(Part : 17) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

Next day after the college, it suddenly started raining. The weather became so beautiful, the sky turned dark and the clouds began to thunder. I love rain. As the smell of the rain reached to my nostrils, I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes. It feels so good. I love the sound and smell of rain, it is so calming and peaceful.

“Anu, let’s get drenched in the rain.” I grasped Anu’s hand excitedly.

She denied, nodding her head, I pouted sadly at her. “You’ll catch cold, Sana.”

Her over protective nature. Sometime she behaves like my over protective boyfriend.

“So what? How can I miss this moment by scaring of cold, Anu? Please, please.” I implored, folding my hands in front of her and made puppy face.

She shook her head in disbelief, seeing my drama. “Okay, fine.” She agreed.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. “You’re best, my Annu.” We both laughed. Then we sauntered out of the college building.

As the rain droplets fell down over my body, I instantly closed my eyes, moving my face up and head back to feel the touch of it. This feels so good and refreshing like the rain is taking away my all tiredness. I opened my arms and twirled joyfully, enjoying the rain to the fullest. I’m completely in this moment, nothing is going in my mind, I’m just feeling the touch of rain and loving it. I twirled gleefully again and again, laughing and giggling. I played with the raindrops cheerily. I clasped Anu’s hands and whirled her around with me, laughing crazily. We danced crazily like two little girls.

But suddenly I stopped because I felt something strange like somebody is gazing at me, I felt someone’s presence there. My heart is beating rapidly. What is happening to me? What is this? I looked around, puzzled, but nobody is there. Maybe it is my illusion. Anu raised her eyebrows at me, asking me what happened. I shook my head and again started enjoying the rain with her.

I sauntered into my room, sneezing constantly and my clothes are soaked up. I directly stride into the bathroom to take warm and relaxing shower. I’m sneezing and snuffling, standing under the shower. I caught a bad cold. I hate it. Why do I catch cold too fast? Now can’t even I enjoy the rain? It was the first rain of this year’s monsoon, how could I have missed it. I would be fine in few days.


“Sana, when you’ll grow up? Look at your condition. You’ve fever too. You shouldn’t have got drenched in rain.” Dad is scolding me like I’m still his two year daughter. I’m sitting in the quilt, sipping the hot coffee. My nose has become red, and I’m sneezing and snuffling constantly.

“Dad, you know that I love rain and how much I love to get drenched in rain. Don’t you know?” I snuffed and asked.

“I know, my Sana, but I can’t see you in this condition, mera bacha.” He placed his hand on my face and stroked my cheek with his thumb. He’s looking at me, having concern in his eyes. I smiled at him. I love him.

“I would be fine in a day, don’t worry.” I blinked my eyes and then I sneezed, covering my mouth with the hanky.

“Good bless you.” He instantly said and I smiled at him. “Don’t come to coaching Center, today, because you gonna rest today.” He said sternly.

“Dad, I’m fine.” I gave the empty mug of coffee to him.

He placed the mug on the side table and then glared at me. “No, means no. Now take a nap.” He stood up and I pouted at him.

“Now lie down and take a nap.” I nodded at him and lay down. He covered me with the quilt properly.

He leaned down. “Take care, mera bacha.” He whispered and placed a tender kiss on my forehead.

“I love you.” I smiled at him happily.

He smiled back at me. “I love you too.”

He sauntered out of the room after turning off the lights and smiling at me for the last time. I fell asleep with in few minutes.

I woke up after few hours. I’m feeling much better after the nap. I sat down on the bed, coughing. I poured the water into the glass from the thermal water bottle which Dad’d kept on the side table. After drinking the water, I picked up my phone from the table.

I saw so many miss calls and messages from Mr. Stranger. What happened to him?

Mr. Stranger : Where are you? Why aren’t you picking up my calls?

Mr. Stranger: Still no reply.

I shook my head in disbelief after reading his messages. So desperate to talk to me. I called him and placed the phone on my ear.

“Where were you until now?” He answered my call, shouting over the phone.

“Relax, I was sleeping. Were you getting so desperate to talk to me?” I asked, smiling naughtily.

“You could’ve slept after sending a message to me. I got worried for you, Shehnaaz.” His voice is filled with concern.

I think I should’ve informed him before sleeping. I thought after putting myself in his shoes. If I was at his place, I too would’ve got worried for him.

“I’m so sorry.” I coughed and snuffled.

“You’ve cold and cough. You should’ve got drenched in rain.” My eyes shoot up in shock as he mentioned about rain. How he knows that today I caught cold because of getting drenched in rain?

I sneezed, covering my mouth with the hanky. “How do you know?” I asked.

“I was there and watching you.” He answered.

“What? Really?” I asked incredulously.


This means it wasn’t my illusion. Somebody was really gazing at me that time and that person was Mr. Stranger. But What he was doing outside of my college?

“Are you stalking me?” I asked, snuffling.

“I was just passing from there, then my eyes fell on you, and I couldn’t able to stop my myself from gazing at you, because you were looking so heavenly beautiful.” I instantly blushed as he complimented me.

Why I’m blushing? And I’m feeling something like tickle in my stomach. What is happening to me?

“That’s not fair, Mr. Stranger. You can see me, but I can’t see you.” I complained like a small kid and he chuckled.

“You wanna see me?” He asked.

“Off course.”

“I’ll meet you one day, don’t worry.”

But, Why can’t now?


It useless to argue with him on this topic because I know he will not get ready to meet me.

After that we talked for sometime and then I hung up.

“I couldn’t able stop my myself from gazing at you, because you were looking so heavenly beautiful.” His words echoed in my ears as I cut the call, and I’m blushing again.

What is happening to me? I held my head because his words were again and again echoing in my ears. I’m going crazy.

At night, I’m not able to sleep, changing my positions and rolling on the bed. I’m just thinking about Mr. Stranger and smiling like an idiot. “I love the way he calls me princess and I love to hear his pleasant voice.” I again smiled, thinking about him.

Is this love? Am I in love with him? Do I love him?


Don’t forget to tell, how was the update. The real story yet to be began.

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