(Part : 4) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

Next morning, Sana got ready for meeting Sid’s family. She was looking beautiful in blue full length dress. She just applied lipstick and eyeliner. Her face was glowing naturally, she was not nervous, in fact she was excited to meet his family.

“If I marry Sid, my dream of having a huge family would be got fulfilled. Mom, dad, brothers, sister, wow, I’m super exited to meet them. Thank god Sid is different from other rich man, because of him only I would able to call his family, my family.” She was talking to herself and it was clearly visible, she was going crazy to meet his family.

Then as she heard the knock on the door, she strolled at the door and narrowed her brows in confusion when she found a unknown girl standing in front of her eyes.

“Hi, I am Mukti, Sid’s sister.” Mukti introduced herself pulling her hand out in front of Sana.

“Hi, Mukti.” Sana directly hugged Mukti in excitement, making her shocked because she was not expecting hug from her.

“I came here to take you downstairs.” Mukti told her as they broke the hug.

“Then let’s go.” Sana squealed in excitement and then they both reached downstairs.

Sana smiled wholeheartedly seeing the whole family. They all were sitting in the hall and talking with her father. She looked at everyone and her smile grew bigger as his eyes moved at her would be husband who was sitting at corner of sofa, sipping the water from glass.

Cabir looked at Sana who was strolling at them and he called Sid by nudging his shoulder. He looked at Cabir and he asked Sid to look at Sana through gesture of his eyes.

As Sid looked at her, he got utterly lost in her beauty, she gave him warm smile and he grinned at her. Sid was gazing at her like a fool forgetting everybody, he went in another world where he could see only her.

“Here comes Shehnaaz Gill.” As Mukti announcement, everybody moved their eyes at Sana who was standing there having adorable smile on her face. She greeted everyone by saying hello. Everyone started introducing themselves to her and she was passing her beautiful smile to everybody.

“I am Mushkan (Muskan), sabse choti aul (aur) chachi  aap bhut plety (pretty) lag lahai (rahai) ho.” She introduced herself and complimented her chachi in kiddish language which made everyone laugh loudly and stole Sana’s heart with her words in first meet.

“Thank you Muskan and you are also looking very pretty.” Sana replied, looking at her having smile on her face.

“Thanku Chachi.” Muskan thanked her cutely which made Sana smiled more broadly.

“Sana beta, come sit here with me.” Neyonika asked Sana to sit beside her by shifting herself on side. She gave her a slight nod with the smile and settled down between her and Mahi.

Neyonika started asking about her hobbies and Sana was replying her politely. Sid was just busy in admiring her, Mukti and Cabir were laughing and giggling looking at their majnu brother.

“Bhai please come back on the earth varna humhri hone wali babhi ko apki hi najar lag jaegi.” Cabir whispered to Sid in his ear teasingly. Listening to this, he came back on the earth and started looking around, rubbing her nape sheepishly because he was caught while staring Sana like an idiot. Mukti and Cabir laughed and gave a high five to each other.

“Mumma Mule chachi ki godh mein  bethna hai(I want sit in Chachi’s lap.)” When Mahi and Neyonika were busy in talking with Sana. Muskan demanded who was sitting in her mumma’s lap. Like always she caught everybody’s attention with her her adorable words.

“Come beta.” Mahi was about to deny, but before her Sana asked Muskan to come in her lap by opening her arms and looking at her lovingly. Muskan jumped in Sana’s arms joyfully. Sana hugged her lovingly.

“Aap bhut pyaali (pyaari) ho. ( you are very sweet.)” Muskan complimented her in her language, Sana kissed her forehead and everybody were smiling looking at them. Sid again got lost in her.

Sana’s behaviour were clearly showing that what type of person she was. Neyonika was super happy after meeting Sana because she was wishing to get daughter in law like Sana and finally she got also. After that again Neyonika and Mahi got busy in talking with her. Raj and Ram were busy in their own talks, Sid was busy in admiring his angel and his siblings were busy in making fun of him. Poor Sid was dying to talk to her, but he was having no choice rather than sitting there quietly because it was not Sidnaaz meet. It was Sana’s meet with his family. He also wanted that Sana should know about his family properly and get comfortable with them too because for him his family was most important.

As Sana moved her eyes Sid, he gave her a broad smile, but with in few second only Neyonika called her, he pouted sadly.

Neyonika and Mahi were utterly impressed with Sana. They both were happy for Sid. Neyonika was proud of his husband’s choice. Sana was a girl whose heart was pure like crystal, she always thought about others before herself. She always put his father above her and there was no doubt after marriage she would always think about Sid and his family before herself. She knew the importance of family because since childhood she had been craving for family like hell and always wished to have a big family.

Cabir intentionally pushed Sid and the drink which he was holding in his hand, it spilled over him and spoiled his clothes. Everybody looked at him instantly.

“Sorry.” He stood up and apologised after putting the glass on table, he was glaring at Cabir through the corner of his eyes, but he didn’t know that soon he was going to thank his brother.

“Koe nhi beta (it’s okay)” Ram said to Sid while he was looking at his clothes which became dirty.

“Sana beta, take him to the washroom.” As Ram asked Sana to take her inside the room, Sid grinned broadly. She nodded her head at her father before standing up. Mahi took Muskan from her lap and Sana stood up, looking at Sid while he was busy thanking his brother in his mind, having smile on his face.

“Come, I will show you the room.” Sana said before strolling toward her room. Sid went behind her, not before mouthing thank you to Cabir and he winked at him.

” You are great Cabir.” Mukti praised him in low voice, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“I am great, but still Sid is your favourite brother.” Cabir pouted sadly at her.

“You are my cutest brother.” Mukti laughed, pulling his cheeks.

As Sidnaaz strolled into Sana’s room, Sid started admiring her room. The room was well maintained and beautifully designed which was showing that her taste was good. He wanted to do some changes in his room for her because after marriage he wanted that his room should be mixed up of their choices. That’s why he was noticing each and everything properly.

“So beautiful.” Mechanically these words escaped out of his mouth as his eyes fell on the big photo of her which was hanging above her bed. Her precious smile on her face was making her photo more beautiful. Sana smiled at him when he was busy in staring at her photo.

“Thank you.” He came on the earth back as she thanked him. He moved his eyes at her and found her smiling at him and he again got lost in her winsome smile. Her beauty was doing a magic on him.

“Don’t you want to go washroom?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Washroom, why?” He asked forgetting the real purpose for which they had come to her room. She looked at him confusingly.

“Your clothes has become dirty, don’t you want to clean?” Sana asked confusingly and Sid closed his eyes embarrassingly because he was behaving like an idiot in front of her.

“What are you doing, Sid? What she would think about you?” He wondered and as he opened his eyes, he found her standing there confusingly.

He smiled at her sheepishly. “Where is the washroom?” He asked, rubbing his nape. She pointed at the washroom. He nodded at her and strolled toward the washroom.

“Listen voh tap ko open karne mein problem ati hai so, let me open it.” She stepped into the washroom behind him when he was just about to open the tap. Listening to her words, he turned toward her. He gave her slight nod and stood on the side. She sauntered toward the tap, her eyes were at him. She was trying to turn on the tap and he was admiring her, again got lost in her.

The tap broke down and like a fountain water started falling down and made both of them completely wet. She was trying to stop the water and like an idiot still he was lost in her. The water was making him more and more wet and he went in the another world.

She took a step to walk toward the door, she slipped because of the water. She closed her eyes in a fear of falling down, but she felt two strong arms protected her before she could fall down. She clutched his shirt tightly and her eyes were still closed. Sid was just looking at her, for the first he was seeing her from so close. Holding her in his arms was like he got his heaven. He could stare at her like this till infinity. She slowly opened her eyes and this time she also got lost in looking into his eyes. She was feeling like she got her home in his arms, his touch was making her feel good and sending chill down her spine. Their heartbeat were accelerating and their breath were becoming heavy because of their proximity. The water was still falling on them, but they went to another world. This feeling was new for both of them, they never felt so good in anybody’s arms before.

“Sid.” After coming back to her senses, she called him. As he heard her voice, he also came back on the earth. He made her stand properly while she was trying to avoid eyes contact with him.

“I am sorry because of this, you got wet.” She apologised, playing with her hands and her eyes were looking at her hands. Sid felt like something was worrying her. He was noticing her each and every move.

“You don’t need to say sorry and don’t worry about this. I know how to fix this.” He spoke and waited for her to look at him. Finally she raised her eyelashes and gave him small smile, looking at him. He smiled to fullest after seeing her smile. Her smile was precious and beautiful for him.

“Can I get a piece of cloth?” He asked and she rushed outside to bring a cloth after nodding at him.

She came back in a minute and gave him the cloth. He started tying the cloth to stop the water from falling. Now it was Sana’s turn to stare at Sid . For the first time, she was admiring him. She found him perfect from everywhere. His lips, his nose, his jawline, everything was perfectly shaped. Anybody can forget everything if he looks into his black eyes. His one look is enough to take your breath away. Sana was getting impressed with his looks and behaviour, but her heart was still not ready to trust him because of one incident. The incident which changed her and her life.


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