(Part : 16 A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

My life was never be so easy. When I took the first breath in this world, I lost my mother. My father tried to give me everything. I never felt lonely with him, but still in childhood when my friends used to talk about their mom, I felt bad from inside, but I never showed my sadness to anybody. I said with the smile “My father is my mother and my everything.” I never hesitated to share anything with him. My father knew about that incident which changed me. He tried his best to console me, but I needed mom at that time. I couldn’t come out of past till now, but things start changing from the day when I met Sidharth. A part of me had died that day and now he’s making that part alive again. His presence makes me feel happy. I feel like to trust him. I feel like there is some kind of strong connection in between us. He is changing me. I don’t what is this. Is it wrong or right to trust him completely ? But I know one thing now that I want to give a chance to my life. I really want to feel alive completely.


Shukla’s Mansion

Sid strolled into Shukla’s Mansion. Muskan was in his arms. He walked toward the dining room where Neyonika ,Cabir, Jay and Mahi were having lunch. He was holding a polly bag. In which there was lunch box packed by Sana for Muskan.

“Chlo it’s good, you both also came back from shopping. Now seat and have lunch.” Neyonika said, looking at them. Sid passed her smile, giving Muskan to Mahi. She kissed her princess cheeks. Then Sid settled down and putting that polly bag on table.

“Bhai, so how was the shopping with Muskan and Shehnaaz.. bhabhi?” Cabir asked stretching the word Shehnaaz. Sid lips drawn up into a smile, remembering about the kiss. Everybody smiled, seeing him smiling. Neyonika was contented to see his son happy.

“You are blushing which means something has definitely happened there. ” Cabir assumed and Sid came on the earth back, listening to his words. He shook his head in disbelief, ignoring his words. All were just smiling, listening to his words.

“Mumma, Chachi is really nice. She also packed lunch for Musu.” Muskan was telling Mahi about Sana .

“Chachu, whel is lunch box? Musu wants to eat. She is vely vely hungly.” Muskan asked from Sid. He passed the polly bag to her. He wanted eat the lunch made by Sana, but he lost that chance by denying Sana and now he was regretting. Mahi opened the lunch and take out one Pratha from it. Sid’s eyes were at the Pratha only.

“Musu, your chachi has packed four Pratha. So now you’ve to finish it all.” Mahi said to tease her daughter.

Muskan instantly nodded her head, making a sad pout. “No Musu will eat only one. Musu’s tummy is vely small.” She said cutely , moving her hand on stomach. Mahi smiled, seeing her drama.

“Mahi, Sana has packed one Pratha for Muskan and three for Sid.” Jay states , putting all the three Pratha in Sid’s plate. Sid looked at Jay in shock and he winked at him. Jay had already seen his brother staring at the Pratha and he understood that Sid wanted to eat Pratha but he wouldn’t ask.

“Oh daddy, you aal so smart. Mumma, daddy is right. So Musu will eat only one Pratha.” She said happily , showing her one finger. She like always made everybody laugh with her cute antics.

Sid went into his own world as he took the first bite of Pratha. He felt her presence when he ate it. He had never eaten the more tasty Pratha before. It was the most tasty Pratha for him because it was made by Sana. He got lost in eating the Pratha made by her, forgetting everything.

“Musu, does Mumma cook bad ? you always show tantrums to mumma and this is the first time you are taking your meal without showing tantrums.” Mahi asked surprisingly, raising her eyebrows because Muskan was happily eating the Pratha for the first time.

“Bhabhi you should ask this question from bhai.” Cabir said to Mahi.

“Bhai, how is the Pratha ?” He asked from Sid who was still lost in eating the Pratha.

“There is some kind of magic in her hand.” He took the last bite of Pratha and whispered with the smile on his face, staring at the Pratha. As He got lost in remembering that how she was cooking and then how he had put her hair behind her ear.

All laughed loudly, seeing his condition and finally he came on the earth back, listening to their laugh. He squeezed his eyes shut, realising that what he had said few seconds ago. He stood up instantly and rushed from there without looking at anyone of them because he didn’t want to answer more questions of his crazy brother.

“Sid control on yourself. What they all would be thinking about you.” He mumbled to himself, stepping into his room.

“What should I do? She’s making me crazy. Everything about her affecting me a lot. I forget everything whenever I think about her. I feel like there is some kind of strong connection in between us. I never feel like I met her only two weeks ago. I feel like I know her from ages and after meeting her, I feel like my heart was waiting for her only and I was waiting for her all my life. No other girl ever did to me like this what she is doing to me. I want to protect her all my life. I want to love her all my life. I just want to spend my rest of the life with her.” He sat on the edge of the bed, having a bright smile on his face.


Sid got ready for the dinner in black jeans with white t-shirt and black blazer. He clicked his photo, standing in front of mirror. He posted the pictures on Instagram with status ‘I found a person for whom I always want to look perfect’ he indirectly wanted to convey this message to his would be wife, Sana. Before meeting her, he never cared about his clothes, he wore anything, but after meeting her, he started to think a lot in choosing clothes for himself because he always wanted to look best with her.


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