(Part : 23A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

Sid came out of the bathroom after taking shower at night. Smile was not fading away from his handsome face because his angel ‘Shehnaaz’ was on his mind. All the songs which he had sang in his life, he wanted to dedicate to her. He always used to ask one question from the god after meeting her that why she didn’t come in his life earlier. After meeting her, he came to know that his life was incomplete without her. Before meeting her, his life was good but after meeting her, his life had become beautiful. After meeting her, he got the real motive of his life. The motive to bring back his angel’s happiness.

He lay down on the bed and called her. He just wanted to talk to her because if he didn’t talk to her, he wouldn’t able to sleep whole night. He was eagerly waiting for that time when he would sleep in her arms and would wake up in her arms. After their marriage there would be no distance would be remained between them. He would able to spend more time with her and get to know more about her.

“Hello, Sidharth.” His eyes glinted up with happiness and a big smile spread across his face as he heard her sweet voice. Whenever she called his name, he fell in love with his own name.

“Hello Sidharth. Are you there ?” She asked when he didn’t respond to her hello. She didn’t know that her voice had mesmerised him and he got lost in her voice.

“I am here only. Actually I got lost in your sugary voice. Your voice is very soothing.” She became speechless, listening to his words. Nobody had praised her before like Sid praised her. His words always touched her soul.

Her heart felt happy, but her mind always used to doubt him.

“I am sorry, I forgot to tell you something at your home. I’m a big idiot.” He paused for a second, then continued, placing the phone on other side.

“The dinner was so tasty. I loved it a lot.” He said happily like a small baby. Sana smiled, listening to his cheerful voice.

“Uhmm, I am feeling like to kiss your hands.”he said  joyfully after licking his lower lip and she laughed.

“Why are you laughing ? I am not joking.” He asked while she was still laughing.

“I am laughing because you are behaving so cute like a small kid.” She said happily. He smiled, listening to her words.

“I don’t know what is happening to me. From the day I met you, I feel happiest. Small small things are making me excited . I am so happy to get you, Shehnaaz. My heart, my soul and my mind are so much happy that I can’t even describe in words.” He was sharing his all the feelings with her. She very well knew that what was happening to him.

“I am happy that I’m becoming the reason of someone’s happiness.” She just said this. They talked for sometime and fell asleep while talking to each other. This was becoming their daily routine.


Next morning

Sid woke up, stretching his arms. As soon as he opened his eyes, he found Sana standing on the window. He widened his eyes in shock like he saw a ghost. She was in blue saree. She was looking at him, having smile on her face. He rubbed his eyes to clear his doubt that she was his imagination or real.

He looked back after rubbing his eyes. His lips drawn down in sadness when she got disappeared. He got up from the bed disappointedly after removing the blanket. He wanted this dream to be get true soon because he wanted to start his every morning by seeing her beautiful angelic face. He was going crazy, that he even started to see dreams of her with open eyes.

He went to bathroom to get fresh. He walked out after few minutes. He checked his phone. Then he did his most important work. He sent the good morning message to Sana. After few seconds only, his phone rang up.

“I will reach there on time, Petter.” He hang up the call, saying this.

“Are you going somewhere, brother?” Cabir asked, walking into the room. Sid turned around to look at him.

“Yup, for a song recording.” He replied, nodding his head. Cabir was smiling like there was something fishy.

“What happened? You are looking extra happy today.” Sid asked, strolling to him. He stood beside him and encircled his arm around Cabir’s shoulder.

“Nothing. I just came here to tell you that Mom is calling you downstairs.” Cabir told her and smiled again. Then he rushed out of the room before Sid could ask something.

“Something, my brother behave so weird. Pata nhi iske dhimagh mein kya chalta rhaita hai.” Sid muttered under his breath and shook his head.

Sid reached downstairs and again he got shocked to see Sana, sitting in the hall. He was looking at her, widening his eyes. Sana smiled and waved her hand, but he didn’t respond to her.

“Sid seriously, you have gone mad. You are imagining her everywhere in the house.” Sid thought in his mind, still looking at Sana. She narrowed her eyes, looking at him in confusion. She was not understanding that why he was behaving so weird.

“Mom, Cabir told me that you were calling me.” Sid said, walking to her mother, ignoring Sana. She was talking to a maid at that time. Sana felt hurt when he walked toward her mother. She thought that he was ignoring her, but she was confused also that why he ignored her.

“I was calling you to meet Shehnaaz, beta.” As her mother said this, Sid instantly looked to the sofa and found her, still sitting there. When he looked at her, she averted her eyes to show her anger.

“Idiot, Idiot, Idiot..” he scolded himself, shutting his eyes.

Neyonika was telling him that she had called Sana for her measurement and selecting the design of her engagement dress. Sid nodded his head at Neyonika. Then walked to Sana, taking slow step. She was looking everywhere except him. He understood  that his ignorance made her upset.

“Sid, you talk to her. I am just coming.” As Neyonika left, Sid sat beside Sana. She started looking at the designs in the booklet which was kept on her lap. She was just turning the pages .The real thing was that she wanted to avoid him, he felt sorry.

“I am sorry. I know that you would be thinking that I ignored you. Really my intentions were not to ignore you. I really thought that i was imagining you.” As soon as he said last sentence, she instantly turned her face to her, narrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

“I thought this because when today I woke up in the morning, I imagined you, standing in front of my eyes in blue Saree. You were looking very beautiful.”As always like a small kid tells everything to her mother, he told her everything.

Next moment, Sana shrieked with laughter on his cuteness. He was looking at her like a innocent baby. She was laughing crazily, covering her mouth with her hand. Seeing her laughing freely, his heart felt happy. He could see her laughing like this all his life. Her laugh was giving him immense peace. Her laugh was soothing his heart. Resting his hand on his chin, he started admiring her every move. He felt like to kiss her at that moment. Only he knew that how every time, he controlled his inner desire. He wanted to feel her lips on his lips. He never felt like this for any other girl before. She was the first the girl who made her feel like this.

Sana stopped laughing when she realised that he was staring her. She shyly moved her eyelashes down, tucking her hair behind her ear. He was madly in love with her. He was noticing her each and every move like a majnu. She glanced up at him again through her eyelashes and moved her eyelashes down instantly as she found him still staring at her.

“You look more beautiful when you laugh freely. Has anybody told you that your laugh is prettiest ? Haye, it took my heart away from me.” He confessed dramatically, putting his hand on his heart. Sana chuckled, looking at him. He chuckled too.

“Has anybody told you that you can make anybody laugh with your cuteness?” She asked, pulling his cheeks. He felt so good when her soft hand touched his skin.

“Yes.” He grinned and nodded her head at her.

“Who ?” She narrowed her eyes and asked.

“You” he laughed, saying this. She also laughed with him, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Bhai, aren’t you going  ?” Cabir asked from Sid, strolling to them. Now he understood that  why he had been smiling like an idiot when he had come in his room to call him.

“Where?” Sana raised her eyebrows at him and then moved her eyes to Cabir for answer. He asked Cabir to be quiet in gesture by placing finger on his lips because he didn’t want Cabir to tell her that he has to go for song recording. He knew, if Sana comes to know, he would ask him to go, but he wanted to be with her. Cabir understood this and he was enjoying in teasing his brother a lot.

“Bhai was going.”Cabir didn’t remain quiet, he started telling her while Sid was glaring at him. As Sana looked at Sid, he instantly smiled at her.

“to take bath.” At last he saved her brother. Sid sighed with relief, closing his eyes.

“Sid, you go first take the bath. You can help me with this later on.” She spoke, putting the booklet on the table. Then she looked at him. He nodded his head , getting up from sofa.

“Yes bhai, you go. I will help bhabhi in this.” Cabir sat beside Sana. He said, picking up the booklet from the table. Sid smiled looking them and then left to take bath.


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