(Part : 24) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

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As our lips caressed against each other, I felt like my soul came out of my body to kiss his soul. At this moment, the only think I can hear is our heartbeat. He clasped my face and pulled me closer to himself before taking my lips inside in his warm mouth and sucking my lips gently and softly. His lips are softer than I could have ever imagined. It blowed my mind. I feel like my feet are in air. It feels so damn amazing. This is hundred times more wonderful than my imagination. He left my lower lip and sucked my upper lip softly and lovingly, caressing my cheek with his thumbs and his fingers are below my ear. I mechanically responded him by sucking his lower lip and encircling my arms around his neck. It happened automatically, I didn’t do anything by myself. I’m feeling like the magic is happening. Everything is happening automatically. I’m kissing him back like I’m an expert. This is my first kiss, but I can’t believe on myself. It is so wonderful. His lips are doing magic on me.

He is not just kissing me, I’m feeling like he’s telling me how much he loves me through his soft and gentle kiss. His hands travelled down my spine and grasped my waist. He pulled me closer until no space left between us. Our chest rubbed against each other, arousing our desire. I can hear his heartbeat against my chest. He’s taking my breath away from me and giving his breath to me. He’s stealing my soul with my breath. I ran my fingers through his hair and my whole body is on fire. I never knew that his just one kiss do such things to me. I’m feeling dizzy and drunk. Every cell of my body is become alive again with his kiss. I’m feeling like he is not just kissing my lips, he’s kissing my soul by pouring his all love.

Really there is nothing like a first kiss with the love of your life, it makes you forget everything and take your breath away from you. I know my life is going to change after my first kiss because he’s not just stealing the kiss, he’s stealing me from myself. This is the best feeling in this world.

I’m becoming breathless, feeling weak on my knees, my body trembling with the touch of his lips, his hands, his whole body, but still I don’t want him to stop. I want him to never stop.

We pulled apart after how many minutes, I don’t know. We are panting, my eyes are still closed, I can feel his breath caressing my lips. I’m feeling dizzy after my first kiss. I can’t believe that it happened. It was beyond perfect and so mind blowing. I thought that I would spoil my first kiss because I really didn’t know how to kiss, but it happened automatically, I didn’t do anything. I just can’t believe it that it happened so smoothly and flawlessly.

“These are the lips I’d been waiting to taste all my life and these are the lips I want to taste rest of my life.” He whispered near to my lips, touching his forehead with my forehead. I’m craving to feel his lips over mine again. What is happening to me? He’s hypnotising me and arousing my inner desire. Things will not be remained same certainly after this kiss because he stole me from myself and made me his utterly with his just one kiss.

After few minutes, I came out of the effect of his kiss. I slowly opened my eyes and found him gazing at me, his eyes are filled with immense love for me. He gazes at me like I’m more beautiful than a blossoming rose. He loves me a lot, I can feel it and I can vividly see love in his bewitching black eyes for me.

“I’m feeling out of this world.” As I whispered, gazing in his eyes fondly, his smile grew bigger. I added. “This was my first kiss.” I smiled sheepishly at him, my face instantly flushed.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Really?” As he asked in disbelief, I moved my eyelashes down, blushing.

I nodded my head, looking up at him through my eyelashes. “It was more wonderful than my imagination.”

“Wow, it means I’m the first lucky guy who got the chance to taste your delicious lips.” He grinned at me cheerily, his eyes glinted with happiness. “Now they’re mine.” He stated possessively, brushing my lower lip with his thumb, arousing me again. Seriously, he’s hypnotising me with his intense looks, with his charming smile, with his seductive voice, with his bewitching eyes, with his each and everything, he’s captivating me.

“My lips became yours at that moment only when you kissed them through your eyes.” I whispered, we’re gazing in each other eyes deeply like our souls are talking to each other through our eyes.

“You know, when I was kissing you, I heard our souls whispering to each other.” He exclaimed suddenly after few minutes of silence.

“What they were whispering?” I asked instantly and my eyes shimmered with excitement.

“That we belong to each other.” As he told, we passed each other a winsome smile.

Suddenly he clasped my face and whispered. “I love you, Princess.” I shivered as his hands touched my face and felt extremely good. His touch is magical because it makes every dead cells of my body alive.

“I love you too.” I smiled at him wholeheartedly.

Suddenly my eyes fell over the bed and a question popped up into my mind. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” He nodded his head.

“What’s your plan for tonight.” I asked, moving my eyes from him to the bed. Then I moved my eyes back at him and narrowed my eyebrows suspiciously.

He turned his face to look at the bed and then looked back at me, giving me a salacious smile. “I’m craving to feel complete by making you mine. I want to make love with you, but I know, it would be too fast for you. If you want to take the things slow, then we’ll just sleep in each other arms tonight on the bed. I don’t have any problem, but the decision is all yours, Princess. I’m happy with the both options because the thing matters to me the most is that you’re with me and you’ve accepted me.”

Haye, I’m falling in love with him more and more with each passing second.

“I know, everything is happening so fast, but I’m thoroughly loving the every bit of it. I love you, Sidharth. If we made love today, I’m completely sure that I would never regret for my this decision. From now I’m all yours, not only for tonight, I’m all yours for the rest of my life. So I’m leaving this decision on you.”

“Are you sure, Princess?” He asked incredulously.

“I trust you.” I stated, smiling at him.

I can see immense happiness in his eyes. He clasped my both hands firmly, I shivered with his touch. As he leaned down and kissed my knuckles softly, my lips curved into a blissful smile, feeling the touch of his soft lips. “I really love you, Princess.” His warm breath caressed my hands as he whispered against them, moving his eyes up at me. Haye, he’s killing me with his sweet gestures. Oh my poor heart. I’m flushing.

He abruptly lifted me up in his arms in bridal style. I encircled my arms around his neck and we gazed into each other deeply. It feels so good to be in the arms of love of your life. “I’m gonna make this night our most beautiful night, Princess. Whatever the situation, just remember that I love you a lot and I’ll always love you. You’re the first girl who has stolen my heart and you’re most important to me. You’ve given me a new life. I don’t want to lose you ever. I want to spend rest of my life with you.” He kissed my forehead gently and I closed my eyes, smiling blissfully with utter contentment.

Now I really don’t need anything in my life because I got everything. He started taking me to the bed. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his soothing heartbeat. The cold breeze is caressing our faces and I can also hear the sound of water at the beach. I’m going to spend my first night with love of my life at beach, under the sky full of stars. I’m feeling like butterflies are flying in my stomach. I’m a bit nervous too, but extremely excited. I’m not that type of girl who believes in spending first night after marriage only. I feel like marriage isn’t important in true and soulful love. I feel marriage is a tag for the society which force two people to live together till the end, but in love, there’s no need of such tags. Love should be free from all this. It doesn’t need assurance of living together. I’m not saying that I’ll never marry him. I’ll marry him when the right time comes. I know, he loves me truly and I trust him. I know, he will never break my heart intentionally and leave my hand.

I want to experience everything with him and want to utterly explore him, from inside and outside both, from every inch of his body to his heart which is beating for me. I also want him to love me. I want to experience love with him. I don’t care if things are going too fast, I just want to live in this moment, forgetting everything.

He put me down on the floor, smiling at me. “I’m again asking. Are you comfortable, Princess? You can say no to me now because after that it would become extremely difficult for me to stop myself, that’s why I’m asking you to stop me in the beginning only.”

As I placed my hand on his face, he instantly closed his eyes to feel the touch of my hand. I’m caressing his light stubble with my thumb. “I love you, Sidharth. I trust you. I’m all yours. I’m submitting myself to you utterly tonight. I want you to love every inch of my body. I’ve been waiting for this love since so long. My soul is craving for your love.” As I confessed, he yanked me to himself after grasping my waist and just captured my lips after leaning down. I’m dead with his sudden kiss.


Don’t forget to drop your comments. I’m absolutely fine and things are better now. I’m just busy. The updates will be slow of this story, hope you understand. Stay blessed.

Love Mehak

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