(Part: 38) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

“Don’t go.” Her voice cracked when she spoke those two words which were enough to make him stop. He stopped on the doorstep. She rushed to him and burst into tears, resting her forehead on his back. The photos which she was hiding from him, those photos slipped down from her hand. She clutched the back of his shirt.

“Please don’t go.” She pleaded while shedding tears, making his shirt wet. The pain which she was going through from years that couldn’t be described in words.

Sid felt like somebody penetrated thousands of needles all together into his heart when he heard her cries. He wanted to take away her all pain and wanted to fill her life with the happiness. He clutched his hands and shut his eyes tightly to control his emotions. Seeing his angel in pain is unbearable. It was like somebody was continuously stabbing the knife into his heart.

“I am tired of fighting with this pain. Whatever I do but this pain doesn’t go away. His memories hurt me a lot and make me remember about my mistake of falling in love. What was my mistake? I-I gave my soul and my heart to him and what-What he did? He broke it into millions of pieces. He stole everything from me. I don’t want to cry for that bastard but what should I do? It’s not easy. I want to vanish his memories from my mind like he never exists in my life. I-I want to love again. It is difficult but I am tired of being alone. I need you Sidharth. Please, heal me, I am drowning, please save me.” She pleaded while crying still resting her head on his back. Her words hurt him a lot but he was relieved because at least she was asking him to heal her. She was taking baby steps toward their relationship.

Sid turned around after composing himself and making himself ready to face his broken angel. Whenever he thought about the man who had hurt Shehnaaz. He felt like to kill him for breaking the innocent soul like her. He looked at her. She was looking at him and crying in agony. He closed his eyes dejectedly after seeing tears in her eyes. Why the god was giving the pain to an innocent soul?

He opened his eyes and saw her, she was picking up the crushed photos from the floor, bending down. He looked toward her confusingly.

“I-I was hiding this from you.” She said, giving those photos to him. Sid looked at her and then moved his eyes to the photos confusingly. He took it, again looking at her crying face. She was now looking down and sobbing. His heart was badly aching, seeing her in pain. Taking a deep breath, he moved his eyes from her to the thing which she had given to him.

Sid opened the crushed photos and he felt a sharp pain in his heart, seeing her so close with another man. Sana could see that he was hurt after seeing the photos. That was the only reason she was hiding those photos from him. She didn’t want to hurt him. She cared for him.

He looked toward her and she was already looking at him. She stopped crying but her eyes were still filled with tears. Any moment the tears could again fall down from her eyes but he wouldn’t let this happen. They were silently looking in each other eyes like their eyes were talking. He knew very well that now what he had to do.

He crushed the photos again and threw it on the floor. Sana looked toward the photos and then toward him. He was coming close to her. Her heart started beating rapidly and her breath became heavy. Her eyelashes moved down and then moved up. He loved the way how her eyelashes moved. She closed her eyes in response when she felt his hot breath on her lips. He entwined his one hand with her hand. The gap between their fingers was perfectly filled by their fingers. He put his other hand on her face. He was relieving her pain. Blowing the air on her lips, he caressed his cheek with her cheek, wiping her tears. She took a deep breath and clutched his hand when his face touched her face, she felt like each and every dead cell of her body became alive at that moment with his touch. His touch like always made her dead soul also alive. She forgot about the pain and sufferings. His magical touch was the healer of her pain. He knew how to distract his broken angel from her pain and he even got successful.

It said truly that there is nothing which love can’t heal. Sid love will heal her completely one day.

“I will heal you, Angel. Just keep trying. Remember that I am always with you. You are not alone anymore. Your pain is mine and your every wound are mine. I am there to take you out from the pain. I won’t let you fall down again. Now I am here to fight for you. We will fight from your fear and pain both. Just don’t lose hope. Whenever you feel alone. Remember me and I will come to you.” He said after touching their foreheads. Her hands were rested on his chest and his hands were on her face. His words and his touch was soothing her pain. At this moment, she really was in need to hear those words. His acts and his words were showing how truly he loved her. She was really lucky to have a person like him in her life. He loved her selflessly without any expectation.

They stood there silently touching their forehead till infinity. She was getting solace. They went into another world where there was no pain. The world where there was only them and nobody else. Ram saw them, standing outside of the room. He was happy for her daughter that finally, she was with a man who would always keep her happy. He smiled and went from there after blessing them.

As Sidharth’s phone beeped up, they came on the earth back from their dream world. They moved little away from each other, looking at each other.

“Thank you.” She spoke after the silence of a few seconds.

“I know you will say that I don’t need to say thank you, but really I want to say thank you.” He opened his mouth to say something but she said before him and he closed his mouth.

“You can’t even imagine what I was feeling at that moment. Whatever happened in past was coming in front of my eyes and I was drowning in it, but you saved me at the right time.” She spoke and he smiled slightly in response. She smiled back.

“Angel Don’t you know, I take reward instead of thank you?” He asked raising his eyebrows. He just wanted to lighten up the atmosphere. Her eyelashes moved down when he spoke this.

“So tell me What reward you want from me ?” She asked happily looking at him. She was feeling happy because she knew he was there with her and she wasn’t alone anymore.

“I love surprises.” He said making it difficult for her to think the surprising reward for him. She really wanted to thank him in the way he wanted. At this moment If he had asked for the lips kiss from her, she would have given that too also, but he missed this golden opportunity.

“Give me some time to think.” She said after a minute of thinking what reward she should give to him. Nothing good came in her mind and then she asked for the time. Sid nodded his head in response.

“Until then help me in the cleaning of my cupboard.” She suggested, pointing her hand at her cupboard and laughed. Sid looked toward her cupboard and then nodded his head having a smile on his face.

“Really you will help me with this ?” She asked unbelievably and he again nodded his head.

“Actually I used to think that boys hate cleaning cupboards and all this kind of work.” She said and he smiled in response.

“I am happy to do this kind of work with you. In fact, I want to do everything with you from cleaning your cupboard to cleaning our baby’s cupboard.” He winked at her, her eyes shot up in a shock. He started laughing and she looked down, having a smile on her face.

“You are seriously crazy.” She said, looking at him after moving her eyelashes up. He tucked her hair behind her ear and started admiring his beautiful angel.

“So let’s clean the cupboard.” He nodded him, coming on the earth after listening to her words. Then they both started cleaning the cupboard together.


Musu woke up next morning, rubbing her eyes with her tiny knuckles. She sat up on the bed, holding her teddy. Then her eyes fell on her daddy’s pillow which was kept beside her pillow. She saw something was coming out from under the pillow. She became curious to find out what was kept under the pillow.

She picked up the pillow and her eyes glowed up, seeing the packet of toffee. She picked it up happily not knowing that It wasn’t the packet toffee. It was a condom packet.

“Wow, Daddy musu te liya toffee lakhke gye. Daddy is best.” She said happily, licking her lower lip cutely. That moment only, Mahi walked inside. Muskan jumped down from the bed and rushed to show the toffee to her mumma.

“Mumma dekho. Daddy ne musu te liye pillow te niche ka lakha.” She said showing the packet. Mahi smiled looking at her and when her eyes fell on the packet of condom, her eyes popped up in a shock. She immediately snatched it from her hand before anybody could come and see that in her hand.

“Mumma apne mujhse, meli toffee ko kichi? Musu ko khani hai. Daddy ne musu te liye lakhi thi.” She asked innocently while Mahi was finding a valid reason. Her mind was constantly scolding her husband for keeping this under the pillow. Mahi was not going to leave Jay for this blunder.

“Daddy, kept this for Musu’s Mumma. So this toffee is of Mumma.”Mahi said whatever came in her mind at that moment and she was sounding like a greedy mother. Musu made a sad pout. She felt hurt.

“Daddy ko call kalo. Musu ko daddy se bat kani hai. Musu aapse gussa hai. Aapne musu ki toffee chin li. Vely bad Mumma.” Muskan complained while Mahi was standing there silently. She was having no other option.

She called Jay and wanted him to explain their daughter. But Jay was not picking up the call.

“Daddy is not picking up the call.” She said showing the phone to Muskan who was standing in front of, making angry pout. When Mahi looked toward her, She averted her eyes, wrapping her tiny hands around her chest to show her anger to her mother.

Mahi kneeled down in front of Muskan.

“Musu, Mumma will give you so many toffees. Please forgive your mumma.” She said after turning Muskan’s face toward herself.

“No, Musu ko vohe toffee chayie..” she said stubbornly and rushed out from the room angrily. Mahi got up and dumped the condom in the dustbin angrily. Muskan was angry from her mumma and because of this Mahi was angry from Muskan’s father.


Sana was keeping the clothes in the cupboard and Sid was giving her clothes after picking up from the bed.

“What reward I should give to him ?” Only this question was going in her mind. She was talking to him vaguely. She wanted to give him the best reward.

“Sid, I finally thought the reward!” She exclaimed, turning toward him after closing the door of Cupboard. Sid who was sitting on the bed, stood up happily, listening to her words. He became excited like a kid for the reward. Sana walked toward him and he was grinning, looking at her.

“So What is the reward ?” He asked raising his eyebrows while getting desperate to know the reward. Sana smiled broadly seeing his excitement.

“For that, you have to close your eyes.” She said and he happily closed his eyes next moment without any questions. She couldn’t resist herself from admiring his Adorable face. Everyone used to say him hot but for her, he was her cute Sidharth. She stood on her toes and moving close to his face. He felt like his heart would be exploded with the excitement. He could feel her warm breath caressing his face. His excitement was increasing with each passing second.

And then.. to be continued.

Love Mehak

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