(Part : 35) The Professor And His Princess

We reached at college together. He stopped the car little far from the college.

“I don’t want to hide our relationship from the world. I want to love you khulam khula (openly).” I uttered, looking at him.

He clasped my face. “First of all, I really don’t want anybody to point finger on you. You don’t have any problem if I’m your professor, but everybody doesn’t think like you, Princess.”

“Manik, I don’t care what others will think about us, it’s our life. If this is the only reason for keeping our relationship secret, then I’m not with you in this.” I stated sternly.

“I never cared and I still don’t care what people think and talk about me, It just that I can’t hear a single bad for you. I don’t want people should say wrong about my Princess, I just can’t.” He’s caressing my cheek with his thumbs. “I will not let anybody to point finger at you, never. I want to protect you from the cruel world.” He kissed my forehead. “Please, try to understand me.” He implored and convinced me.

“Okay.” I smiled faintly at him.

“After your graduation, you can tell about our relationship to anybody. You trust me, right?” As he asked, I instantly nodded my head.

“I trust you, Manik and I really love you a lot. I can do anything for you.” I confessed, he smiled broadly.

He came close to my lips. “I feel so blessed to have you. I love you, Princess.” He whispered against my lips. As his breath caressed my lips, I closed my eyes. He sucked my upper lip so softly and smoothly, I sucked his lower lip in the same way, placing my hand around his neck. I really love this type of smooth and soft kiss which are filled with only and only immense love.

We smiled at each other, pulling away and he lovingly pecked my lips for so many times. I just love whatever he does. I really love him a lot.

“I think, I shall leave now, my hottie professor will be waiting for me and if I don’t reach on time, he’ll punish me.” He chuckled. “Don’t get jealous of him.” I added, he nodded his head meekly and smiled adorably.

“See you.” I chuckled and pecked his lips before turning my face toward the door to unlock it.

“Don’t bite or lick your lips during the class.” As he uttered, I smirked because I do this deliberately to tease him. Now I’ll do it more. I chuckled.

I turned my face to him and nodded my head, smiling. Then I climbed out of the car and strolled to the college after last time glancing at him. Today I’m wearing black sleeveless Kurti with white leggings. I’m really gonna tease my Professor a lot today. It will so much fun.

As I stepped into the classroom, I received Anu’s message.

Anu: I’m not well, today I’ll not come.

I pouted sadly after reading her message.

Nandini : Oh, take care and I’ll miss you a lot.

I walked to the last desk and sat there so that I can stare and tease my hottie professor without being caught by anybody.

He sauntered into the classroom, his eyes searching me. He smiled slightly, seeing me sitting on the last desk, I smiled back and winked at him.

“Good morning, class.” He stood at the centre of the classroom, the whole class wished him back in the union. “Today, I’m going to take your test.” He announced before turning toward the whiteboard. He picked up the marker and started writing down questions.

After a few minutes, I received his message.

My hottie Professor: I know why did you sit on the last desk today. Don’t dare to tease me, Princess. You’ll regret it.

I chuckled, reading his warning message.

Nandini: Oh, you get scared?

My hottie Professor: I’m telling you, Princess, you’ll regret.

I sent him the winked emoji. I’m so excited to see how he will control his desire in the class when I tease him.

He glared at me through the corner of his eyes as he turned after writing down all the questions. He sat on the chair comfortably. I’m just smirking at him. As he moved his eyes up at me, I bit my lower lip sexily, he widened his eyes in shock. As I start rubbing my lower lip with my thumb to tease him more, he instantly moved his eyes down and shifted on his chair uncomfortably. I’m loving this. I laughed, putting a hand on my mouth.

I pouted sadly because now he’s avoiding to look at me, twiddling his thumbs. I’m just staring at him and waiting for him to look at me again. As he again looked at me, I trailed the tip of my forefinger down my neck, biting my lip, he pursed his lips and clutched his hands.

I’m trailing the finger down my cleavage erotically, he suddenly shouted. “Stop.” The whole class stared at him in shock after listening to his loud shout. He’s looking at them blankly. I’m just controlling myself from laughing.

“Time up for the test.” He smartly covered him up and asked one of the students to collect the papers. I’m just grinning.

“Those students who left their paper blank and wasted their time in looking around, they will be punished.” He said sternly, indirectly to me. He smirked, looking at me through the corner of his eyes.

I’m not scared of his punishment, in fact, his punishments excite me.

“What will be the punishment, Sir.” One of the students asked.

“Extra class after college for one month.” I smiled broadly, listening to the punishment because this is not the punishment for me. I’m happy to spend more time with my hottie professor after college.

My Hottie Professor: Don’t get so happy, I’ll punish you in the extra class after college.

Nandini: You can’t punish me, today because I’ve to visit the doctor. Did you forget?

My Hottie Professor: Oh, now I understood why you were teasing me so much today. I’ll punish you tomorrow with interest.

I chuckled.

Nandini: Let’s see.

He glanced up at me, smirking and I smiled at him, giving him the flying kiss. He smiled and shook his head.

As the bell rang, he left after last glancing at me. After that, I attended two boring lectures. I’m missing my hottie professor and Anu a lot.

Now, I’m sitting in the cafeteria and eating the burger, thinking about our morning breakfast that how lovingly we were feeding each other with lots of kisses. I’m missing him a lot.

My eyes shimmered with the happiness and a broad smile spread across my face as I received his call. I picked up the call and placed the phone over the ear, smiling.

“Where are you, Princess?” He asked before I could speak something.

“I’m in the canteen and missing you a lot.” I replied to him.

“I’m missing you too, Princess. Now be ready, I’m coming to punish you there.” I widened my eyes in shock and he disconnected the call. I’m wondering how he will punish me here in the canteen.

After few minutes, he strolled into the canteen. He smirked, strolling to me and sat beside me. I looked around, few students are looking at us. Today only he was asking me to keep our relationship secret and now he’s sitting beside me. I don’t know what is going in his mind.

“Miss Nandini, I want to discuss the project.” As he uttered, I made O shape mouth.

He smirked, taking his hand into my Kurti. “Be ready for the punishment, Princess.” He whispered, taking his hand up my leg. My heartbeat accelerated and my breath became uneven. I widened my eyes as he rubbed my inner thigh over the fabric.

He’s sliding his hand into my leggings and undies. I wanted him to stop and at the same time, I don’t want him to stop because I’m aroused. Luckily I’m wearing Kurti today and today there are fewer students in the canteen.

“You were enjoying teasing me in the classroom, now it’s my time to tease you, Princess.” He murmured softly and his thumb pressed my most sensitive spot, I pursed my lips and clutched my hands. I’m trying to keep my face expression normal and staring at him pleadingly. He just smirking at me. He slowly started rubbing my spot, I’m feeling like to close my eyes, rest my head against the chair and enjoy the pleasure which he’s giving to me.

I looked around, thankfully nobody was looking at us. It is really getting difficult for me to control my moans and to keep my eyes open because now he’s rubbing my spot round and round vigorously. Oh god, this is really hard punishment, this is torture.

I glared at him as he pinched my spot, he smiled evilly at me and again started rubbing the spot gently, making me crazy.

“Do you enjoying your punishment, Princess?” He asked and winked at me. I stared at him pleadingly. “Say it, Princess.” He knows, right now I’m not in the state of speaking even a single word, but still, he’s asking me to answer him. He’s really enjoying this like I was enjoying in the class while teasing him. He was right I’m really regretting now for teasing him.

He suddenly took out his hand without giving me release, smirking at me. “See you after college, Princess.” He stood up and left, leaving me turned on there. Then I received his message and widened my eyes in shock after reading it.

My Hottie Professor: This was just the teaser of your punishment, you’ll get full punishment tomorrow after college, my naughty student.

Oh god, now I’m really regretting for teasing him. I cried and pouted sadly.

As You know, I wrote this update two times. I hope you enjoy the teasing session and then the punishment.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manik tou bhot protective hai nandu ko lekar usko pata hai agar unke relationship ke baremai keseko pata chala tou fingers nandu par uthege so he refused nandu to tell abt them to anyone and he does have a valid point…
    Manik ne mana keya tha nandu ko ke not to bite or lick her lips in class but still to tease him she just did that and poor manik couldn’t do anything as they where in class bas sab kuch sehta reh gaya…
    Revenge is damn sweet par nandu ke liye woh bitter tha as manik did the same thing to her but on more high level and now she was helpless poor baby…
    Loved both there teasing sessions…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely update 👍👌👌👌Manik and nandhu all time 💕💕💕💕crazy ppl. And nandhu have to wait 4 manik till her graduation 👍dats a valid point. Both their teasing sessions omg 😜 too much . Let them hve fun . Kudos 👏👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

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