(Part : 43) Inseparable Souls

Next morning

When police were finding Sana on the terrace, Sid was standing there all lost. He had been finding his angel since eight hours. He was feeling like his heart wasn’t beating without her. He couldn’t spend even a single second without seeing her and now it had been eight hours passed. He had no clue where she had gone and where to find her.

“Angel, I can’t live without you, where are you?” He slumped down on the floor and started crying mechanically, his condition and tears in his eyes were clearly showing that how much he loved Sana and what she was for him.

Then his eyes fell on a blue cloth which was coming out from behind a big water tank, he recalled that Sana had worn blue colour lengha last night. He instantly stood up and rushed toward the tank. He widened his eyes in shook to find Sana lying behind the tank unconscious. He was bit relieved too after finding her, but his heart was crying, seeing her in that condition. He collapsed down near her and tears were constantly falling from his eyes.

He placed her head on his lap, his hand were trembling. “Angel.” He cried, touching her face. He was looking at her having so much love in his eyes, his heart was crying. Noor, Abhi and Cabir also reached there and found Sid kissing each and every inch of her face crazily with so much love , tears trickling down his eyes.

“Sidharth, we should take her down.” Noor said, placing her hand over his shoulder, but he didn’t listen to her, because he was so much lost in kissing his angel. They all were looking at each other helplessly.

Abhi knelt down in front of him and said, shaking him by holding his shoulder. “Sid, she is fine, let’s take her downstairs.” Finally he came back on the earth and looked at Abhi, his eyes were filled with pain.

“What happened to my angel, Abhi?” His lips trembled and he cried, hugging the unconscious Sana closer to his his heart like he wanted to store her in his protective arms forever.

“Sid, she would be fine because we are with her aur jab tak tum uske sath ho ushe kuch bhi nhi ho sakta and we need to be strong for her, if you cry like this then who would handle her. You should be strong for your love, Sid. Now come on let’s take her downstairs.” Noor tried to give him strength. Noor’s words affected him and he stood up after last time kissing her forehead. He lifted her up in his arms and strolled downstairs while Abhi called the Doctor.


When Doctor left after checking Sana. Sid was sitting beside Sana on bed, holding her hand and his eyes were looking at his angel, having so much love in them.

“What happened to you angel? I am not understanding, what to believe or not. If Aman is in jail then how come he is again and again coming in front of you? If you’re really hallucinating Aman, but why? You were fine, everything was fine, What happened in few days that you started hallucinating him everywhere? What is the thing which is scaring you?” He was puzzled.

“Please god, show me the way so that I can make everything fine and take her all pain. I just want to see her happy.” He prayed to god and kissed her hands lovingly. He caressed her forehead, gazing at her lovingly.

Sana opened her eyes slowly and smiled slightly at him. Seeing her precious smile, he smiled back. He leaned down and gently kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes in response, smiling blissfully.

Next moment her eyes snapped open because she became hell scared, remembering about the last night incident . Her breath got stuck in her throat and she stared at Sid, having fear in her eyes.

“Angel what happened?” He asked, placing his hand on her face as like nothing has happened because he didn’t want to make her remember anything.

Her lips were trembling with fear, her eyes were filled with fear too. ”Sid-Sidharth, Aa-Aman said-said he won’t-he won’t let me marry you. Sid, voh humhri shaddhi ko nhi hone denga.” She told him, stammering.

Sid closed his eyes dejectedly after listening to her words. He exhaled deeply and opened his eyes after composing himself.

“Angel, you yourself said to me that nothing is stronger than our love, then why his words are scaring you. You are with me and today we will get married, nothing can stop us from becoming one officially. Just have a faith on our love, Angel and be strong.” He explained her, clasping her face. Only he knew that how difficultly he was controlling his tears from falling in front of her because he knew if he starts crying too, then who would give her strength. She’d supported him every time when he was in need of her and now he was doing the same by supporting her.

“You are right Sid, I should-I should trust our love, no power can separate us.” Sana stated determinedly, wiping her tears and looking at Sid, having love in her eyes. He smiled at her warmly after listening to her words. He pulled her into his arms and embraced her.

“But Sana, how Aman took you on the terrace  and why didn’t anyone see him?” He asked confusingly, looking at her after breaking the hug and she looked at him sadly.

“Sid, a waiter gave me the piece of paper, I thought you wanted to meet me on the terrace, but when I reached there. I found Aa-Aman there. I tried to run and call you, but- but he closed my mouth and said he won’t let this marriage happened and after this.” She was telling him about the last night incident, but she paused as like she forgot what happened after this. “I don’t know what happened after this.” She told him sadly, looking at him. He was looking at her helplessly. He was really feeling so helpless because he couldn’t able to help her.

“It’s okay. You don’t take stress, Angel. Police is finding Aman and soon he will be behind the bars again. Just trust on our love.” He reassured her, clasping her face and blinked his eyes in assurance that everything would be fine. He lied to her that Police is finding Aman because he didn’t want to stress her by saying that everything which was happening around her, it was her imagination.

“I would be better only after one thing.” She whispered after pulling his face closer to her face by holding his shirt collars, he instantly understood that what she wanted. Without wasting any single second, he captured her lips holding her hair and slightly pulled her head back while his other hand held her face. She clutched his shirt collars. Both were kissing each other crazily and deeply, forgetting everything. Their kiss was pure like crystal and filled with only and only love. They weren’t only kissing each other lips, they were kissing each other souls through their kiss.


Haldi ceremony was going at the garden. Everyone were applying haldi on Sidnaaz. They were sitting beside each other and just gazing at each other, having smile on their face after every minute. Sana had worn yellow lengha and Sid had worn yellow sherwani. Both were looking beyond amazing and perfect together like made for each other. They both were tensed and worried, but still they were smiling for each other because they never wanted to become each other weakness . They always wanted to become each other strength and that’s why they were smiling in pain also. The only thing which mattered to them was that they were together. They were happy in pain also because they were together. They were standing strong because they were together.


After Haldi, Noor took Sana to her room and asked her to bath.

“I know, no one is believing me that Aman is really out of the jail because he is playing very smart. I can’t even blame Sid for not trusting me. He is so much worried for me, thinking that I’m hallucinating Aman, but he is not showing. He didn’t know I’m fine because he’s with me. Until he is with me, I’m safe and I am sure about this. He always do a magic on me and with his love always, he takes me to a place where I forget my all pain. I can’t even describe what he is for me. I am nothing without him, he is in my every breath. He is my life.” She was lost in her thoughts, standing in front of cupboard.

Then she heard the sound of footsteps in her room. The sound of locking of the door of her room startled her, her heartbeat quickened and she was not in a state to turn and look who was the person.

As the person snaked his arms around her bare waist, she sighed and closed her eyes, recognising the touch of her would be husband. Like always she shivered with his touch and a beautiful smile spread across her face instantly. She placed her hands over his hands having a big and peaceful smile on her face.

“You’re looking so hot today, you don’t know how difficultly I was controlling myself outside.” He whispered in her ear huskily and bit her earlobe, in response she pressed her lips together and shut her eyes.

“Did you forget about our private Haldi plans, angel?” He asked moving little away from her  and she was standing there breathing heavily, showing her bare back to him as choli (blouse) of her lengha was backless.

“Stay like this, don’t turn.” He commanded her and went to take haldi from the table. Sana was getting excited for their private Haldi. She knew that this would also going to be hot and pleasurable like their private Mehndi.

She closed her eyes and her breath became heavy as he started applying haldi on her bare back. Her hair were tied in bun and that’s why they were not disturbing him. Wrapping his one hand around her chest from behind, he yanked her closer to himself and with his other hand, he started applying haldi on her bare waist while kissing her neck. She went into the world where there was his love only. Then his hand opened the string of her blouse and the blouse dropped down. Then with his both hands, he started squeezing her twins with haldi from behind. She started started moaning in pleasure, she was going crazy the way he was massaging her boobs with cold haldi. Then as he opened the string of her lehenga, it also dropped down. He slid his hand inside her panty. As his cold and wet hand touched her inner thigh, she literally jumped on her place with his touch.

From his other hand, he gripped her waist and helped her to stay steady. He started rubbing her inner thigh and this made her more crazy. She started moaning in extreme pleasure. She screamed loudly in pleasure when he eased his one finger into her without giving any warning. He yanked her closer to himself by wrapping his free hand around her waist while his other hand was busy in making her crazy. He took his finger out as she cummed on his finger.

“You are so tasty, angel.” He whispered, sucking his finger while she was trying to catch her breath back and her whole weight was on him. He was standing holding her by his one hand.

“The real fun is yet to come, angel.” He lifted her up in his arms in bridal style, Sana flushed, hiding her face in his chest. He kissed her forehead lovingly. Then he laid her down on the bed and she blushed, staring at him when he started removing his clothes. He came above her and after slamming her lips with his lips, he shoved himself into her deeply in one go. For an hour the room witnessed their true love.

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