(Part : 37) Inseparable Souls

Sana instantly turned around to look at the person who’d held her shoulder from behind. She sighed with relief when she found Sidharth, standing in front of her eyes. She without seeing here and there, just hugged him tightly by burying her face into his chest and clutching his shirt tightly. He hugged back, narrated his eyebrows in confusion, her sudden hug made him baffled and worried. He didn’t ask anything, just stood there cradling her in his protective arms which were giving her peace and taking away her all fear and flashes of that person who hurt her in the past. After few minutes she broke the hug, he gave her a cheerful smile and she smiled back faintly at him.

“Let’s go home.” He didn’t ask what happened because he wanted that she herself should share with him everything, he didn’t want to force her for anything, that’s why he just suggested her to go home. She nodded at him. They sauntered out of the mall hand in hand.


They settled down in the car. Sid was just about to start the car, but he stopped abruptly as he heard her cry. He instantly turned his face at her and found her, sobbing like a small child. She was crying while playing with her fingers. Sid felt a sharp pain in his heart after seeing his strong baby crying like this. He didn’t understand that what just happened to her suddenly.

“What happened, baby?” He asked worriedly, holding her both hands. She looked up at him with her teary eyes. His lips were drawn down, he was extremely sad, seeing tears in her eyes. “Tell me, please, angel, your silence is scaring me.” He uttered anxiously, caressing her face with his one hand, he was also on the verge of crying because her condition was killing him. His eyes were just looking in her eyes.

“Sidharth, today I felt like, he- he was there in the mall.” She finally told him, breaking the silence, Sid immediately understood that whom she was talking about.

“But, you told me that he went to jail for lifetime. Then how could be this possible.” He asked shockingly, wiping her tears with his thumbs.

“I know he is in jail but I don’t know why i felt his presence, all those horrible memories and his torture just started revolving in my mind. I don’t know why this happened, why I became weak again, Sidharth. I don’t want to become weak. I’m not weak. Why I felt like this if he’s in jail?” She was crying and behaving like crazy person. He was looking at her, having pain in his eyes. Few tears dropped down from his eyes to his cheeks, seeing her condition. He was not understanding, what happened to her that all of sudden she started behaving like this. She was utterly fine.

“You are very strong, Shehnaaz. Nobody has power to fight back with that monster like him, but you fought and came out of that hell. You are very strong and I’m proud of you.” He was trying his best to explain her that how strong she was. “and my love, now I’m with you, I promise, I’ll not let anybody to see you even with bad intentions.” He reassured her, clasping her face, he was having seriousness on his face. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, with this forehead kiss , he promised her that he would protect her always.

“You’ve made me stronger, thank you.” She stated with full confidence, wiping her tears, having faint smile on her face. Sid also smiled back at her after seeing her smile again. His words did a magic and made Shehnaaz normal. Then both murmured “I love you.” to each other. Sid started the car, looking at her, having love in his eyes. She was gazing at him in same way, having love in her eyes.

Both were not aware that what was god planning for them. They would have to pass a test of their love before their marriage, god wanted to examine their love one more time and they both were not aware the storm which was about to come into their life.


Next day in the evening, Shehnaaz was getting ready for her engagement. She was sitting in front of mirror. She was looking beautiful in blue gown and her hair were tied up in bun. She was almost ready, just wearing bangles in her hands. She was lost in her thoughts, the mall incident scared her. Then she heard someone’s voice.

“Someone is looking stunning today.” She instantly turned to see the person who complimented her.

She sighed as she found Cabir on the door. “Cabir.” He walked toward her having smile on his face and she also smiled back at him.

“I am happy for you Sana because finally Sidharth got ready to marry you, mujhe kitne papadh belne padhe thai aur punch bhi khana padha.” Cabir said dramatically, touching his face where Sid had punched him. Sana chuckle and Cabir too.

“By the way, Cabir, what did you say in Sidharth’s ear that night that he punched you.” She asked excitedly and Cabir showed him his teeth, he was not understanding how to tell her that what he had said in Sidharth’s ear that night.

“Sana, he should get more punches for the words which he had spoken to me that night.” They both heard Sid’s voice and looked at the direction from where his voice came. They found him stalking to them. He was wearing black jeans and white shirt with black blazer, he was looking breathtaking handsome as always.

“Sid, it was just the part of acting. Shehnaaz is my bestie.” He tried to explain Sid who was glaring at him angrily.

“Shehnaaz, bye. I’ll meet you downstairs, Mujhe yha se chalna chayie kyuki yha ka mausam kuch kharab lag rha hai , isse phle barish ho, i should leave.” He said and dashed out of the room with a second. Sana and Sid laughed, seeing his drama.

Sid got lost in his angel’s beauty, the way she was laughing was making Sid crazy. Sana instantly stopped laughing when she found him staring at her, she coughed to bring sid out of his dream world.

“How can someone looks so beautiful every time?” He asked, sauntering toward her, still lost in her. She smiled at him.

“Shehnaaz, I think we should postpone our engagement.” As he yanked her toward himself by grasping her waist. She shivered with his touch, looking in his eyes.

“I think, this is a great idea.” She stood on her toes and spoke after grasping his collars.

Without giving any warning to him, she captured his lips and started kissing him hungrily. He pulled her head back by holding her hair and kissed her with equal equal. The kiss was turning wild with every second. As opened her hair, they all fell over her back. After getting breathless, he broke the kiss. They both gazed into each other intensely, kissing each other souls through their eyes.

“Sorry, angel, but I need you badly right now.” He said huskily and abruptly pushed her on the bed. She got shocked for a second because of his sudden move.

“Don’t forget to lock the doors.” She reminded him, pointing her finger at the door. He grinned, looking at her and hurriedly went to lock the door. He was surprised when he found her all ready for him. She was lying down naked, on the bed. She wasn’t ashamed to lie naked before him because she was utterly his.

“We need to be quick.” She smirked at him. Her this move drove him crazy. This showed that they both were equally crazy for each other.

Sid hastily undid his jeans button and pulled down his jeans with underwear. He crawled on the bed, came over her, straddling her. Both looked into each other eyes passionately, their eyes were filled with desires.

“Be ready because you’ve awakened the inside devil with your this move.” He whispered, pinning her hands against the mattress and looked into her eyes dangerously. Both were breathing heavily.

“I always love to see your devil side, Mr. Perfect.” As she murmured, Sid without giving any warning, shoved into her in one go and start moving slowly. He increased the speed. She was moaning, moving her hands in his hair. When she was just about to cum, he came out of her.

“Sid, please.” She pleaded, clutching his collars and he smirked at her.

“What please, my angel.” He asked teasingly.

“Sid, this is not the right time to tease me, I need it badly.” She snapped at him, yanking him closer to her and he made a pout.

“Your wish my command, Madam.” He said and suddenly flipped her on her stomach. He raised her body from bed by grasping her waist and gave her a gentle spank on her buttocks before thrusting deep into her from behind, she screamed, clutching the bed sheet. After that they both started moaning with extreme pleasure.


“Your monster side, I really love it like always.” She said when they were again getting ready for their engagement after their wild make out session. Sid grinned at her.

There was knock on the door and then they both heard Noor’s voice from outside. “All guest are waiting for you both, at least for now put your romance on side.” They laughed looking at each other after listening to her words.

“Love you so much, Angel” Sid kissed her lips for last time before sauntering out of the room.


Both were coming downstairs hand in hand, smiling at each other. Photographer started clicking their pictures and everyone’s eyes were on them and they were looking in each other eyes. They were looking perfect together. Girls were getting jealous seeing the hot charming, the rockstar Sidharth Shukla, marrying to someone else.

Sana’s mother hugged her daughter and she hugged her back. She looked at her step father, having hatred in her eyes. Sid bent down and touched her feet, she gave her blessing, touching his head. Noor and Abhi, they both also hugged Sidnaaz.

They took Sidnaaz on stage. Sid held her hand, looking in her eyes fondly. He slid the ring on her finger and kissed her knuckles lovingly, looking at her. Everyone hooted loudly when he kissed her hands. Sana was just smiling, looking in his eyes fondly.

Noor gave ring to Shehnaaz, she held his hand and gave beautiful smile to him. She was just about to slide the ring on his finger, but suddenly she stopped.

“Tumhai apna banane ki kasam khae hai” As she listened to this song, the ring fell down from her hand, her smile faded away, she started sweating and breathing heavily.

“Shehnaaz, what happened?”Sid asked concernedly, placing his hand on her face. She suddenly pushed him away. The song was making her crazy. This shocked Sid because she never pushed him like this before.

“Please, turn off this song.” She shouted loudly, placing her hands over her ears and she was not letting anyone to come close to her. The Dj master immediately turned off the music and she rushed from there. Everybody were shocked.

“Shehnaaz.” Sid ran behind her anxiously.

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