(Part : 35) Inseparable Souls

Three Months Later

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

Three months passed away so quickly with the blink of my eyes with my Sana. Each and every moment which I’m spending with her, they are very precious for me. She is the only one who changed me and my world. Now people use to find her in me. She is my shining star, my happiness, my whole world. Whatever good thing happened with me, it happened because of her only. Because of her, I came out of darkness, I came out of my pain, I’ve become what I wanted to become from starting. She made me meet the real me. She gave me what I had lost in past, my best friends. She is my beautiful angel who rules my heart. I am luckiest person who got her as a  precious gift of god. She is like a blessing of god to me. In few days we are going to give our relationship, a new name that is husband and wife. We are going to marry each other in few days . She will be called as my beloved wife and i will be called as her husband, I want to make each and every moment of our wedding special and memorable with our love.

P.O.V. Ended

Sidharth started to live with Shehnaaz at her Mumbai’s house because Noor and Abhi didn’t want that Sidharth should live alone, they wanted that he should live in their house with them. He agreed without any argument because he didn’t find anything wrong in this, in fact he was happy because he got the chance to live with Shehnaaz. They were having separate rooms, but they used to sleep in one room. They were having few disadvantages also living with Noor and Abhi.

One day, Noor caught them kissing each other in the kitchen, it was so embarrassing for both of them, but they didn’t stop, instead they made Abhi and Noor habitual of all this. When they used to love each other, they forgot about the world. They were gone crazy in love. They took their love to another level of craziness, like a person got addicted to drugs, in same way they got addicted to each other love. Living without each other love was impossible for them.

In morning, Sana woke up from her deep slumber, stretching her arms and her lips curved up into a beautiful smile as her eyes fell on her Sid who sauntered the room with cup of black coffee for her, he smiled at her.

“Good morning, my angel.” He wished her after kissing her forehead and looked at her, having so much love in his eyes.

She just hugged him tightly. “Thank you, Mr. perfect.” After breaking the hug, he gave her cup of coffee and she thanked him.

He sat beside her, gazing at her fondly. “are baba,  coffee toh pine do phele (baby, let me drink coffee first.)” She said as he became naughty and started nuzzling her neck.

He looked up at her. “You do your work, I am doing my work.” He winked at her, she grinned.

“Then my first work is to please my would be husband.” She also said, becoming naughty and pulled him closer to her face by grasping his vest after placing the cup of coffee on the side table and then they started kissing each other lips hungrily like from ages they were craving, the kiss was as always filled with pure love.

“You’re my addiction.” He whispered near to her lips after breaking the kiss, his warm breath caressed her lips. Both were breathing heavily after the kiss and looking into each other eyes lovingly and deeply.

“And you are my addiction too.” She murmured and sucked his both lips lovingly.

“Your lips are so sweet and tasty, that’s why my lips never want to leave them.” He whispered, brushing her lower lip with his thumb and smiled seductively at her. She closed her eyes in response, she was getting turned on by his words and acts. After that they go for another wild and passionate kiss.

(Tere bina jeena kya

Tere bina jeena kyun (x2))

After breaking the kiss, he surprised Sana with his new song. He started singing, clasping her face and looking into her eyes, having so much love for her in his eyes. She smiled broadly after listening to his song , he was saying to her by his song that what is his life without her and why he should live without her which means she was his life and he was nothing without.

(Tujhe kaise bataun yaara

Tere bin mujhpe kya guzre

Woh zindagi hai hi nahi

Jo tujhse judaa guzre)

He sang, becoming serious because he was saying to her that how should he explain her, what he feels without her, what he feels when she doesn’t remain with him. His life is nothing without her, he is nothing without her love. A lone tear escaped down their cheeks from both of their eyes as the flashes of their four days separation came into their mind, that four days were like nightmare for both of them. Those were only four days, but for them four days were like four years, each and every second was like so many days. That’s why memories of those days brought tears in their eyes. They could bear anything, any pain, but they couldn’t bear separation.

(Dhal jaun main tujhme

Ghul jaun main tujhme

Mil jaun main tujhme yaara..)

Both wiped each other tears having smile on their faces because  they were with each other and their eyes were looking into each other eyes, having so much love in them like they were kissing each other through their eyes. He pulled her into his protective arms and happily completed the song and she closing her eyes got lost in his arms and in his song.


Sana was busy in her phone and Sid was setting his hair, standing in front of mirror. He looked at her through mirror.

“Sana, I know, it just a week left for our marriage and tomorrow is our engagement and today I am going for recording of my song, I hope you won’t mind.” He said, having guilt his voice because he had promised her that one week before their wedding, there would be no work and now he was going for song recording. He was sad for breaking the promise.

Sana hugged him, wrapping her arms around him from behind. “Sidharth, I understand, it is important and that’s why you are going, agar important na hota toh tum apna promise kabhi nhi todhte.” Listening to her words, Sid smiled broadly because her words were clearly showing that how much she understood him. He always felt so lucky to have her in his life.

“Why you understand me so much ?” He asked, clasping her face after turning toward her.

“Because you’re my Mr. perfect, agar itna perfectly sabh kuch karoge, kabhi bhi apna promise break nhi karoge, toh jab koe promise todh bhi doge by chance ek bar toh yhi toh lagega ki there is some big reason , now got your answer, Mr. perfect ” She praised him and made him speechless with her words. He shook his head in disbelief because every time, she gave all credit to him that he is Mr. perfect and she is nothing, she is not perfect.

“And one more thing, I’m going with you today for your recoding.” She said like she was giving order.

“Wow great idea, I want to take you everywhere with me, but you have meetings and all, kabhi ka bar toh man karta hai singing chodh doon aur tumhre sath office chalu to spend time without you, it’s like a burden on my head.” He said like a baby and she chuckled listening to his words. But whatever he said, it was true because for both of them it was so difficult to spend time without each other.


Noor, Abhi and Sidnaaz were taking breakfast together, like them Noor And Abhi also took leave from their work because of their wedding.

“This is so wrong, Sidharth, tomorrow is your engagement and you are going for your song recording, leaving my sweet sister alone.” Noor scolded Sid when she came to know about this.

“I am also going with him.” Sana uttered, making Noor more angry.

She glared at Sana. “Instead of explaining him, you are going with him, great. Madam, your engagement dress is still not ready.” Noor scolded her too.

“Bhabhi, relax, after recording, we will go for shopping, the recording is important that’s why he is going.” Sana explained Noor on the behave of Sidharth. This showed how much she understood him.

“Kuch seekho meri pyaari behen se, agar tumhre shopping plan mein postpone karu toh tum pagal ho jati hoon but look how much she understands Sidharth.” Abhi taunted Noor, taking side of Sana and Sid. Noor gave him angry glares, listening to his words.

“Don’t forget today we also have to go for shopping.” Noor said in strict tone and Abhi nodded his head meekly, making puppy face. Sidnaaz smiled, seeing their cute fight.

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