(Part : 9 B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

Sid sighed with relief because finally his shoot got finished in the evening. He was getting restless to talk to her. He climbed into his car and took out his phone from his pocket to check the network. As the network came after few minutes, he hurriedly called her. He was sitting at the car backseat and driver was driving the car.

On the hand, Sana still didn’t get over that video. She tried to read novels, watch movies and spend time with her father, but nothing was helping her out. Whatever she was doing, she was thinking about him. She was thinking about the video and she was also thinking that why he didn’t message her. She was sitting in the balcony and enjoying the sunset. As her phone rang up, she rushed into her room. This was clearly showing that how desperately she was waiting for his call. She smiled broadly, seeing the caller id.

“I was so worried for you, Sidharth. My messages were not even delivering and you also didn’t even message me. Where were you ?”Sana asked concernedly after picking up the phone. Sid widened his eyes in surprise after listening to her words. Her words were unexpected for him. He didn’t think that she would be worried for him. Sana bit her lower lip and closed her eyes after realising that what she had said to him.

“Someone was missing me a lot. Am i right or wrong? ” Sid asked with the smile and she stayed silent. Her silent gave him the answer that she was missing him and he was happy to know this.

“On the shoot site, there was network problem that’s why I couldn’t able to message you.” He told her the reason and she made O shape mouth.

“Before I was sad that why there was network problem because in break i couldn’t able to contact you, but now I’m thanking to god for this problem. Because of this, today I came to know that you care for me and I’m happy to know this.” He told her whatever was going in his mind. Sana was just silently listening to him.

“I think I should change the topic or else you would remain silent.” He chuckled, she smiled after listening to his words.

“So tell me, what you did whole day ?” He asked, changing the topic.

“Don’t say that you missed me because that I know.” He laughed after saying this, she also smiled broadly. He was enjoying a lot by teasing her.

“That’s true, I missed you. In short period of time, I think that I have become habitual of your messages.” She accepted the truth, making him silent. She sat on the bed , holding the pillow. Her words were again unexpected for him.

“Sidharth, I know, I am little weird. Maybe in future, you would regret for marrying me because for me trusting you, trusting anybody is really difficult. You are understanding me, you are behaving so good with me, but still I can’t able to trust you. I am still doubting you. My mind is not ready to accept that how can someone be so good.” She was telling whatever was going in her mind. He became little sad, listening to her words, but he was relieved too because she was telling him what was going in her mind.

“It’s Okay, Sana. It’s just only few days passed. I am happy that you are sharing everything with me. I am not saying you to trust me, I’m just saying to give a chance to me. I am again promising you that I will never let you regret for your decision. With time, I am sure that you would trust me and your all doubts about me will be get cleared because I am not that type of person whom you are fearing. I will never break your heart.” Like always he understood her and reassured her. Sana felt little relief, listening to his words.

“Thank you Sidharth for understanding me.” She thanked through the heart with the small smile. He also smiled, listening to her words.

“Sidharth, I will call you at night. I have to prepare dinner.” She said as her eyes fell on the wall clock.

“Okay, then bye.” As He spoke sadly, she instantly corrected him. “Please, don’t say bye. Say that I’ll see you.”

“Oops, sorry, I forgot. Okay then I’ll talk to you later.” He hang up the call, having smile on his face.

“Should I send that video to Sidharth or not?” she was confused that she should send the video or not. But at last, she sent him the video. Then she went to prepare dinner.

Sid on the other hand, slumped on the bed as he reached in his room, he was so tired. Closing his eyes, he started thinking about their conversation. After their this conversation, he started doubting that there was something which was stopping her from trusting him.

“I think, I’m thinking a lot about her that’s why I am doubting her. It’s so natural for any girl to not trust anyone these days easily.” He chucked his doubt in dustbin, thinking this.

He came out his thoughts as his phone beeped up. He opened his eyes and took out the phone from his pocket. He was just about to open her message, but before he could, his phone started ringing. He smiled, seeing the caller id ‘Mom’.

“Hi, Mom” He answered the call with the big smile after placing the phone over his ear.

“How are you, my bacha?” Neyonika asked from other side.

“I am fine, but I missing you all a lot.” Sid said like a small baby. Then talking with his mother for few minutes, he hang up the call. She asked him to take dinner on time and also asked him to take care of him.

“Mom is best. She never stop caring about me. She cares for me like I am still his school going kid. I’m so lucky to have her.” Sid thought in his mind after cutting the call.

“So now I should check what message Sana has sent to me.” He murmured and opened her message. He was staring at the phone screen, his eyes were filled with excitement when video was loading. He widened his in amazement as he saw the video. Like Sana, he also watched the video on repeat. Like her, he also got lost in that video.

“We are looking so damn perfect together.” He murmured to himself happily and thanked those kids for capturing their beautiful moment. He lay down on the bed comfortably, placing his both hand beneath his head. His eyes were closed.He smiled broadly, thinking about her and their video.

“I never thought that I would become crazy for a girl one day like this. She’s special and different. I feel like there is some connection between us like heart to heart connection. I want to make her my wife soon and want to give her all the happiness of life which she deserves. I want to fill her life with the happiness.” He was lost in thinking about her.


After taking dinner, he called Sana. “Hi” A smile spread across his face as he heard her sweet and pleasant voice.

“Hey, what you were doing?” He asked.

“I was reading novel.” She replied, closing the novel and kept it on the side table of bed.

“Oh, what type of novel you like to read ?” He asked, his glinted with excitement.

“Love stories, but I think this type of love, we can only read in novels and can see in movie. In real life, these days nobody can love anyone like in novel protagonists love each other.” She spoke, her voice was filled with disappointment. Sid sensed some kind of pain in her voice.

“But I think you are wrong because I have seen live example of true love in front of my eyes. My bhai and bhabhi, I have seen them supporting each other every time and in every phase of life.” He gave her the example of Jay and Mahi. He admired their them.

“That’s Good, but still I think that true love don’t exist in real life.” She uttered sadly. He also became sad, listening to her words.

“In future, I just hope that our love will able to prove you wrong.” He thought in his mind.

“I am sorry, I know I’m hurting you with my words.” She apologised, thinking that she was hurting him.

“Chill, you didn’t hurt me. You said what you think about love. So don’t be sorry.” He said like always understanding her. She smiled slightly, listening to his words.

“I think, you should sleep Sidharth. You must be tired after today’s shoot.” She said in concerned tone. He smiled happily, listening to her words. He always became happy when she cared for him.

“But I’m not feeling sleepy. I want to talk.. , with you. Please.” He requested like a small baby and Sana couldn’t able to deny him. Then they talked to each other till late night and they both didn’t come to know when they fell asleep, talking to each other. With each passing day, Sana was opening up with Sid. With each passing minutes, they were coming closer.

But would Sid ever come to know about her real reason of not trusting anybody ?


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