(Part : 31A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

Sana was sitting in front of mirror, getting ready for engagement. She was looking beautiful in red gown. Her long black hair were open, curled from down. Her outfit was simple and elegant like her. It was suiting her, but one thing which was missing was her smile. She was lost in deep thoughts. The words which Sid had said to her in the temple, those words were ringing in her mind. Her fear of getting betrayed again was not leaving her, but she was happy about one thing that she was marrying in a loving family.

“If he wants this only then I will make everything clear to him before engagement. I will tell everything clearly to him that what I feel about him. We are going to be husband wife and there should be no secret remained between us. If he has chosen me then he have to accept me the way I am. He needs to understand that I am trying every second to move on, but it is difficult. I just don’t want that anybody should get hurt because of me. He is not understanding that by saying I love you, I don’t want to give him false hope for our future. If he wants then I will share everything with him.” She finally took the decision to share everything with him.

She came on the earth back when Shefali walked into the room.

“”My bestie, you are looking so gorgeous.” She said, wrapping her hands around her neck from behind.

“Sidharth will surely go crazy after seeing you.” She came in front of her. Sana gave her just a small smile in response.

“Oh Sana. Why are you so tensed ? Today is your engagement with the rockstar Sidharth Shukla. You should be happy. Thousand of girls are burning in jealously because you are marrying to their dream man.” She said dramatically.

“Including me..” she added and Sana chuckled.

“Like seriously Sana. I wanted to marry him, but he chose you.” Shefali said in sad tone. She was doing this drama of getting hurt just to cheer her up Sana.

“Shefu, only an idiot will marry you and if he is not crazy then you will make him crazy after marriage.” Sana said to tease her. Shefali glared at her, putting hands on her waist.

“I think someone wants to be get beaten up by me on her engagement.” Shefali said in fake anger tone and Sana laughed.


On the other side, Sid also got ready in black coat suit with white shirt. He was looking killer. He was not at all upset in fact he was happy and excited. He was getting excited to see his angel and couldn’t wait to hear those three magical words again from her mouth and he couldn’t even wait to exchange the rings with her. He planned everything for tonight. He wanted to make this night special and memorable for his angel.

“I hope everything goes well today.” He thought, last time glancing himself in the mirror.


Mahi and Muskan wore same colour gown. Their gown was backless. They both were looking so pretty. Muskan was looking so cute. She twirling around Mahi joyfully. Jay was thinking that to whom he should admire, his wife or his daughter. He was confused that who was looking more beautiful. Muskan asked her father to take their pictures. Jay clicked their few pictures and took few selfies also, picking Muskan in his arms. Muskan was super happy.

“Musu abhi aya sabko apni dless dikha kal” Muskan rushed out of the room after saying this. Jay and Mahi were smiling seeing their princess happy.

“Muskan is really looking so pretty today. Haina Jay ?” Mahi asked, strolling to Adi. He pulled her to himself, grasping her waist.

“And her mother is looking super hot  today. I am feeling like to eat her lips, mess her hair, rip her dress and caged her in this room under me.” He whispered huskily, brushing her lower lip with his thumb. Mahi blushed, looking down.

“You are making me crazy jaan. It is really hard to control myself.” He said, pulling his chin up with his thumb. She smiled cutely, looking at him.

“Wait will make the things more exciting Mr. Shukla. Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai.” Mahi put her hand on his face. They were looking at each other, having so much love in their eyes.


Muskan walked into Sid’s room to show her dress to her chachu.

“Chachu, Mein kaisa lag laha hoon ?” She asked excitedly rushing to Sid. She twirled cutely to show her dress. Sid was looking at her, having smile on his face. He sat on his knees in front of her.

“You are looking so beautiful and adorable that I  am feeling like to eat you.” Sid hugged her tightly.

“Chachu, Mela hailstyle khalab ho jaega.” She said cutely and tried to push Sid away with her tiny hands. Sid laughed, breaking the hug. Muskan was looking at him with angry pout.

“You are so cute.” Sid said, pulling her cheeks and she made cute faces. Then she rushed out of room, saying that she wanted to show her dress to others. Sid stood up from floor, having smile on his face.


“In few minutes, your Rockstar Sidharth Shukla will be reached here with his family and he will be get engaged, breaking million of hearts.” Outside the venue of engagement, the news reporters were giving the live updates to the viewers about their rockstar engagement. The venue was fully secured. Media were standing outside of the front gate. News reporters  were saying absolutely right that Millions of heart were going to be broken down with Sidharth’s marriage. There were thousands of girls who dreamed of marrying him, but Sid chose only a one girl from all thousands of girls and that girl was Sana.

Finally Shukla family arrived there, the security guard sided the Media. The car went inside and stopped in front of entrance. Hotel valet opened the car’s door and Sidharth stepped outside from the car in full attitude, opening the last two button of his coat. His mother came and caressed her hair lovingly. He smiled sweetly in response, looking at her. Neyonika was really happy because finally her beloved  son got a perfect life partner. Then Sid looked at his father who was also smiling, looking at him. His eyes were filled with love. Sid just hugged his father. He hugged him back. Everybody were happy with this engagement.

As they all stepped inside, photographers started clicking their photos. Muskan was in her father’s arms and she was giving the best poses for the photos. Mahi and Jay were smiling, looking at her. Jay kissed her cheek and she glared at her daddy, making a angry pout.

“Daddy, today no mole kissy Vissy vana mela make up khalab ho jaega.” She denied strictly, showing her index finger like she was his grandmother.Jay nodded his head innocently. Mahi laughed putting hand on her mouth, seeing this. Mahi had applied only little cream on her face and she was calling it as make up.


Sid was busy talking to someone when Sana stepped into the party hall. Without seeing her, he felt her presence like always because she accelerated his heartbeat with her presence. He stopped talking to the person and paused for a moment. Then he turned his face to the door and there he saw her, his angel. He froze on his place, seeing his beautiful angel. The other people who were presented in the party hall disappeared from his eyesights, only he could see her. He was captivated by her beauty. She was hypnotising with her ravishing looks.

As Sana’s eyes fell over him, she instantly looked away because the way he was staring her, she felt little shy. Neyonika and Raj came and welcomed them. Sana greeted them politely. She again moved her eyes at him and found him still looking at her in same way. Her heart started beating rapidly when he started approaching to her. Sid reached there and greeted Ram. Shefali started admiring his rockstar. Sana looked at him, moving her eyelashes up. He also looked to her. They passed each other a small smile.

“May I have the pleasure to dance with you ?” He bent forward a little, pulling his hand out before her and  asked like a complete gentleman from her. He just wanted a moment to talk to her that’s why he asked for a dance. He played a smart move here by asking in front of everyone so that she couldn’t able to deny him.

Sana looked to his father and he blinked his eyes. Sana looked at Sid and placed her hand on his hand. Then she shyly looked down. Sid loved the way how her eyelashes moved down. She felt good when he entangled her hand securely. He was leading her to dance floor, holding her hand. She was just looking at him. She was in love with this person. Everyone could see that except her.

They stood in front of each other on the stage. Few couples were already dancing there. One of Sid’s romantic song was playing. Sid entwined his hands with her. Her fingers perfectly fitted in his hands like their hands were also made for each other like them. He yanked her closer to himself. Sana was just looking into his eyes. Her heartbeat was accelerating with each passing second. He smiled, looking at her. He held her other hand and placed it on his shoulder. From his free hand, he grasped her waist. They started moving to and fro with the flow of song, looking deeply into each other eyes.

“Red suits you the most. Do you have any Idea what you are doing to me, today ? You are killing me with your looks. You are looking more beautiful than my imagination. Just out of the world.” He went close to her ear and whispered. He didn’t leave any chance to praise his beautiful angel and also not leave any chance to tell her that she is the most beautiful creature of the god for him. Completing his words, he twirled her, holding her hand. Then he pulled her to himself, holding her arms from behind. Her back rubbed against his front, she closed her eyes in response, resting her head on him. He nuzzled her hair and inhaled the fragrance of her hair. He loved the fragrance of her hair a lot. Their legs were moving to and fro with the flow of song. They got lost in each other, forgetting that many people eyes were on them. They were lost in their own world.

“I will wait for you on terrace. Come fast. Don’t make me wait m, angel.” He whispered and left her arms. Sana who was completely lost in him, came on the earth back when he left her hand and said those words. She opened her eyes. She turned around and saw him going upstairs. He turned his face to her and winked, having smile on his face. Then he went upstairs. She was standing there confusingly and wondering that why he was calling her upstairs.


She reached on the terrace and she was amazed to see the beautiful decoration of the terrace. He was standing, leaning against railing, wrapping his hands around his chest and grinning. His winsome grin stole her heart at that moment. She wanted to tell him loudly that  his smile was cutest, but not a single word was coming out of her mouth at that moment. She was dumbstruck, firstly seeing the decoration and then his adorable smile.

He was walking to her slowly and her heart start beating rapidly. He reached to her, silently smiling, looking at her. She was confused that why he was quiet.

“I am waiting Shehnaaz.” He finally spoke breaking the silence after few minutes, but made her more confused with his words.

“I am already here and now for whom you are waiting ?” She instantly. He smirked, making her more confused.

“For those three magical words.” He said straight away. He was very excited to hear those words from her mouth. She closed her eyes disappointedly. She was disappointed from herself that why she couldn’t able to confess her love if she really loved him.

“Sid, I will confess.”She said in serious tone, opening her eyes.

“But before that I want to say something to you. So can I ?” She asked and he nodded his head in response. She took a deep breath and then continued.

“You already know that I need time. You are even ready for it and I am glad. We met only few days back and I fall in love with you unknowingly. Before meeting you, I used to thing that I will never able to love someone again, but I proved wrong. I fall in love again and today after realising this, I am thinking positive that may be I can trust you also one day. A relationship stands on the basis of trust. Before moving further, I just want to trust you. I mean to say that my love for you is not true because I still don’t trust you. My mind is not in my control. May be with time, it will. May be with time, your love will overcome my all fear. Just I want to say that please don’t expect anything from me for now, but I promise you one thing that I will never hide anything from you. What I feel and I will tell you.” She shared with him everything whatever was going in her mind. Indirectly she also accepted that she loved him. He was happy about this because at least she started thinking positive.

“So you still want me to confess love ?” She asked and he immediately nodded his head negatively because now he wanted her to confess her love when she would start trusting him. When she would start loving him truly.

“This is more than enough for me, Angel for now. Your positive attitude made me really happy. I already told you that I don’t want you to trust me now, I just only want that you should try to move on.” He said, putting his hand on her face. His happiness was clearly visible in his eyes. Sana closed her eyes in response when his hand touched her cheek. Seeing her reaction, a naughty idea came in his mind.

“Thank you for giving this amazing engagement gift.” He said and removed his hand from her face. When he removed his hand, she opened her eyes, coming on the earth back.

“In return, Now It’s my turn to give you some reward. So are you ready ?” He asked, raising his brows. She was looking at him confusingly. Next moment, he yanked her to himself, holding her arms. Her heart stopped beating for a moment when his hands touched her skin. The smirk on his face was making her feel like something naughty was going in his mind. She was having no idea which type of reward he was talking about.


How do you finding the story so far ?

Love Mehak


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