(Part: 39) The Professor And His Princess

I woke up at eight in the morning and became anxious after not finding Manik sleeping with me. I picked up my phone from the side table and saw the notification of his message which I received a few minutes ago.

My Hottie Professor: I’m sorry, Princess. I’ve to go to college. I’ll be back after completing my lectures, but you don’t come to college for a few days, spend some time with mom, she needs us. I’m also gonna take off from office work for a week and gonna spend time with mom. Take care of her and yourself until I come back. I love you, my Princess.

A bright smile spread across my face as I read his message. He cares for me and my mom a lot. I’m so lucky to have him. Thank you, God, for blessing me with him.

Nandini: You too take care and come soon.

I sent him a message and rushed to the washroom to get fresh. I strolled out of my room and smiled, seeing mom dad cooking breakfast together.

“What’s cooking?” I asked, sauntering into the kitchen.

“Cheese chilli toast and poha.” Mom answered happily.

I licked my lower lip. “Wow, I’m just coming after taking bath.” I dashed out of the kitchen.

I hurriedly took the bath and then we had breakfast. I informed Anu about Mom and she said, she would come to meet mom after college. She was so happy. When Manik got time, he called me and we talked for some time. I’m giving my full time to mom.

“Nandu, finally auntie is fine. I’m so happy.” As I opened the door, Anu jumped over me and hugged me tightly. I laughed, hugging her back. “Where is she?” She asked as we broke the hug. I took her to my mom’s room. They met and talked for some time. Today, I’m going to tell her about Manik. He’s in my room.

“Mom, we’re just coming.” I held her wrist and took her out of the room. “I want to make you meet someone.”

She narrowed her brows in confusion. “Who?”

“Come with me.” I led her to my room.

As we stepped into the room, she froze, seeing our hottie Professor who is sitting on the edge of the bed.

Manik and I passed a smile to each other. He stood up. “Hello, Miss Anushka.” He strolled to her, Anu is goggling at him in utter disbelief.

“What he’s doing here?” She whispered in my ear.

“He came to take my extra class.” I chuckled softly, Anu narrowed her brows.

“Yes, I came to take her extra class because she’s very weak in english.” He too joked. Anu is looking at us bemusedly, completely puzzled.

“What’s going on?” She asked me in a serious tone.

“He’s my Mr Stranger, Anu.” As I excitedly told her, she opened her mouth wide in complete shock.

“I knew it, I knew it,” she shrieked. “that’s why he was calling you after college and taking your extra classes.” I blushed, recalling the moments of our extra classes.

He stood beside me and snaked his hand around my waist. “She’s mine now.” He stated possessively, yanking me to himself.

Anu frowned. “Sir, she’s my sister and I’ve equal right on her. Nandu, tell him that I’m equally important to you.”

“My family and you both are equally important to me.” As I stated, Anu hugged me tightly. He frowned at me, I pleaded him through my eyes. He averted his eyes.

“You both continue, I just come after seeing mom.” He went out of the room, getting angry from me because I didn’t take his side. He’s getting jealous from Anu. I shook my head in disbelief.

I came on the earth back as Anu shouted. “Nandu, now tell me everything in detail.”

We settled down on the bed and I started telling her everything.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” She asked, frowning.

“Anu, Manik requested me to keep it as a secret, but when mom and dad came to know, so I decided to tell you too because you’re my family. I’m sorry for keeping secret from you.” I apologised and pouted at her sadly.

She melted down. “It’s okay. I can understand. I’m also in a relationship. I can understand, sometimes we’ve to do the things which we don’t want to do, but we do for their happiness.” She’s so understanding.

“I love you, Anu.” I hugged her.

“I love you more and I’m so happy for you. Finally, you’re in a relationship and I can clearly see the happiness in your eyes.” We broke the hug and smiled at each other.

“I really love him a lot, Anu and you know he was so lonely before meeting me and all his life, he has craved for love and suffered a lot. Now I just want to give him all the love and happiness of the world.”

“God bless you both.”

After some time, we went to have lunch outside. We all are talking, but he’s still angry with me. He’s not even looking at me. As he glanced at me, I stared at him with pleading eyes.

“You’re only mine, Princess.” He whispered softly in my ear, I flushed at him.

“I’m only yours.” As I murmured, he finally smiled. Thank god.

“Manik, who is in your family.” As Dad asked from him, I squeezed his hand under the table to assure him that I’m with him.

“Uncle, I’ve dad only, but we don’t live together because of some issues.” He told him and glanced at me. I smiled at him, he blinked his eyes, telling me in a gesture that he’s fine.

“Manik, you’re calling Anju mom, then why are you calling me Uncle? Am I an outsider ?” As Dad uttered, he shook his head. “You can call me dad.”

“Okay.” He smiled at him and nodded his head. “Dad.” Now, dad smiled broadly.

“Manik, now you’re not alone anymore, we all are there for you.” Mom said and fed him the bit of chapatti, he smiled at her blissfully and his eyes brimmed with tears.

“Thank you.” He gently kissed her hand and mom caressed his hair. We all smiled at them.

A week passed away with the blink of my eyes. I spent this whole week with mom. We went to shopping, salon and clubs. Sometimes Manik and dad also joined us. Mom is completely fine now, thank god. I can feel she’s happy like before. Manik and my mom, they both are really happy to get each other. He teases me saying that mom loves him more, I always show my fake anger, but in reality, I’m happy for him. If my mom loves him more, I don’t care because he deserves all the love. But in this one week, Manik and I didn’t get the chance to spend some romantic time because this week was a mother-daughter week.

Now finally after one week, I’m going to college. I’m so happy and excited to spend some private time with my hottie professor like before. I’m wearing black off-shoulder midi, it is short. I wore this short and sexy dress because I want to make my boyfriend crazy with my looks today. I applied lipstick, eyeliner and kept my hair open because he likes my open hair.

I received his message in the corridors when I was strolling to my classroom.

My Hottie Professor: Meet me at the backside of the college now.

I smiled broadly. “He’s more desperate than me to spend time with me.” I murmured to myself and chuckled before rushing to the backside of the college.

As I reached there, he hastily pushed me against the wall and captured my lips, pinning my hands above my head. He’s angry, I can feel it because he’s not kissing me, he’s taking out his anger. He’s eating up my lips aggressively and possessively. I’m shocked. He was fine in the morning when we talked on the call. I don’t know what happened to him suddenly. He grabbed my hands with his one hand and stroked my thigh with his other hand while kissing and biting my lips.

After breaking the kiss, he glared into my eyes in fury, his eyes are smouldering with anger. He’s still holding my hands above my head. “Why did you come to college wearing this short dress?” He asked in a serious tone, clutching my waist from inside the dress. He’s scaring me with his anger now.

“For, for you.” I shuttered.

He left my hands, still angry. I can’t see him like this. I’ve to do something.

I clasped his face. “I’m sorry. If you don’t like it, I won’t wear short dresses from next time, but please, calm down. I can’t see you like this.” I pleaded. Finally, the anger disappeared from his face. I sighed with relief.

“No, I’m sorry, Princess.” Now he stared at me guiltily. “Why are saying sorry? I’m wrong, I should’ve reacted this way. I lose control of my mind when someone ogles at you. Only I’ve right to gaze at my Princess in that way.” He stated becoming possessive for me again. He has so many shades and I really love all of his shades.

“I understand you, my baby. It’s okay.” I caressed his nose with my nose, encircling my arms around his neck.

“You always understand me and control my anger. You know before meeting you, I had serious anger issues and I was scared because I was thinking that maybe I could hurt you because of my anger, but now my anger is in control because of you.” I smiled at him broadly after knowing this.

“You know, you can never hurt me. Your anger also doesn’t hurt me because I’m in love with your every shade. I love everything about you, your anger, your possessiveness, your kindness, your sweetness, your craziness, your hotness and your dominance.” He chuckled.

“By the way, now am I allowed to wear a short dress in the college or not? You didn’t tell your final decision.” I laughed softly.

“You’re free to wear anything because I know my Princess is strong, she can protect herself and I’m also there to protect her.” He lowered his head and kissed my forehead gently. I smiled blissfully. I really feel lucky to have him.

“I’m only yours, trust me.” I reassured him.

He smiled and held my hand. “I trust you, Princess.” He kissed my hands. “But I don’t trust this world, I want to protect you from this cruel world.”

“My overprotective hottie professor.” As I uttered, we both chuckled.

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Love Mehak


    • Neat updat.Hmmm too much of possessiveness . Really,but he has a valid point he can trust his girl,not d world. The society and ppl feeling &opinion differs 4m each individual. So some whr or the other. Girls should be strong enough to handle to crooked ppl. As usual good one👏👍

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hehe it was damn funny to see manik angry when nandu took anu’s side uff yeh manik kese se bhi jealous hou sakta hai anu is her best friend ofcourse she is important for nandu as well but then loved the way his anger melted down seeing nandu’s cute pouts…
    Family moments between all of them was so lovely ekdam perfect full family lag rahe hai sab and manik is most happiest as he has a family whom he can call as his…
    Hehe possessive manik at his peak ketne aggressive hua when he came to know that other boys all ogling at nandu bt fir nandu ne apne pyaar se uska gussa sant kar deya loved it….


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