(Part : 41) Inseparable Souls

From half and an hour, Sana was sitting on his lap, hugging him tightly like a baby hugs her mumma. She was not crying, just silently sitting hiding her face in his chest, he was rubbing her back and constantly kissing her face, head and her hands to assure her that he is with her. They were sitting on sofa.

“I am fine now.” She whispered after raising her head from his chest. For few seconds, he kept gazing at her and then kissed on her eyelids which were swollen because of  constant crying.

“Please angel, never cry like this again. I’m with you, it’s hurt a lot here when you cry.” He spoke dishearteningly, placing her hand over his heart. She moved her eyes down guiltily because she was making him upset.

“I am sorry.” She apologised, looking up at him and he kissed her forehead.

“I know, it’s not easy for you, but trust our love, nobody can separate us or harm you until we are together.” He assured her, clasping her face. She smiled faintly at him and gave a slight nod to him.

“I know.” She whispered after hugging him again and he instantly hugged her back.

“Now show me my surprise.” She said excitedly as they broke the hug. He smiled with relief, seeing her happy again. Her happiness was his strength.

“First you have to get up, then only I can able to show you the surprise.” He asked her to stand.

She nodded at him and pecked his lips before standing up from his lap. He also stood up, she looked at him, narrowing her eyebrows in confusion as he started opening the buttons of his sherwani, gazing at her.

When he removed his sherwani, she raised her eyebrows in surprise to see the tattoo which he had inked on his chest. It was written, Sana my angel with a small magic wand. She moved closer to him and caressed the tattoo with her soft hands silently as she became speechless, he was busy in admiring her. She leaned downward to kissed his tattoo, placing her hands over his shoulders and he closed his eyes in response as he felt her hot breath on his skin. His lips curved into smile as her soft lips touched his skin.

“Do you like this?” He asked, she looked up at him having so much love in her eyes for him.

“I can’t tell you, how much i love this tattoo.” She whispered, her one hand was stroking the tattoo.

“Sid, I have also inked your name on my body.” She told him happily.

“Really, wow, show me.” He squealed with excitement like a baby, she smiled happily, seeing his excitement.

“You have to find it, like a husband find their name in Mehndi, in same way, you have to find the tattoo on my body.” She winked at him, he smirked.

“So my angel want to play a game with me.” He asked, yanking her closer to himself by grabbing her waist.

She moved near to his ear. “I love to play games with my would be husband.” She whispered in his ear and bit earlobe.

Then abruptly he lifted her up in his arms and threw her on the bed.

“I am so excited to play this game.” He straddled her after coming over her. He suddenly removed the pallu of her saree. He started giving wet kisses on her bare shoulder.

“You were looking so hot today.” He whispered in her ear, she blushed. She moaned softly as he bit her earlobe. He was kissing and nibbling her shoulder, his hands unhooked her blouse and pulled it away. He tossed her blouse in the corner of the room. She closed her eyes in response when he was touching her bare upper body and trying to find the tattoo. Then he started kissing, sucking and biting her boobs, she started moaning. While kissing her, he went down. He grinned at her before removing the petticoat of her saree, then moved his eyes at her legs to find the tattoo there.

“The tattoo can be here even.” He murmured, moving his hand in her inner thigh over the fabric of her panty, she closed her eyes in response, clutching the bed sheet. He tore her panty, opened her legs wide by holding her thigh and stared at her inner thigh, acting to find the tattoo there. She was blushing.

After that she started moaning loudly, clutching the bed sheet as he started sucking her inner thigh while his hands were rubbing her milky thighs. He was flickering his tongue up and down, round and round there, taking her to heaven with pleasure.

After few minutes, he flipped her on the stomach, but there too he didn’t find the tattoo. She moaned as he gently squeezed her hips from behind. She felt so good when his lips caressed her back, he started kissing her back lovingly and also kissed her hips, moving his hands all over her body shamelessly.

“You lost, Sid.” She uttered, still lying on her stomach, he was still staring at her back, stroking her back lovingly and gently with his hands.

“No angel, I won, I was just acting. I already knew where you have inked my name.” He told her happily, coming close her ear from behind, she instantly turned on her back and stared at him surprisingly. He was grinning at her.

He held her hand and murmured. “Here is the tattoo.” The tattoo was on the side of her middle finger, it was written Sidharth with heart. He kissed her tattoo lovingly and then sucked her middle finger sexily, gazing at her.

“Now my reward.” He gave salacious smile and asked for the reward of winning the game.

“Off course, how can I forget to give reward to my Mr. Perfect.” She winked, pushing him on the side and astride him after coming over him like a wild cat. They stared into each othe passionately.

The she slammed his lips with her lips and started kissing him lovingly while her hands removed his boxer and lower. After breaking the kiss, she went downward, kissing his chest, stomach and waist. She first rub and shake his junior, staring at him erotically, then she started kissing and sucking, he was moaning and groaning crazily, grasping her hair.

“ I love you.” Then coming above him, looking into his eyes intensely, she took him inside her and started riding over him, placing her hands over his chest. He also moved with her, squeezing her hips.

“I love you.” At last he flipped their position and shoved himself deep inside her in one go after confessing his love, she screamed loudly in pleasure, scratching his back.

After sometime, they lay down on the bed in each other arms after their wild love making session. Nobody could say that just few minutes ago, Sana was terrified and crying, this was the power of their love which made her forget her all fear.


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