(Part : 20 B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

“Thank you so much Jay for coming.” Mahi thanked his husband, sitting in the car beside Jay. He was driving the car. They were heading back home after the breakfast. Muskan was cutely sleeping in her mumma’s arms, hiding her face in her chest.

“Just a Thank won’t work. I want reward.” He winked at her as always being naughty.Mahi shook her head in disbelief, listening to his words.

“What type of reward you are talking about. I don’t understand.” She looked at him innocently. She very well know that what type of reward he was talking about but she enjoyed to tease her husband.

“Mrs. Mahi Shukla, I know that you are teasing me.”He chuckled. She made a sad pout, looking at him.

“So I want my reward at night. I will come early for it.” He said looking at her, having smile on his face. She blushed looking down.

“And most important thing. It’s your first day of your periods, so take proper rest. No need to do any work today. You don’t show that it’s hurt. But i know it’s hurt badly in these days.” He said strictly being a caring husband. Mahi was looking at him confusingly.

“How do you know that it’s hurt.” She asked instantly.

“I have read somewhere.” He looked at her first and then replied, again concentrating on the driving the car.

“Mumma , Musu toh ice cleam kani hai. (Mumma , Muskan wants to eat Ice Cream)”she woke up , rubbing her eyes. She spoke cutely and it made them laugh loudly.

“Which Ice cream my daughter wants to eat ?” Jay asked, looking at his daughter for a second. Mahi made her sit properly on her lap and set her messed up hair.

“Vanilla, Chocolate and Mango.” She counted the Ice cream on her fingers.

“Daddy , three Ice Cream”at last she showed her three fingers to him. Jay smiled, looking at her.


Sana was in Art gallery. Few minutes ago, Sid had dropped her there. She was sitting on the counter and lost in deep thoughts. She was thinking after today incident that she should tell him about her ex boyfriend and that bastard Aman. Seeing him the way he was fighting for her, she thought to tell him.

But still she was not completely sure that he would understand her or he would also judge her wrongly. Her mind was still stopping her from trusting him. Her mind was still doubting that he was really a good person or he was just doing all this to get marry with her. Her heart was screaming loudly to trust him, to tell him everything and to move on from the past. But her mind was still thinking about the past betrayal. She was listening to his mind instead of her heart and still doubting Sid because she was regretting by listening to her heart earlier. From childhood, she was the girl who listened to her heart and used to do what her heart said, but after that incident, she started listening to her mind as she didn’t want to be get fooled again by listening to her heart.

Her phone beeped up and she came on the earth back. The phone was in her hand only. She saw the notification and got to know that Sid messaged her on Instagram. She opened his message and a smile spread across her face, reading his message. He was the only one who could make her smile at any situation. His just one message brought a smile on her face. She was happy to find, but scared too.

“Hey beautiful. It’s just only few minutes passed and I have already started missing you. What you are doing to me, Angel? I just can’t wait to make you my wife.” She loved the way, he was calling her angel and beautiful. His each and every word made her feel special. She just send a smiley emoji in reply. Then after a few second, he called her up.

She was about to pick up the call, but stopped as she saw someone on the doorstep of Art gallery.

“You..” She asked, raising her eyebrows in surprise.


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Love Mehak


  1. Sorry I haven’t commented here before. But all ur stories are just AmazZzzing.. all chapters.. waise toh mein bahuth nooks nikalti hun..but aapke stories mey ek b nahin mila.. ♥️

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