(Part : 36) Inseparable Souls

(Kahin se bhi chalun main

Kahin se guzru main

Tujhi se aa milun main yaara o..

Zara sa sirphira hoon

Zara sa bawra hoon

Jaisa bhi hoon tera hoon yaara..

Teri palkon tale meri saans chale

Meri saans chale tere dum se

Dhal jaaun main tujhme

Ghul jaaun main tujhme

Mil jaaun main tujhme yaara..)

Sid was singing the song wearing the headphone, looking at Sana who was standing outside of recording room, having broad smile on her face. She knew whatever he was singing, he was singing for her and he was singing from the core of his heart. He was clearly saying to her by his song that wherever he goes, he finds her everywhere because she lives in his heart. He is breathing because she is breathing. He recorded the full song in one go without any retake because the girl, for whom he sang always, today she was standing in front of him. So there was no chance of any mistake and he could sing for many hours nonstop seeing if she is in front of his eyes.

After completing the song, without caring about others, he rushed out of the recording room to hug the angel of his life. He embraced her tightly and she was taken a back with his sudden hug. He wanted to store her in his arms forever and ever, never wanted to live her because she was his everything, she was his whole world. He was pulling her more and more closer to himself like he wanted to store her in his arms forever.

“You did great, Sidharth, what happened?” She asked concernedly, hugging him back because the way he was hugging her, she was feeling like something was wrong. She became anxious for him.

“I did great because of you, you are angel of my life. I never completed any song in one go, but you made it possible.” He exclaimed with joy, cupping her face in his hands after breaking the hug. Sana sighed relief after knowing the reason of his sudden tight hug. He was thanking her with his hug.

He clasped her hands and took them near to his lips. “Thank you for coming in my life.” He gently kissed her hands, looking at her, having so much love in his eyes and she just smiled looking in his eyes.


“Sidharth, I’ve also written few lines for you, so may I sing in your style?” She asked, raising her eyebrows at him when they settled down in the car, he got surprised to hear this.

“What really? Go ahead, you’re full of surprises, jaan.” He squealed excitedly and got excited like a small baby and she chuckled, seeing him happy.

(Tu kaagzon pe dil ke

Likha hua hai tab se

Duniya mein hoon main jabse yaara

Tu mera ho chuka hai

Dil phir bhi maangta hai

Har lamha tujhko Rabb se yaara

Mera tere siva koi aur nahi

Tu na hona judaa kabhi mujhse)

She started singing looking at him and Sid was amazed to listen her melodious voice. She was singing so well and the lyrics which she had written that were more amazing which was clearly showing that what he was for her. She was saying to him by her song that he has written on her heart since she came in this world, he became her but still her heart craves for him and ask from him from god. She was saying him to never get separated from her because he is her everything.

“I am speechless.” He uttered, still looking at her surprisingly, stunned to listen her song. “I mean, you sang so well, angel.” She smiled happily at him after listening to his words because she was little nervous that what would be his reaction because he was a great singer.

“I won’t lie, but I’d been practicing this since past few days.” She told him shyly, having a cute smile on her face. Sid was just grinning looking at her.

“Come here.” He spoke, opening his arms. She understood what he wanted, he wanted her in his arms. As she hid her face into his chest, clutching his shirt, he instantly wrapped his protective arms around her and then he kissed her hair lovingly. She smiled blissfully after coming her safest place which were his arms.


After collecting their engagement dresses from the showroom, they reached to shopping mall to do some extra shopping. Sidharth chose a dress for Sana and asked her to go and try the dress. She nodded her head at him and sauntered toward the try room. He smirked looking at her because something naughty was going in his mind. He strode behind her, his plan was to go inside the try room with her because he was dying to taste delicious lips. As she was about to close the door of try room, he hastily stepped into the room and locked the door.

He gave her erotic smile before grasping her arms and pinning her against the the mirror of try room. “Great planning, Mr. Sidharth Shukla.” She gave him a naughty smile, she was also going crazy to kiss him.

He grinned at her after listening her words and without wasting any single second, he captured her lips. Like always they started kissing each other lips hungrily. In between the kiss, his one hand slid into her top and started massaging her twins over the fabric of bra, she moaned inside his mouth. But next act of his shocked Sana, he started opening her jeans button with his other hand. He gave her salacious smile after breaking the kiss for a second.

“We are not at home, you-“ Before she could complete her words, he again slammed her lips. He started taking his hand inside her undies, she wanted to stop him because they were not at home, and she knew that she wouldn’t able to control her moans. She wanted him to proceed further also because she badly need it.

“I think, we should stop.” He abruptly uttered, moving back, leaving her after turning her on.

“Sidharth, please.” Now she cried like a small baby, he stifled his chuckle.

“What Sidharth?” He shrugged his shoulders. “You only want me to stop.” He said teasingly, having smirk on his face.

“Stop teasing me, Sidharth, please, I need it.” She cried more like a kid, getting irritated while he was enjoying the teasing game.

“Think once again, if I proceed, I won’t stop and then how you’ll have to control your moans.” He warned her and she rolled her eyes.

“I have decided, I need it and I’ll control my moans.” She stated, pulling him toward herself by holding the collars of his shirt. He gave last smile to her before attacking toward her neck, she arched her back and threw her head back to give him complete excess. He slid his hand into her undies and start rubbing her round and round, making circle with his thumb vigorously. His other hand was inside her which was kneading and massaging her twins.

His hands were doing it’s magic and she was controlling her moans while biting her lips. He was rubbing her down vigorously and it was getting so difficult for her to control her moans. He smirked after looking up at her condition. He moved closer to her face and again captured her lips. She widened her eyes as abruptly without any warning, he shoved his finger into her deeply. He took out his finger and again thrust his finger into her repeatedly. She undid his jeans button before sliding her hand inside his boxer. She shook and rub his junior, he moaned inside her month and quickened the speed of his finger, thrusting into her rapidly. Both were taking each other to heaven with the pleasure. Nobody could think that this was happening in the try room.

“I need you right now, baby. I just can’t wait.” He said in husky tone, staring in her eyes and hastily pulled down his jeans and boxer till his knees.

“Even I just can’t wait to feel you inside me.” She whispered, pulling down her jeans and undies.

“Open your legs wider, baby.” He ordered, she complied instantly by opening her legs wider. He shoved himself into her in one go completely after pinning her against the mirror by grasping her waist.


Sid was trying shirt in try room and Sana was looking for more shirt. Then she heard something and she froze on her place and started sweating.

”Tumhai apna banane ki kasam khae hai.” A person was again and again singing this song and this song brought flashes of her bad memories back because her psycho lover used to sing this song.

“He can’t be here, he is in jail.” She sighed deeply and then she turned to look who was singing the song, but when she turned back, she found no one there who was singing the song. She started sweating and panting, she felt like he was there, just behind her. But next thing shocked her more, somebody held her shoulder from behind.


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