(Part : 39) Inseparable Souls

Sana sauntered out from the bathroom after changing her clothes and her lips curved up into a winsome smile as she found Sidharth, sitting on the bed. He also smiled, gazing at her. She strolled to him, smiling at him. She sat on his lap, gazing into his eyes, having smile on her face. “I love you so much.” She whispered after wrapping her hands around his neck and sucked his lips lovingly.

“You are looking fine now.” He uttered happily, clasping her face.

“I’m fine because of your love, Mr. perfect.” She whispered after kissing his forehead, he smiled.

“Let’s make you more fine.” He said huskily, coming near to her lips. She smiled, gazing in his eyes intensely. Her heartbeat accelerated and breath became heavy because of their proximity.

He slammed his lips with her lips and started kissing her lips passionately, pulling her head back by gripping her hair with his one hand and he slid his other hand inside her top and started rubbing her bare back. She was shivering with his touch. She kissed him back with equal flavour, clutching his t-shirt. They broke the kiss for a second and he hastily pulled her top over her shoulder and tossed it on the floor. While kissing her, his hand unhooked her bra from behind and started moving his hands on her bare back. Leaving her lips, he attacked toward her neck, she arched her back to give him full access. Then he started loving her boobs after throwing her bra on floor.

“I love you so much.” He whispered, looking at her while his hands were caressing her upper naked body, sending the chill down her spine with his touch. He abruptly pushed her on the bed and came over her, astride her. He covered their body with the blanket. After making love for few hours, they cuddle and slept peacefully in each other arms, wearing each other bodies.


Next day

“I told you, no work for one week then why this press conference?” Sana sauntered into his room and found Sidharth scolding someone over the phone.

“No, just cancel this press conference anyhow.” He shouted angrily.

She suddenly snatched the phone from his hands and put over her ear. He looked at her, narrowing his eyebrows.

“Don’t need to cancel the press conference, Sidharth will reach on time.” Sana hung up the call after saying this. Sid was now glaring in anger.

“I won’t go.” He shook his head, taking his phone back from her hand. She frowned at him.

“Can i ask you why you won’t go?” She asked, holding his hand as he was just about to walk from there.

“Because we had decided that no work till our wedding.” He answered her.

“But it just a press conference, it’s okay.” She blinked her eyes, placing her hand on his face.

“But we have to go for jewellery shopping today.” He uttered and pouted at her sadly like a baby. Her lips drawn up into a smile, seeing her cute Sidharth.

“After the press conference, pick me up from the jewellery shop, I’ll go with Noor.” She told him her plan. Sid agreed, nodding his head. He knew that there was no use to argue with his stubborn angel.

“I love you.” He whispered and pecked her lips, smiling at her.

She sucked his lips lovingly. “I love you more.” She rested her head on his chest and he embraced her.


“I am going because of you.” He uttered sadly before leaving for the press conference. Sana was just smiling at him.

“Bye, Sidharth, We will meet at jewellery shop in evening.” She whispered after giving him a quick kiss on his lips. As she pulled away from him, he abruptly kissed her lips passionately after yanking her toward himself by grasping her face.

“I don’t want to go away from you.” He spoke, pouting at her sadly while he was playing her hair with his one hand.

“You’ve become my addiction.” He confessed, gazing in her yes and then suddenly he started kissing her neck.

“Mr. perfect, I know, I’m your addiction but now you have to go away from your addiction just for few hours.” As she pushed him away, he made sad pout and looked at her like a small kid.

“Bye sid “she waved her hand in front of him and he sadly walked out from the room and she chuckled seeing her cute baby who doesn’t want to go away from his mommy.


Sana reached at jewellery showroom alone because Noor went with abhi for shopping. As she sauntered into the showroom, she felt weird because there was only receptionist presented there and no worker.

“Why the showroom is empty today.” She asked from the receptionist.

“Because it is lunch time, mam” The receptionist replied politely and Sana gave her a slight nod.

“How can i help you mam ?” She asked.

“I am Shehnaaz Gill, has my order got ready-“ Shehnaaz asked and suddenly she froze to find her fear, stepping into the showroom. She became utterly numb for few seconds.

“Aman.” She whispered in disbelief, staring at the person, her body was shivering, her heart was beating rapidly and she was sweating. She was hell scared to see the person standing in front of her eyes. The person who had tortured her like an animal for one complete month. The memories of his torture started revolving in her mind. He was approaching toward her, taking slow steps, smiling evilly at her. She wanted to run away, but she felt like her legs froze.

“Please wake me up, please.” She shut her eyes and murmured, clutching her hands tightly, thinking that she was seeing a nightmare. She flinched as she felt his hand touching her face. She instantly opened her eyes and found him sitting beside her. She looked around to seek help but the receptionist was nowhere too. She moved away from him and about to stand up, but he stopped her holding hand. She stared at him, having fear in her eyes, shivering and sweating because of the fear.

She shouted. “Leave me..” before she could speak something more, he shut her mouth with his hand and looked into her eyes dangerously. She opened her eyes wide and raised her eyebrows in shock, her eyes were filled with fear.

“I’m back baby doll to take what’s mine.” He whispered, trailing the tip of his finger over her face. She tried to remove his hand from her mouth, but couldn’t because his grip was strong. He was just smiling evilly at her.

“Tumhai apna banane ki kasam khae hai.” He sang removing his hand from her mouth, she was just staring at him having fear in her eyes and shivering. He snickered wickedly, looking at her. She stood up instantly and rushed out of the showroom without looking behind.

She reached home driving her car in full speed, she was breathing heavily and sweating badly because of fear. Her condition was becoming worst.

“How can be this possible, how did he come out from the jail ?” She asked this question from herself, clenching the stirring. She was shivering badly because of the fear. His words were ringing in her mind constantly.

She came out of her thoughts as her phone rang up. She took the phone which was kept on passenger sea. She sighed seeing the caller Id and instantly picked up the phone.

“Sidharth, please come home fast, please.” She cried on phone.

Sid was waiting for her, standing outside of showroom. He got worried, listening to her cry.

“Calm down, baby, I’m just coming.” He said and rushed out. He hurriedly sat inside the car and reached home as fast as possible.


As he stepped into her room, she running at him and hugged him tightly after throwing her arms around him. He was taken aback with her sudden tight hug, he hugged her back, becoming more worried for her.

Shehnaaz felt little better after coming in his arms where she felt safe and secured. She closed her eyes and got lost for few minutes in his arms, forgetting about her fear and everything. His hug like always did a magic on her and made her forget about today incident.

After few minutes, they broke the hug.

“Angel, what happened to you ?” He asked concernedly, clasping her face. She looked at him, having pain in her eyes, her eyes were still moist.

She shivered as she remembered about today incident. “He-he came out of jail, I saw-saw him in showroom.” Her lips were trembling because of fear. Sidharth was utterly shocked, not because after knowing that he is back, he was shocked because she said, she saw him in showroom. He visited there and receptionist told him that she didn’t come there.

Is she hallucinating him?

But the question was why because she was utterly fine?

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Love Mehak

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