(Part : 11B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

She sighed as the costumer left. She asked Shekar to call her when any other costumer would come. She went inside the room. She opened the message and big smile spread all over her face, seeing the photos of her handsome would be husband. She gazed at his photo for few seconds. Opening the Camera, she took her selfie with the smile. She was just about to send him but before she could, somebody snatched the phone from her hand, making her shocked.

“Shefu, you.” She turned around and shouted, finding Shefali. She showed her tongue to Sana,hiding the phone behind her back.

“Shefu, give me my phone back, right now.” Sana said in angry tone.

“Okay”she said forwarding the phone toward Sana. As Sana moved her hand to take it, she took the phone away from her. Sana gave her angry glare.

“But before let me see, what my dear friend was doing.” She said, unlocking the phone. Sana was just glaring at her in anger.

“Shefu, just give me my phone back right now or else I won’t ask Sid to follow you on Instagram and even I won’t ask him to meet you.” Sana warned her, using her love for Sid at right time. She knew that with this threat of not meeting Sid, Shefali would surely give her phone back. She knew her friend very well.

“But on one condition.” Shefali said and Sana gave her confused looks.

“That you are going to icecream Parler with me to have ice cream.” Shefali laughed, saying this.

“Okay baba done. Now give me my phone.”Sana said forwarding her hand toward her. She gave her the phone back.

“By the way, what you were hiding from me. That you got so hyper when I snatched from you” Shefali asked, raising her eyebrows. She sensed something fishy.

“Shefu, Nothing is like that. I am not hiding anything from you. Now will you please wait for few minutes outside, I’m just coming.” Sana requested and Shefali walked out, looking at her suspiciously.

She took a deep breath before taking her one more photo with the smile. She instantly sent the picture to Sid before anybody could again snatch the photo from her. She found that Sid had immediately seen the message. She waited for his reply, gazing at his photo.


On the other side, Sid was staring at her picture. She was looking so pretty. He found her smile as always perfect. Nobody could replace her prefect smile. For him, her smile would always remain a perfect smile. Her smile was having a power to take away his all stress. Her smile had power to make his heart go crazy with in just few second. He got lost in her photo for few minutes.

“Speechless, you are breathtaking beautiful. The back colour suits you a lot.” He replied her back with the smiley emoji.

Sana smiled, reading his reply. She sent the message ‘thank you’

“His compliment always bring smile on my face. He is really doing something to me. I hope just everything goes well this time.” She thought, walking outside of the room, having serious look on her face.


Finally after seeing Sana’s photo, he slept and went into the dream world of Sana. Since the day he met her, he had been seeing her dreams. Before meeting her, he used to see dream of a girl daily and after meeting her, finally her dream girl got the face. He started living his life more happily. Her words and her thoughts were enough to make his day even more brighter. He couldn’t wait for that day when she would start living with him and she would be called as his wife.


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