(Part : 28) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

Sidharth stopped his car little far away from my house. I looked at him, my lips are drawn down in sadness because I’m not feeling like to go away from him. Now we’ll meet tomorrow in the college because he has some work today. I don’t know how will I spend twenty four hours without him.

“Princess, don’t be sad.” He placed his hand on my face.

“I wanted to spend more time with you.” I pouted sadly at him.

“We’ll spend whole day together tomorrow, Promise.” He tried to cheer me up.

“Tomorrow, I’ve work. I remain free on Sunday only and today is Sunday.”

“You’ll come to college tomorrow, so then we’ll spend time in college.” He’s stroking my cheek.

“How will we spend time in college, Sidharth?” I asked dejectedly.

“I’ve my own ways, you don’t worry about that. Please now give me your beautiful smile. I’m yearning to see my princess’s smile.” My lips curved up and I finally smiled at him.

“That’s like my good girl.” He complimented me and I chuckled.

“I really love you, Sidharth and I’ll miss you.” I suddenly hugged him tightly. As he embraced his arms around me, I snuggled in his arms. I smiled blissfully as he placed a kiss on my head. I love to be in his protective arms.

As we broke the hug, he clasped my face. “Take care of yourself, eat on time, take proper rest and be prepared for me tomorrow.” He winked at me, I blushed, moving my eyelashes down.

I raised my eyelashes to look at him. “I’m getting excited for tomorrow.” We grinned at each other.

He leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead. “See, you tomorrow.” I gave him a quick peck on his lips before climbing out of the car. We bid bye to each other and after last time glancing at him, I turned to walk.

“How was the party, Sana?” Dad asked as he opened the door of our house.

“The party was great, dad. Now I’m tired.” I answered him.

“Take some rest.” I smiled at him and then sauntered to my room.

The day passed quickly because I slept whole day. He had made so tired. Now I’m ready for tomorrow. I’m wondering that how we’ll spend time in college. I talked to Anu, I was excited to tell him about last night, but didn’t tell her because of Sidharth. He wants to keep our relationship secret for few days, I don’t know why, but I can do anything for my love.

Now I’m lying on the bed and talking to him at night before sleeping.

“Princess, be on time tomorrow.”

“If I’m late, will you scold me in front of whole class like before?” I asked instantly.

“Certainly, Princess, because I keep my personal and professional life separate.” He chuckled, I frowned.

I retorted. “I hate you, good night.” I hang up.

With in few second, my phone beeped up and I received his message.

Mr. Stranger : I was just kidding, Princess. I’m sorry. I’ll never insult you and also I’ll never let anybody to insult my princess.

A bright smile spread across my face as I read his message.

Sana : It’s okay. Now you should sleep, you must be tired after working whole day.

Mr. Stranger : I want to sleep in your arms, Princess.

I smiled broadly first and then pouted sadly because we can’t sleep in each other arms.

Sana : Me too.

I sent the message to him with the sad emoji. After that we chatted for few minutes. His number is still saved with Mr. stranger. I changed it to ‘My Hottie Professor’, having smile on my face. I still can’t believe that Mr. stranger is my hottie professor. I’m feeling like I’m living in a dream. Everything is so beautiful. I’m loving it and enjoying every moment to the fullest. I also fell asleep, thinking about last night.

Next morning, I went to take shower after sending message to my Sidharth. He’s mine now.

Sana : Good morning, My Hottie Professor.

I came back and checked my phone, expecting his reply, but he didn’t reply to me. I hastily got ready in blue crop top with black jagging, and kept my hair open. I reached college half an hour earlier without taking breakfast because I’m going crazy to meet him and anxious too as he’s not answering my calls.

“Why he’s not answering?” I muttered frustratedly because I’ve been trying to call him since half an hour.

“Where are you lost, Sana?” I came on the earth back as I heard Anu’s voice.

I turned my face to her and opened my mouth to tell her where I’m lost, but closed my mouth instantly after realising that I can’t tell her now. I don’t know how I would hide the truth from her. It is not easy for me to hide the truth from her because she’s my soul sister, she knows me from in and out, and when she finds out the truth, she would surely kill me for hiding this from her.

She raised her eyebrows, waiting for my reply. “I was just wondering when you would come.”

“Today Professor Sidharth is also late, this is a breaking news.” She squealed joyfully like India won the cricket match from Pakistan.

“I don’t know why he’s late.” I whispered sadly.

“Why you’re getting so upset?” She asked.

Shit, I should behave normal with her.

“Nothing.” I shook my head, she looked at me warily, narrowing her eyebrows.

“Good morning class, I’m sorry for being late.” My lips drawn up into a smile, my eyes glinted with the happiness, my heartbeat became normal and my soul got relief as I heard my Sidharth’s pleasant voice. I moved my eyes up at him, he looked at me apologetically. I knitted my eyebrows and averted my eyes. I’m angry from him for being late and for not answering to my calls and messages.

He started taking the lecture and I’m not looking at him because I’m very very angry. As my phone beeped up in my handbag, I took it out. I frowned and glanced at him after seeing his message. He’s standing facing his back to the whole class, writing something on the blackboard and using his phone from his other hand. I moved my eyes back at the phone to read his message.

My Hottie Professor : I’m sorry, Princess. I was busy in a work. Now please give me your beautiful smile, I’m dying to see it.

A smile spread across my face and my all anger vanished away as I read message, but I want to see that how he will pacify me.

I sent him angry emoji and glanced up at him, showing my fake anger to him. He’s now looking at me pleadingly. He’s going crazy to see my smile. I’m enjoying this. He again turned toward the blackboard, maybe to type the message.

I was right because I received his message with in a minute.

My Hottie Professor : Princess, I love you. Don’t be angry like this.

“I’m loving this.” I murmured to myself.

I just again sent the angry emoji. He instantly sent the sad emoji. Oh, my poor baby. I stifled a giggle.

He again glanced at me pleadingly, sitting down on the chair. I wrinkled my nose, showing my anger to him. He pouted sadly and typed something in his phone.

My Hottie Professor : Don’t worry after class, I’ll mollify my angry princess.

“That’s what I want.” I murmured to myself after reading his message. We glanced at each other. He’s pleading me through his eyes and I’m glaring at him, still showing my fake anger.

As the bell rang, his eyes sparkled with the happiness and a naughty smile spread across his face. I kept my face stern.

He moved his eyes from me to the whole class and announced. “Students, your next class in the Production Lab.”

What? Really? Did he do this, but how?

All the students started packing their bags and he winked at me, taking the advantage. I raised my eyebrows in shock at him, he chuckled at me, turning his face to another side.

As Anu shook me, I turned my face to her. “Sana, let’s go, we’re getting late.” I nodded at her and started putting my stuffs into the my handbag.

We stood up to leave and Sidharth is standing, leaning against the table and his hands are crossed around his chest. He’s just grinning at me and looking damn hot and attractive in white half sleeves t-shirt nicely tucked in the black jeans. Whatever he wears, he looks hot, but What is going in his mind? I wondered.

“Miss Shehnaaz, wait.” I strolled to the door with Anu, but stopped as I heard his voice from behind. We turned around. “I want to talk to you about a project. You’re not attending this lecture, I’ll ask your teacher to give you attendance.” He kept his voice stern.

Smart, very smart, my Sidharth.

I stifled a smile. “Okay.” I nodded at him, we’re smiling through our eyes at each other softly and quietly.

He moved is eyes from me to Anu. “You go Anushka, you must be getting late for the class.” He commanded to Anu sternly. She nodded at him and rushed out of the room after glancing at me.

As Anu left, he smirked at me. “Hurry up guys, I want this classroom empty with a minute.” He shouted on the students who are still presented in the room. I’m controlling myself from laughing. He’s getting desperate to spend time with me, not bad.

He gave me a grin as they all left, I averted my eyes to show him my fake anger.

He strolled to the door and shut it close. “Sir, what are you doing?” I asked dramatically as he locked the door.

He turned around, his lips drawn up into a naughty smile. “I need to spend some private time with my student.” He’s sauntering to me, gazing at me, having desires in his bewitching black eyes. My heart started racing, only with the thoughts of what he’ll do to me. I’m excited to spend some time with my Hottie Professor in the classroom. This is making me excited. I’m looking at him in anticipation.

Are you excited for next part.

Hopefully I’ll post next update at night. You please don’t forget to tell, how is the update. Do achai achai comments and I’ll keep posting this story regularly.

Love Mehak


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