(Part: 37) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

We’re still in the classroom, he’s making me wear my clothes. He pulled the top down my head and gently pecked my lips, cheeks, chin and forehead, holding my waist. I just smiled blissfully, enjoying the touch of his soft lips all over my face.

“I love you a lot, Princess.” He breathed against my lips.

“I love you more,” I confessed back after sucking his lips softly.

After that we sat down on the desk, my head on his shoulder, our hands entwined. Within a few days only, he has become my necessity. Now I really can’t even think of living without him.

“Sidharth, I’m tensed about mom,” I uttered, looking at him, distressed.

“I’m with you, Princess. Everything will be fine.” He blinked his eyes and slightly squeezed my hands in assurance. “Just be strong and I’m always there for you.” He kissed my knuckles gently, I smiled faintly at him. His assurance is enough to give me relief.

After spending some quality time with him. I reached back home. Now I’m sitting with mom and feeding her lunch. I narrowed my brows when I heard the sound of footsteps approaching the room. I widened my eyes in horror and the plate slipped down from my hand when I saw a man with a knife in his hand.

He’s striding to the bed, I shuttered. “Who, who are you? How, how did you come inside?”

As he crawled on the bed, I shrank away from him. He grasped my hair.

I shrieked in pain as he yanked my hair. “I’ve been following you for a month, you’re irresistible. Today, I’ll make you mine.” He laughed evilly, tears rolled down my cheeks.

He pulled me out of the bed with my hair and pinned me against the wall, holding my arms. He attacked toward my neck, I cried, looking at my mom for the help. She’s still lying like a lifeless soul on the bed. I’m just waiting for her to get up from the bed and save me. This is a plan to make mom react. Dad and Sidharth, they both are in the hall.

“Mom, please help, mom,” I screamed loudly, asking her to help me. This is the last hope to get my mom back or else I will lose her forever. “Mom, please stand up, please.” I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed.

“You bastard, leave my daughter.” Then I heard her voice, my mom’s voice. I felt like I got my breath back, listening to her voice after so long. As I opened my eyes, my lips curled in a smile with relief and my eyes shone with happiness seeing my mom reacting after a long year. I just can’t explain my feelings in words.

She marched to us. “Just leave her.” She roared and pushed the man away from me, applying her all strength. I’m just staring at her, smiling contentedly.

She clasped my face and asked concernedly. “Sana, my doll, are you alright?” I felt immense peace as she called my name and called me doll. My ears were craving to hear her pleasant voice. I missed her a lot. She started kissing every inch of my face. I got my mom back, I’m crying with happiness. This moment is so precious for me. I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of contentment. I’m feeling like I’ve got my life back.

“Are-Are you fine,” she stammered, crying.

I clasped her face. “Mom, I’m fine.”

“Anju,” I looked at the door as I heard dad’s voice from there. Sidharth is standing behind him. Dad lumbered to us with moist eyes. The man who had attacked me, he walked out of the room. Dad stood beside me, gazing at mom. She is crying silently now, looking down in guilt. Maybe she understood that it was a plan.

“I failed as a mother and a wife.”She uttered guiltily, still, her eyes are at the floor.

She slowly moved her eyes up. “In the pain of losing my son, I forgot about my daughter and husband who loves me so much.” She’s staring at us with her sorrowful eyes, filled with guilt.

“Please, forgive me.” She cried and apologised, joining her hand in front of us.

“Are you crazy, Anju? We can understand your pain.” Dad pulled down her hands and clasped her face. “Look today, you come back for our daughter. You responded to protect her. You were and you are a great mother, Anju. You fought with your all pain and come out of the trauma to protect your daughter.” He explained to her. I’m just contentedly smiling at them, tears of happiness trickling down my cheeks. I glanced at Sidharth who is still standing on the door. He smiled at me, his eyes are moist too.

“Samarth, I’m sorry.” I again looked back at mom and dad. She is crying in dad’s arms and he is consoling her, rubbing her back. “It’s okay, you’re fine now and only this matters to us.”

I hugged mom from behind. “Yes, mom. Please now stop crying. This is the moment to celebrate, not to cry because we finally got you back. I’m so happy.” I squealed joyfully. If Sidharth hadn’t come in my life, I wouldn’t have got my mom back because he told me about Dr Shelly and she took out mom from the trauma. I’m so thankful to him and Dr Shelly. I’m really so happy today. I had been yearning to see mom fine since a year.

“I hurt you both a lot. I got lost somewhere, I was listening and seeing everything but, but wasn’t able to react, but today when I saw that man hurting you, I don’t, I don’t know from where I got energy and I finally responded.” As we broke the hug, she held my face. “I’ll never let anybody harm my daughter.” She stated and placed a kiss on my forehead, a tear trickled down my cheek and my lips curved up in a blissful smile.

“I know, mom and I love you a lot.” I hugged her tightly. I took a deep breath of relief as finally, she hugged me back tighter. I was really craving for this hug. I couldn’t control myself from crying loudly.

“Mom, I missed you a lot. Please, never go like this again.” I cried in her warm arms.

“Never, I’ll never do this again with my doll.” She broke the hug and kissed my forehead, I smiled blissfully. She smiled at me and then moved her eyes to dad. He took her in a side hug and kissed her hair.

Then mom’s eyes fell on Sidharth. I glanced at him, he’s looking at her. I looked back at mom and opened my mouth to tell her about him, but before me she uttered. “Come inside.” She asked him to come inside.

He strolled into the room. “Anju, he is Sana’s friend. She recommended the doctor for you. You’re fine because of him only. Thank you, Sidharth.” He smiled at Dad while mom is looking at him warily, standing in front of him.

Sidharth and I instantly looked at each other as Mom uttered. “Samarth, he’s not Sana’s friend.”

“What do you mean?” Dad asked from her bemusedly.

We both widened our eyes in shock as mom told the truth to dad. “He wants to marry our daughter. He’s her boyfriend.”

She looked at me. ”Yesterday, I was listening to everything. Sana, I like your choice. You’ll not get a better person than him. I saw yesterday the way he consoled you. I’m sure you’ll always keep my daughter happy.” She placed her hand on Sidharth’s face, he’s staring at her incredulously. I’m shocked and happy.

“I knew it, when Sana first time introduced to him with me, I understood at that moment only that something is going in between you both. Why did you lie to me?” He asked sternly from me, I moved my eyes down in guilt.

“Uncle, she wanted to tell you, but I stopped her. Actually, I’m her professor, that’s why I asked her to keep our relationship secret because you know, people will not accept our relationship, they will point finger on Shehnaaz which I don’t want. I don’t want anybody to say something to her.” I smiled broadly as he told the truth to them. Mom and Dad are looking at him in utter disbelief.

“I hope you don’t have any problem after knowing this that I’m her professor?” As he asked, they instantly shook their heads.

“No, no, we don’t care if you’re her professor, we only want our daughter’s happiness. If she’s happy with you, we don’t have any problem.” Dad answered, Sidharth glanced at me, we smiled at each other.

“Thank you.” He smiled happily and thanked them for accepting him.

“No, thank you for bringing happiness in our life back.” Dad thanked him for giving mom back to us, our happiness. Without her, our life was incomplete.

“God bless you.” Mom caressed his hair, he smiled happily at her and suddenly hugged her. Mom hugged him back after a few seconds, smiling blissfully and a lone tear trickled down both of their cheeks. Sidharth found her lost mother in my mom and she found her lost son in him. This moment is really so precious and special. I’ve never been so happier before. This is the best day of my life. Everybody got their lost happiness. I’m smiling contentedly at them. I’m so happy for both of them. Few tears rolled down my cheeks mechanically.

They broke the hug after a few minutes, smiling blissfully at each other. They’re silent, but the contentment on their face is telling everything. Today, Sidharth has completed our family. I’m so blessed to have him. I don’t want to lose him.


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Love Mehak


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