(Part : 9 A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

Part : 9

Next Morning (Day1)

Sid woke up early in the morning, stretching his arms. He picked up his phone from side table and started his morning by admiring her photo. He smiled broadly, seeing their yesterday photos again.

“Haye, we are looking so cute together.” He murmured to himself, closing his eyes and placing the phone over his heart. Then after sending good morning message to Sana, he went to take shower. He was smiling crazily all the time in the shower, thinking about her. Sana didn’t even know that what she was doing to him, she was making the normal person crazy.


Sana was sleeping till late in the morning. It was eleven o’clock now and her father was shocked because usually she woke up early in the morning. He strolled into the room to check her. He sat beside her and stared at his princess who was sleeping peacefully.

“Sana, wake up bacha.” He whispered lovingly, stroking her hair gently.

“Daddy, good morning.” She wished him cutely and hugged him tightly. He hugged his princess back, having blissful smile on his face. Then they broke the hug and Ram placed a tender kiss on her forehead after clasping her face.

“What? Today, I woke up so late”Her eyes popped up, seeing the time and she shrieked shockingly. Seeing her reaction, her father chuckled.

“Chill bacha, sometime it happens.” He calmed her down, placing his hand on her face. She nodded her head, looking at him.

“Now , take shower and come for breakfast.” He stood out from bed.

“I love you daddy.” like a small baby, she hugged her father tightly, jumping out of the bed when he was about to leave.

“I love you too bacha..” He whispered, hugging his princess and kissed her hair lovingly.


Sana sauntered out of her room after taking shower. She checked her phone and her lips drawn up into smile as she saw Sid’s good morning message. She was about to reply him back by typing good morning, but she didn’t send the message, seeing the time.

“Who say good morning at 12, Sana. Thank god I haven’t sent this message.”She thought in her mind and called herself stupid. Then she just sent “hi.”

“Why my message is not delivering to him.” She made a cute pout, becoming sad when her message didn’t get delivered to him. She lumbered out of her room sadly, staring at the phone and constantly trying to send him the message, but it was not delivering.

“Sana, Sana, What I am listening that you are going to marry Sidharth Shukla and you haven’t even told me.” A girl said excitedly, rushing toward Sana.

“I went out of Mumbai for few days, that’s mean you would forget your friend. This is very wrong, Sana.” She uttered disappointedly, looking at Sana.

“I thought, you would be busy, Shifu. I really didn’t want to disturb you.” Sana told her the reason of not calling her and not telling her about Sid. Shefali was her one and only friend. Sana used to share everything with her and she called him Shifu with love. Nothing about Sana was remained hidden from her. She knew everything about her and nobody knew Sana better than her.

“Haye, Sidharth Shukla is going to marry my friend. This is like a dream. Sana tell me about him and please ask him to follow me also. I want to meet him yaar.” She was going crazy after knowing this. Sana was trying to speak, but she was not letting her speak.

“Are Sana tell me something about him.” She asked, holding her hand, her eyes were glinting with excitement. Sana shook her head in disbelief, looking at her.

“Shifu, if you let me speak then only I would able to tell you about him.” Sana said, holding her both arms. Shefali bit her tongue, realising her mistake. Sana smiled, looking at her. Ram was smiling, seeing them, he was sitting on the sofa.

“So now tell me, how is he in real?” She asked excitedly, looking at her. Sana got lost for a moment, thinking about him.

“He’s really a good person.” She said and walked passing by her. Shefali made weird faces, listening to her so boring and one word answer.

“Wait, wait. Just a good person and nothing else ?” She asked, coming in front of her. Sana nodded her head positively, looking at her. Sana strolled to Kitchen and Shefali rushed behind her.

“Sana, you’re so boring.” Shefali complained, sauntering into Kitchen when Sana was turning on the gas stove to reheat the breakfast.

“Will you please ask him to follow me on Instagram?” She stood beside her and requested, looking at her.

“Off course. Anything for you” Sana agreed, clasping her face and she smiled happily, showing her all the teeth.


On the other side, Sid was busy in shooting of his song . He was going crazy because he was imagining Sana in his co star and in make up Artist. The saddest part was that he couldn’t able to contact her in break time also because of the network problem. He was going crazy, he really wanted to talk to her. In break time, he was sadly sitting in his vanity van and passing his time by seeing her photos. He was really missing her a lot and even his family. His sad face was the proof of how badly he was missing her and his family. He was craving to talk to her.


Sana didn’t go to Art gallery because it was Sunday. On Sunday, Art gallery remained close and she spent time with her father. Her father was busy in writing book. She was sitting in her room and waiting for his message. But sadly she didn’t get his any message and her message also didn’t get delivered.

“What is happening to me ? Why I’m feeling sad and becoming restless if I’m not getting his messages? Why this thing is bothering me so much? Why I’m becoming so restless.” She wondered confusingly. She was not understanding that she was missing him badly.

She opened her phone gallery and thought to pass her time by watching videos. She started watching videos and her eyes widened in surprise as she saw her and Sid video. The video was just of 30 seconds, but her heart stopped beating for a moment, seeing the video. It had been made by kids only when she’d fallen down into Sid’s lap. She became crazy after seeing the beautiful video of them. The way they both were gazing at each other. Her heart started beating rapidly once again like before when his body’d rubber against her. She watched the video ten times on repeat. Then she kept the phone on side. She placed her head against the bedrest and closed her eyes. She got lost in that moment when she’d fallen down over him and how god she had felt at that time.


Mahi was making her daughter eat lunch, sitting in the dining room. Musu was showing tantrums in eating food also like sleeping. In everything, she used to show tantrums to her mother. But Mahi was her mother, she also knew every ways and tricks to handle her daughter.

“Look, what has daddy brought for her princess.” Jay said, strolling there. Muskan stood up instantly and rushed to her father. He picked her up in his arms, putting the shopping bags on floor. He kissed her face. Mahi smiled, walking at them.

“Daddy, Musu te liye ka lae? (what has daddy brought for Musu)” She asked cutely, looking at him.

“Wait daddy will show you.” He replied, putting her down on floor and he knelt down on the floor in front of her. He took out the doll from the bag and gave it to her.

“Wow, Musu loved this doll a lot.” She squealed joyfully. Mahi and Jay smiled blissful at her.

“Thank you, daddy.” She thanked him and placed a kiss on her father’s cheeks. She started dancing and jumping cutely, holding the doll. Mahi and Jay laughed wholeheartedly, seeing their daughter dancing crazily and happily.

“Musu, yeh doll daadi ko ditha tar ati hai.” She rushed upstairs to show her doll to her granny.

“And this is for my beautiful wife.” He stood up and gave the packet to Mahi. She looked at him confusingly, taking it. She asked in gesture, moving her eyebrows up that what was in the packet.

“See yourself.” He answered her and she took out beautiful red saree from it.

“This is really beautiful, Jay. Thank you.” She thanked him with the hug. He hugged her back, having smile on his face.

“Now I want a thank you kiss.” He demanded after breaking the hug. He suddenly pulled her closer himself by grasping her arms. She looked at him, widening her eyes.

“I haven’t asked you to open your eyes widely. I have asked for a kiss.” He spoke, tucking her hair behind her ear, gazing at her lovingly.

“Jay, not now. Anybody can come.” She denied, nodding her head.

“Let them come.” He whispered, looking in her eyes deeply like he got fully lost in her.

“Muskan will come.” She spoke.

“Let her come.” He replied, moving closer to her lips.

“Jay, Muskan.” As she shrieked, seeing behind him in shock, he instantly left her and turned around to look. He got shocked to not find Muskan there. Mahi laughed and ran upstairs.

“Mahi.” He shouted and rushed upstairs behind her, following her.


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