(Part : 30) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

After the college, I excitedly went to parking area to meet Sidharth. I opened the door of his car and sat inside, having a big smile on my face, but my smile faded away as I saw his face which was contorted with anger. His eyebrows are lowered and drawn together, his lips were pursed and he glared at me in fury.

What happened to him?

Before I could ask, he turned his face on the road and started the car.

“What happened, Sidharth?” I’m constantly asking from him, but he’s not answering to me, just driving the car in full speed. The car screeched to a halt at deserted place.

He’s breathing heavily, glaring straight and clutching the steering. “At least tell me, what happened, Sidharth?” I asked concernedly, placing my hand over his shoulder.

He turned his face to me and clasped my hand, gazing at me. He placed few gentle kisses on my hand before sucking my fingers one by one erotically, his intense gaze is fixed at me. I’m in love the way he’s taking my fingers into his warm mouth and sucking it by rolling his tongue around them, making them utterly wet with his saliva.

“You’re mine only. Nobody has right to touch my Princess’s beautiful and soft hands. Only I’ve the right to caress them.” He’s stroking my hands, gazing at me possessively. “Only I’ve right to kiss them.” He leaned down and kissed my both hands. His possessive tone is also arousing me. He turns me on with his every side.

But why all of sudden he became so possessive? What’s the reason behind this? I wondered.

“Stay away from that boy, Vikas. I don’t like him.” As he uttered, I understood. Today Vikas joined Anu and me in the cafeteria. He asked me for a coffee after college, holding my hand. So this triggered his possessive side.

I like it.

No, no, I love it.

I shall tease him more because I want to see his wild side. I’m crazy, I know. I just want to see all shades of him.

“But he’s my very good friend, Sidharth.” I stifled a giggle, he clenched his teeth in anger.

“He shouldn’t be seen around you or else I’ll throw him out of this college.” He roared in anger, clutching my hands tighter.

Please just do it because I don’t like him either.

“Come over my lap, now.” He commanded sternly and I complied.

I sat astride him on my knees. He pressed the button and seat slid backward. Now I’m over him. He placed his hands on my butts “You’re only mine, Princess.” He captured my lips and squeezed my butts before hitting them slightly. I kissed him back, clutching his shirt. He’s kissing me passionately and his hands sliding up into my top. I ground my groin against his crotch.

“Do you want me to shove myself inside you in the car, Princess?” He asked huskily after breaking the kiss. I’m panting after our passionate kiss.

“I always want to feel you inside me, Sidharth.” I said yes to him indirectly. He smirked at me and rubbed himself against my inner thigh. We both are aroused with the desire. Then we hastily pulled down each other trouser and inner wear.

“You’re mine, Princess.” He groaned, thrusting himself into me after grasping my bare buttocks. I love this fullness a lot. I feel so complete.

“I’m only yours, Sidharth.” I screamed as he eased out and shoved into me again, this time more deeper, he repeated this process and accelerated the speed and his hands squeezing my bare hips and sometime striking them slightly. This is so damn amazing. Making love at beach, making love in the class and now making love in the car. I know this is completely insane, but I’m loving every bit of it.

After sometime, I’m still sitting on his lap, resting my head on his bare chest and listening to his soothing heartbeats. He’s still deep inside me and my bare butts are covered with his t-shirt, so that nobody could come to know that our genital parts are joined. Oh god, I love this feeling. He’s giving me few strokes while driving the car and making me moan against his chest. I’m enjoying this a lot. I don’t want him to come out of me, I want him stay inside me forever.

He stopped the car few kilometres away from my home and whispered in my ear. “Princess, now I’ve to come out of you because we’ve reached.”

“Just stay like this for few minutes more, please.” I implored, hugging him tighter and taking him inside me more deeper. He embraced me, I snuggled in his warm arms.

After few minutes as he eased out of me, I felt empty again and craved to feel him inside me again. This man is blowing my mind.

I came back to passenger seat after pulling up my jagging and undies. He smiled at me after pulling his t-shirt down his head.

He clasped my face. “I love you, Princess.” He whispered before kissing my lips softly and lovingly.

“I love you more.” I breathed after the kiss, gazing in his eyes.

“Take proper rest and be prepared for me tomorrow.” I chuckled, listening to the same words which he had said to me yesterday.

We both chuckled as I uttered. “I always remain ready for you.”

“Take care.” He kissed my forehead and I climbed out of the car after last time smiling at him. I bid him bye and strolled to my house.

I went home and took a nape after having lunch. Then in the evening I went to coaching centre and I talked to my hottie professor before sleeping.

“Shit, shit.” I freaked out after seeing the time in my phone because I woke up few minutes late in the morning. My professor will surely not leave this chance to punish me if I get late today. I hastily climbed out of my bed and went to take shower. I combed my hair after stepping out of the bathroom in black midi and after this left for the college in hurry.

I walked briskly into the building of my college. I glanced at my wrist watch, rushing upstairs. Shit, I’m already five minutes late. I don’t know what punishment he will give to me today for coming late. Will he scold me for coming late?

I looked at him, standing out of the class, breathing heavily. He’s writing something on the blackboard. Like always he’s looking breathtaking hot and attractive in white jeans with black shirt tucked in it. He glanced at me through the corner of his eyes and his lips curved into sexy smirk. One day he’ll kill me.

“May I come in sir.” He turned his face to me and nodded his head, still smirking, looking damn hot.

I sighed and stepped into the classroom. I rushed to my desk without looking at him because he drives me crazy with his looks. I’m glad that he didn’t scold me today, but I know, he will surely punish me after the class.

“Be on time, Miss Shehnaaz.” He said sternly as I sat down. I just nodded my head at him.

“Where were you?” Anu asked in my ear.

I moved my eyes to her and murmured. “I woke up late.”

We’re stealing glances after every few seconds. I’m extremely happy because now I can stare at him without fear of being caught by him, but not him because he’s professor, anybody can catch him.

My Hottie Professor : Be ready for the punishment, my favourite student.

As I read his message, I moved my eyes at him instantly. He smiled slightly, looking at me.

Sana : It’s your fault, you made me so tired yesterday.

My Hottie Professor : Today, I’ll make you more tired.

I flushed after reading his this message.

Sana : I just can’t wait.

We glanced at each other and beamed ear to ear.

As the bell rang, he strolled out of the class after last time smirking at me. I received his message with in few seconds.

My Hottie Professor : We’ll meet in the break, Princess. I forget to tell you that you’re looking so sexy today in this black dress. I wanted to rip it and shoved into you after pinning you on the wall. You drive me crazy, Princess.

My cheeks became red like tomatoes and I felt something between my legs as I read his message. I’m aroused. Now how will I attend these two lecture?

Sana : You’re very bad. I need you right now.

My Hottie Professor : Today you won’t get what you want so easily. You made me wait in the morning for you, now you’ve to wait for me. Enjoy the punishment, Princess.

I frowned after reading his message. I typed the message in anger.

Sana : You’re very bad.

He sent the laughing emoji.

My Hottie Professor : Enjoy the lecture, Princess.

One and half lecture passed away. I’m just waiting for the break time desperately. I’m becoming crazy, thinking about the message which aroused my desire. It is so difficult to attend the lecture when you’re utterly turned on.

I narrowed my brows in confusion when I received his message in the middle of the lecture.

My Hottie Professor : Meet me in the girls washroom with in ten minutes. If you get late, then you won’t get what you want.

Is he crazy? In the middle of lecture, he’s asking me to come and meet him. Now I have to reach there anyhow because I really need him. He’s seriously making me crazy, but I’m enjoying this hide and seek romance of us. His naughty punishments, his naughty games, I’m loving everything to the core.

I stood up and strolled to the female teacher. “Mam, May I go to washroom.” I rushed out of the class room excitedly as she nodded her head. I stepped into the girls washroom, having smile on my face. I’m excited for our romance in the college’s washroom.

I smiled broadly as I saw him, leaning against the countertop, his arms are crossed around his chest. He smirked at me, eyeing me from head to toes. He’s melting my body with his intense gaze.

“Lock the door.” He pointed his forefinger at the door. I turned and locked the door before turning to him. My heart is racing with the excitement and because of his presence.

He strolled to me, I’m just gazing at him in anticipation. I widened my eyes as he suddenly pinned my hands against the door, above my head, gazing at me fondly. “I crave to taste your delicious lips every second.” He whispered against my lips and kissed them passionately and hungrily, grinding his hardness against my inner thigh. He is not letting me to touch him. He loves to dominate me and I love to submit myself to him utterly. With his wild kiss, my whole body is burning with the desires. I need him badly.

“You took more than ten minutes to reach here and you were late in the morning too. You deserve punishment and you know your punishment very well.” He said huskily after breaking the kiss and left my hands.

I pouted sadly. “That’s not fair. I need you badly.” I complained.

“A Punishment is punishment, Princess.” He said sternly.

“Yesterday you were late, but I didn’t punish you.”

“I’m your professor and you’re my student. A Professor can punish his student, but a student can’t. I want my student to never get late from next time, that’s why I’m punishing you.” He stated before unlocking the door. I rolled my eyes, he chuckled and walked out of the washroom after opening the door. He left arousing me more with his passionately kiss. I’m so angry now. He’s so evil.

“From next time, I’ll also punish him from coming late.” I muttered and stamped out of the washroom in anger.

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I want to keep this story romantic and hot without any twist for few more parts. Hope you all are enjoying it.

P.S. How do you find the possessive side of our hottie Professor. By the way, it was just the teaser.

Love Mehak


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