every sentence, she was screaming loudly. It was clearly showing that he got really afraid today. He couldn’t lose her.

“I love you a lot, baby. Never do that again.” He warned her sternly before flipping her onto her front abruptly. He pulled her up, holding her waist and thrusted into her hard and fast from behind. She was screaming, burying face in the pillow and clutching the bed sheet. He was wild today and she was loving his wild side like always. She loved everything about him, from the gentle man sidharth to wild Sidharth, everything.


Sid was lying, hugging Sana from behind and their bodies were covered with the white duvet. Their legs were entangled inside the duvet. Their lips were drawn up in the blissful smile, feeling peaceful in each other arms.

“Is it hurting, baby.” He asked concernedly, massaging her inner thigh gently with his fingers because he knew, he was wild today.

“No, it’s not hurting, but let me tell you, you are again turning me on by doing this.” He smiled, listening to her words and stopped rubbing her. He moved away from her.

He was about to turn her toward himself, but he suddenly stopped as his eyes fell on her back.

“I want to ask you something.” He spoke, staring at the big black permanent mark. He wanted to ask about this from starting, but didn’t get any chance. As he asked this, her lips drawn down and the smile faded away from her face. She became sad and quiet.

“What happened baby ?” He asked after turning her face toward himself because her silence made him worried. He felt a sharp pain in his heart, seeing sadness on her face.

“I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have asked this.” He apologised, looking at her, having guilt in his voice and eyes. She moved little upward and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back sadly. He was regretting that why he asked her about this. He couldn’t see her sad. He only wanted to see smile on her face.

“Actually, that bastard made a permanent tattoo of his name on my back, that’s why I made a permanent black mark there.” She told him, having tears in her eyes because memories of her past always hurt her, she was strong, but her past was something which couldn’t be forgotten easily. That person had tortured her like a animal for one month without any mercy.

He felt extreme pain in his heart when he felt wetness on his chest and he immediately understood that she was crying. He was regretting badly for spoiling their beautiful moment by talking about the incident which she never wanted to remember. He was not understanding what he should do. He just pulled her closer to himself and held firmly in his protective arms. He was kissing her hair tenderly. His peaceful arms were enough to calm down her soul.

“I am fine, now.” She spoke after breaking the hug.

“I’m so..” before he could apologise, she shushed him putting finger on his lips.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s your right to know everything about me.” She clasped his face and he was still looking at him sadly. “Sidharth, I’m utterly fine, because you’re are the medicine of my every wound.” She gave a beautiful smile to him.

“Your smile is so beautiful.” He complimented her after kissing her forehead gently, she smiled blissfully as his lips touched her forehead.

“I love you.” She confessed, looking at him, having so much love in her eyes for him.

“I love you more.” He confessed back and pecked her lips. After that he cradled her into his arms and they slept peacefully in each other arms like always, having blissful smile on their faces.

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Love Mehak


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