(Part : 13B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

“From half an hour, you are taking the round of one place. Didn’t you know the address of the party?” Shefali asked frustratedly, glaring at Cabir. He was driving the car and she was sitting beside him. She finally started doubting that he was making fool of her.

“Because Madam, you haven’t told me your address. If you will tell me your address then only I can drop you at home.” He laughed, she looked at him confusingly.

“What do you mean by dropping me home ? What about Shahrukh’s party ?” Shefali asked, freaking out. Cabir again laughed , concentrating on driving the car.

“Listen.” He looked at her after stopping the car.

“Bhai needed to spend alone time with his would be wife. I mean with your friend, Sana. That’s why I took you out from there.” He explained her and she gave him angry glares after listening about his lie.

“You Mr. whatever you are. How dare you lied to me ? You could have told me the truth, I would have surely given space to my friend. I just wanted to meet Sidharth for once. He is my favourite singer, or else I would have never spoiled her dinner date.” She shouted on Cabir in anger. He closed his ear with his hands.

“Shut up.” As he shouted loudly, she became quiet instantly.

“You almost spoiled their date madam. I saved their date by taking the headache with me.” He called her headache, making her more angry.

“You called me headache. You are a big lier and a headache. You lied to me. ” They started fighting with each other crazily,saying bad words to each other. Nobody was ready to back off. It was seemed like their fight would continue till infinity.


“Come close.” Suddenly Sid asked Sana to come close to him when they were having dinner with passing of smile to each other. Sana looked at him bemusedly.

“Come.” He uttered again. She moved closer to him, looking at him bemusedly.

He took the tissue paper and started cleaning the corner of her lips gently. They were so close to each other that their breath were caressing each other face. He was cleaning her lips and she was gazing at him. Her heart was beating so fast like it would get explode next moment and her breath was becoming heavy. Both could feel each other warm breath which was making both of them crazy. After cleaning it, Sid looked at her. For few seconds they both got lost in looking into each other eyes.

“Thank you.” Sana thanked him as he moved away from her. He wanted to kiss her lips hard at that moment. Only he knew that how he was controlling himself at that moment.

“Really this girl is making me crazy.” He murmured to himself.

“What was that ? I never felt like this for anyone before. What he is doing to me ?” Same was with Sana, she also felt like to kiss his lips.


“No daddy, musu toh big wali kilket chayie. Musu want kilket a big one” Muskan demanded when his father brought a chocolate for her. He could have brought full packet of chocolate for her but he was not allowed to bring because his wife had given him strict order to not bring lots of chocolate for Muskan.

“Today, you eat this. Tomorrow daddy will bring big chocolate for Musu.” Jay tried to convince his daughter, but she was not ready to get convince. She wanted big chocolate for her. She started crying loudly, making Jay felt bad.

“Okay, Okay, we are going to purchase big chocolate for Musu. Now please stop crying , bacha.” Jay picked her in his arms. Mahi heard their conversation, standing on the door.

“No, big Chocolate. Jay, why you always get melt with your daughter’s fake cry? ” Mahi scolded him, marching at them. Muskan gave her angry glare. She knew about her daughter very well. She knew that she used to cry just to convince everyone.

“Daddy, I want big chocolate. Please please”before Mahi could convince Jay, she again started to convince her father. How a father like Jay can deny his daughter demand.

“I am going out with Muskan and you are coming with us, that’s final.” He said sternly and Muskan showed her little tongue to her mother. He kissed Muskan’s cheeks, noticing her cute act.

“Jay, you’re spoiling our daughter.” Mahi taunted him and went to take out clothes for Muskan from the cupboard. He ignored her words and put Muskan on bed. He started tickling her and she was laughing crazily. Mahi smiled, seeing them. She thanked good for blessing her with so nice family.


Sid stopped the car in front of her flat.

“Wait, I need to give you something.” He uttered when she was about to open the door of car. She looked at him confusingly. He took out a small box from his pocket. Her eyes moved at the box and his eyes was looking at her each and every expression. He opened the box, still looking at her. He forwarded the box in front of her. First, she looked at the pendant which was in box and moved her eyes at him. It was heart shape pendant.

“Do you like it ?” He asked excitedly, expecting her answer to be yes.

“It’s so beautiful, Sidharth.” She whispered, having smile on her face. Her eyes were shimmering, seeing the beautiful gift. She took out the pendant from the box and looked it from close. Sid was just admiring her, having smile on his face. Everything about her was making him happy. She looked at the it, putting it around her neck.

“Could you help me ?” She asked for his help in locking of pendant. He nodded his head positively and she turned around, facing her back to him. As he held the chain of the pendant, their hands rubbed against each other in this. She instantly took away her hands and placed her hair over her one side of shoulders. When he was locking the pendant from behind, his hands touched her back and a shiver ran down her spine. She closed her eyes to feel his touch. She was feeling good with his touch. On the other side Sid was feeling like to move his hand on her bare back because she was wearing the backless Kurti. Forgetting everything, he started coming close to kiss her back. Her soft skin did some kind of magic on him. Sana shivered more and her heart beat accelerated as she felt his hot breath on her back. She felt so good. Both got so lost in each other. His lips were just about to touch her milky white back.

Listening the horn of car from outside, they both came on the earth back. They moved away from each other instantly. Without looking at him, she rushed from there after opening the car’s door. Sid closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“What I was just about to do ? What she would be thinking about me ? I should have controlled myself. Oh god, now how I will explain her that i am not this type of person ? But this girl is really attracting me physically also. Oh god, I’m going crazy.” He scolded himself thinking that she would be angry with him. He was feeling guilty to touch her without her permission. His thinking was clearly showing that how nice person he was. He drove from there after last time glancing at her flat.

Precap : Sidnaaz shopping with Muskan.

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