(Part : 27B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

She came back to home and she was getting restless because Sid was not talking to her. His ignorance was affecting her a lot. She was going crazy, thinking that why he was affecting her a lot. Her mind was blasting. She needed something to relax her mind fast or else her mind would be exploded.

“I need to do this. It will surely help me.” She murmured to herself, walking out of her room. She walked inside her father’s room. He was not at home. She opened his cupboard and took a bottle of alcohol. Her father drank sometime when he felt lonely and miss her mother. That’s why he always kept stock of alcohol with him. Sana opened the bottle and started drinking. It was not the first time, she was doing this. She used to do this frequently.


Driving the car in drunk state, she reached to Shukla’s Mansion because she wanted to talk to Sid. She was completely out of her mind and that’s why she was listening to her heart. She came here to meet Sid. She stepped inside and nobody stopped her. Her legs were shaking and she was not even able to walk properly. This was the affect of drinking Alcohol. Luckily no family member was presented in the hall.

“Where is Sid’s room ? There.” She said, pointing her index finger to Neyonika’s room.

“Or there..” she said now pointing her finger at the Sid’s room. She wondered for a moment, putting her finger on her chin cutely and her eyes were looking up.

“I think there only.” She said looking at the Neyonika’s room. She started strolling to the wrong room. It was clearly seemed that she was going to create a big trouble for herself.

At night Sid came back home from studio. He was upset because he was ignoring Sana and he was missing her a lot. He walked into his room and closed the door. He sauntered to the cupboard to take out his lower. He widened his eyes shock in shock as he opened his cupboard.

He found Sana, sitting in his cupboard in between his clothes. She smiled cutely, showing her all the teeth to him. He rubbed his eyes because he thought for a moment that he was dreaming with open eyes because it was unbelievable for him. He’d never expected that one day he would find her sitting in his cupboard.

“Oh, Hi Sidharth.” She greeted him, waving her hand in front of him cutely. Sid was staring at her like he saw a ghost.

“What are you doing in my cupboard Sana?” He asked being clueless about her presence.

“I..” She put her finger on her chin and thought for a moment, stretching the word I.

“Bhar bhut thandi hai, tabhi tumhari cupboard mein aakar beth gye.” She shrieked into laughter on her poor joke. Sid was even more shocked, seeing her behaving like this.

He was looking at her suspiciously when she was laughing cutely. As he moved closer to her, he got to know that she was drunk.

“Are you drunk ?” He asked shockingly and unbelievably , moving away from her.

“Ni, meine pi nhi hai.” She started singing the song , nodding her head constantly.

“Haanji Menu pila  di gye hai , jo bhi hai sahi hai, maza aa rahi hai. ” she even started dancing, moving her hands in the cupboard. Few clothes fell down from his cupboard because of her dance. Sid was just gazing at her because he was finding her super cute. His heart was feeling good, seeing her singing and dancing freely. He was loving the drunk Sana more.

“Now will you help me in coming out or should I jump outside myself ?” She asked, looking down like she was measuring the height.

“Stop, I am helping you.” Sid shouted as she was to jump dowm. It was very easy to come out from the cupboard but she was drunk so he was worried for her.

“No, stay away and don’t touch me.” She shouted when he was about to hold her arms. Sid moved away instantly as she shouted.

“I don’t need your help. I will come out myself.” She sassed, showing her index finger to him. Sid was confused because before she herself was asking for his help and suddenly she stopped him.

“You will fall Shehnaaz. You are drunk.” He said concernedly, coming close to her.

“No , don’t touch me.” She moved backward like she was scaring from his hand.

“Why are you not understanding that I don’t want  you to touch me.” She shouted when he was about to hold her hand again. Sid felt hurt listening her words.

“You know whenever you touch me, meri body mein aag si lag jati hai aur meri dhadkan tham jati hai. Tum jab mujhe chute ho toh aisa lagta ki jese tum meri ruh ko chu rhai ho. When you touch me, my every part of body become alive. You set my body on fire with your touch.” She told him the real reason that why she was stopping him from touching her. Sid got lost in her words. He was staring at her without blinking his eyes. He never knew that he used to do so many things with his touch only.

“Don’t you feel good ?” He whispered, moving his both hand from her hand to her forearm, from her forearm to elbow and reaching on shoulder, he grabbed them and yanked her to himself. First she looked at him, raising her brows in shock and then  she shyly moved eyelashes down.

“Answer me angel?” He asked again, raising her chin up with his thumb and index finger. She was now looking at him innocently. He was taking full advantage of her drunk state to take out all the truth from her that what she used to feel about him.

“Are you my teacher or my father ?”As suddenly she asked, he narrowed his brows in confusion.

“No, you are not. Only my teacher and my father has right to ask questions from me.” She said cutely.  He opened his mouth, making 0 shape.

“Won’t you give this right to your husband?” He asked, raising his eyebrows and waited for her answer.

“Yes, I will give this right to my husband, but I am still single.” She answered him smartly after thinking for a moment. Then holding her arms, he helped her in coming out of the cupboard.

“Now, will you tell me that what were you doing in my cupboards in this state?” He asked pointing his hand at cupboard. She made sad pout.

“I felt so hurt when you ignored me like this. I know first I ignored you, I did wrong, but-but I was having my own reasons. You did wrong with me without any reason. You are very bad. You hurt me for the first time.” She was disappointed and averted her eyes, crossing her arms around her chest to show her anger to him. Sid was happy to know that his ignorance affected her which means his plan became successful.

“I too had reason to ignore you.” As he stated, she moved her eyes at him.

“I was ignoring you because I wanted to make you realise that what you feel for me.” He told her and she opened in O shape.

“Aare.. Sid tum bilkul bhudhu ho. Yeh sabh karne se phele ek bar mujhe inform toh karna chayie tha na.” She laughed on her senseless talk, clapping her hands. Sid gazed at her smilingly.

“Okay, now keep everything on side. I need to tell you something very, very important. After listening this, you will start jumping in happiness.” She said, getting excited to tell him something. Sid was looking at her cluelessly.

“Then tell me..” His eyes too glinted with the excitement.

“For that you need to close your eyes, first.” When she asked him to close his eyes , instead of closing his eyes, he opened his eyes wider.

“Sidharth, I asked you to close your eyes not to open your eyes like this.” She retorted, widening her eyes like him. She was looking super cute. He smiled and closed his eyes. She started praying to god, joining her hand. She was asking god to give her strength to tell him what she wanted to tell him.

“Are you going to kiss me ?” He asked to tease her. She made a angry pout.

“Please stay quiet and let me prepare myself to say this.” She said strictly, putting finger on his lips. He nodded his head like a obedient kid, saying ‘Okay’. He had no idea what she was going to tell him and this wait was making him excited.

She tiptoed and started moving close to his face. Sid could feel her coming closer to him. He could listen her heartbeat and feel her warm breath which was caressing his face. She held the collar of his shirt to balance herself. She moved more closer to his face, now he could feel her warm breath on his lips which turned him on. He felt like to grab her and kiss her hard, but he controlled his desires, clutching his fist. The moment when his hot breath touched her lips , she froze and gazed at his lips.

“Are you really going to kiss me ?” He asked in disbelief and brought her back on the earth with his words. She took a deep breath and went close to his ear, blowing the air on his cheeks which made him crazy. She cleared her throat before speaking. As she opened her mouth to speak, there was knock on the door. She instantly closed her mouth, moving away from him. As he opened his eyes, he smiled, finding her complaining to god cutely , looking upward. For a moment , he got lost in her cuteness. The door was knocked again, bringing him back on the earth.

“Stay inside until I ask you to come out.” He took her inside the washroom, holding her hand and asked her to hide there because he didn’t want that anybody would see her in drunk state. Sana was about to say something, but before that he went outside, slamming the door on her face. Sana pouted angrily, staring the door.

“Bhaiya , Bhabhi se mile ?” As Sid opened the door, Cabir asked looking at him, having naughty smile on his face.  Sid was shocked that how he knew about Sana.

“What do you mean ?” Sid asked instantly.

“Bhaiya, don’t be so innocent ? I myself left her inside your room. She was getting so desperate to talk to you and she was drunk too. What’s going on ?” Cabir asked suspiciously, raising his brows and stepped into the ro. His eyes were finding her in whole room.

“Oh, so you have asked her to hide in my cupboard.” Sid came in front of him and asked, crossing his arms around his chest.

“Cupboard..” saying this he laughed loudly.

“I asked bhabhi to hide somewhere in your room, but I didn’t know that she would hide in your cupboard.”Cabir was laughing holding his stomach. Sid was staring at him angrily because he was pissing him off.

“Well now where is she ?” Cabir asked while his eyes were still finding her.

“Inside the washroom.” Sid replied and Cabir smiled, moving his eyes to the washroom.

“Now will you go ? I have to handle her and please ask no one to disturb me.” Sid requested, joining his hand in front of him and Cabir looked back at him.

“Okay. Why are you pleading? Pyaar se bologe toh kya nhi jaunga , Mere pyaare bhaiya ?” Cabir pulled his cheeks, he glared at him. He was irritating him and wasting his time.

“Okay, Okay. I am going.” Then he left last time glancing at him, having naughty smile on his face. Sid locked the door and took the long breath of relief. Then he rushed to open the door of washroom.

As he opened the door of washroom, she attacked him with the punches on his chest like he was her beating bag.

“You are very bad. You locked me here in this washroom alone. I got so scared.” She complained like a kid and beat him more. Sid was trying to stop her by holding her hands.

“Stop, I am sorry.” He shouted while grabbing her both hands.  She stared at him, pouting angrily. He smiled, seeing her cuteness.

“You look super cute when you get angry.” He said, pulling her cheeks. She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms around her chest.

“Well, when you hid in my cupboard yourself, didn’t you get scared?” He made her look at him, holding her chin. She was still looking at him angrily.

“I am not talking to you.” She scowled at him, moving away from him.

“Now, I am going.” She rushed out of the washroom, but Sid stopped her by holding her hand.

“Aahaa..” Sid shrieked in pain as she bit his hand to make him leave her hand. As he left her hand, she rushed out. Sid ran behind her to stop her from going outside because anybody could see her outside.


“Where is Sid ? Cabir go and call him.” Everybody were presented at dining table for dinner except Sid, that’s why Neyonika asked Cabir to call Sid when she didn’t find him.

“Mom, bhai is not well and he is sleeping. He asked me to tell you all that don’t worry about him.” Cabir said, making everybody worry.

“Sid bhi na.. kal engagement hai par isse toh aaj bhi recording ke liye jana tha. Aab padh gya bimar. Mein dekh kar ati hoon.” Neyonika behaved like a typical mother.

“Mom..” Cabir shouted as Neyonika got up from her chair. Everybody stared at him shockingly.

“Mom, he is sleeping. If you go, his sleep would be disturbed. You shouldn’t disturb him.” Cabir tried his best to stop her.

” Cabir, I’m worried for him. I need to see him now.”Neyonika said being a possessive mother. Cabir just nodded his head positively, wondering what would happen if his mother see her would be daughter in law in drunk state.

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  1. Wow it is very nice I’m curiously waiting what will happen next and how will sana say her feelings to sid and I love this druk sana she is so funny 😂😂

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