(Part : 11) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

“Anu, stop.” I shouted in the corridor. Few students looked at me. She turned around, glaring at me. I strode at her.

“Why are you overreacting, Anu?” I asked, folding my arms across my chest.

“Because you’re creating too much suspense.” She growled, pointing her finger at me.

“Anu my life, You know that your Sana loves to create suspense.” I held her shoulders. She just rolled her eyes.

“Let’s go to the canteen because now I’m going to end the suspense.” I clasped her hand.

“I can’t be angry with you, Sana. Let’s go.” She said after finally throwing her anger, we smiled at each other. I just hugged her tightly.

We reached in the canteen.

“Tell me fast now.” She squealed with the excitement as we settled down. She’s sitting opposite to me.

I sighed deeply and told her about Mr Stranger. She listened to me patiently without interrupting me.

“I’m wondering, Why he can’t reveal his identity?” She mused.

“I don’t know.” I murmured.

“He can be your stalker.” She suddenly shouted.

“No, he’s not.” I denied because I’m sure he’s not my stalker.

“How can you be so sure?” She asked instantly, raising her eyebrows.

“Because he didn’t know that I go to coaching centre, and I feel like he genuinely needs my help, Anu. He’s lonely.” I told her what I feel.

“Just be careful, Sana. You can’t trust him.” She warned me in serious tone.

“You’re right. I’ll just help him.”

Yes, I’ll just help him. How do I tell her that I feel so connected to him?

“Let’s order something. I’m starving.” She said and I nodded my head, thinking about Mr. Stranger. I had talked to him for a minute in the morning today.

We stood up and sauntered to the counter to order something. My phone vibrated in the pocket of my jeans. I slid my hand inside the pocket and took out the phone.

“Mr. Stranger is going to live for hundred years.” I mumbled while opening his message.

“What are you doing in phone, Sana. Tell me what do you want to eat?” She asked getting irritated.

Mr. Stranger : Hey, Princess.

I moved my eyes toward her from the phone after reading his message. I found her glaring at me.

“Noddles.” I smiled at her.

Anu gave the order, I typed the message in hurry.

Sana : I was thinking about you only. You’ll live for hundred years.

We went to our table and started eating noodles after settling down. The noodles is spice and yummy. I’m loving it.

I picked up my phone to see Mr. Stranger message after leaving my fork in the plate.

Mr. Stranger : Wow, you were thinking about me. That’s great and unexpected.

I chuckled after reading his message and found Anu glaring at me.

Sana : I’ll talk to you later. I’m with my friend.

Stranger : Okay, take care.

I placed my phone on table and smiled at Anu. She looked at me warily.

Why she’s looking at me like this?

“Were you talking to him, I mean Mr. Stranger?” She asked, narrowing her eyes. I nodded my head and started eating noddles.

“Be careful, Sana.” She whispered.

“Don’t worry.” I blinked my eyes. She smiled at me. We finished out noddles and went to take the next lecture.

After the college, I went to library to find a book. The library of college is huge. Nobody was in the library when I reached there, even librarian was not there at that time. I didn’t wait for her and went to find my book.

Now I’ve been finding that book from few minutes in the bookshelf. I’m standing in the middle of two rows of bookshelves. As I took out one book, I gaped, seeing professor Sidharth. He’s standing at the other side of bookshelf. I can only see his face. His black bewitching eyes are gazing at me. I don’t know why my breath is becoming heavy and why my heartbeat accelerating.

What he’s doing in the library?

“Good Afternoon, Sir.” I smiled and greeted him.

“Good Afternoon.” He smiled back at me. I’m dead after seeing his alluring smile. His smile captivated me, giving peace to my heart. His smile is so, I don’t have words. I’m just lost in his captivating smile.

Oh god, what is happening to me?

Suddenly the light went off and now there is complete darkness in the room. Nothing is visible.

Who idiot turned off the lights ?

Then I heard the sound of closing of door. I hastily turned on the flashlight of phone after taking it out from my pocket and rushed toward the door.

“Ahaa, my knee.” I screamed in pain as I bumped with the table. Oh god, What’s happening today? I rubbed my knee. It’s hurting.

“Are you Alright?” I froze as I heard professor Sidharth’s voice. He’s standing just before me, holding his phone with flashlight on. His face is shimmering in the flashlight. I utterly forgot about my knees pain after seeing his handsome face. He’s gazing at me with concern, his eyebrows creased.

He’s worried for me. Professor Sidharth is worried for me. This is a big thing for me, really.

“My, knee is, paining.” I told him giving pause after every word.

A shiver ran down my spine as his cold hands touched my bare upper arms. Today, I’m wearing a cut sleeves top.

“You sit down.” He made me sit on the chair, holding my arms firmly. His touch is making me crazy and sending chills down my spine. My heart is beating so fast. I can hear my heartbeat.

I sighed deeply, closing my eyes as he removed his hand from my arms. “I just come after checking.” He sauntered toward the door.

Did I get locked in the library with the hot professor Sidharth ? Really?

“Hello. Is anybody out there ?” I heard professor Sidharth’s voice. I can also hear the sound of beating the door.

I think, we really got locked in the library together. I just can’t believe this. I’m happy to be locked up with him. I grinned.

Nobody will hear him because the library is situated beneath the surface of the ground. I’m happy that it’s an underground library.

“Nobody is outside. I think we get locked here.” He said in serious tone, strolling toward me.

“Oh, now what we will do, sir?” I stifled a giggle. I tried to act like I’m sad to hear this. He doesn’t know that I’m so happy to hear this.

“I don’t know. My phone has no signal.” He shook his head and sat down beside me.

Oh god, I can’t breath, he’s sitting so close to me. Our shoulders are almost touching.

“Check your phone.” He turned his face toward me and asked me to check signal in my phone. I nodded my head, looking at him.

“No signal.” I whispered after checking signals in my phone. As expected there is no network in my phone too.

“Damn.” He stamped his foot in frustration and moved his hand in his silky black hair.

“We’ll get out from here, sir. Don’t worry.” I reassured him through my words.

He sighed deeply after resting his head against the chair and then turned his face toward me. “How’s your knee?” He asked concernedly.

I’ve forgotten about my knee’s pain long back ago.

“It’s better now.” I smiled at him.

“It seems that we will able to get out from library tomorrow.” He’s sounding tense. I’ve to do something.

“Anu, my friend, she knows that I’m in library. She’ll tell dad and then he’ll take us out. Don’t worry.”

Until then I’ll spend some alone time with hot professor.

I’m stuck in the library with the hot professor, this is like a dream. Anything can happen between us. I giggled turning my face on another side.


What do you all think, what is going to happen next.

Will Sana fall in love with Mr. Stranger or Professor Sidharth ?

Don’t forget to do comment, it means a lot to me.

Love Mehak


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