(Part: 40) The Professor And His Princess

After that we went to the class, first I reached to the class and he came after five minutes. He smirked, looking at me through the corner of his eyes.

“Now What is going in his mind?” I murmured to myself.

“I’m going to take the test today and I’ll decide all seats.” He announced, again smirking at me.

“Why he’s taking the test?” Anu asked me.

“I don’t know,” I answered, staring at him nervously.

He changed a few students seats and then ordered me to stand up. “Nandini, you go and sit at the last desk.” I nodded meekly and strolled to the last desk.

“Don’t leave the paper blank this time because the punishment will be hard.” He said sternly, indirectly to me.

“My Evil hottie professor.” I murmured and took out the pen and paper from the bag. He turned toward the whiteboard to write down the questions. I’m clueless, I don’t know what is going in his evil mind.

After a few minutes, I received his message.

My Hottie Professor: Princess, Why are you so nervous?

Nandini: Because I know something evil is going in your mind.

My Hottie Professor: My Princess is becoming smarter. Just remember that if you leave the paper blank today, I’ll punish you harder this time.

I frowned as I read his message.

Nandini: You didn’t give me what I want for more than a week. What would be a harder punishment than this for me?

My Hottie Professor: I’m craving for you too, Princess. You have become like my drug.

Finally, a smile spread across my face after reading his message.

Nandini: Now what? Why did you make me sit at the last desk? What is going in your mind?

I asked him as he would tell me. My hottie professor loves to create suspense, he knows very well how to increase my excitement.

My Hottie Professor: You’ll come to know soon. Have some patience, my Princess.

I knew that he would create suspense. I’m excited now.

Nandini: I’m waiting.

He turned around and strolled toward my desk. I widened my eyes in shock as he sat beside me on the last desk. He winked at me and I looked around. He’s very very smart. He has kept all the last two desks empty of all the rows so that nobody could look at us. Now he can do anything with me.

Who would doubt him?

Have you ever doubted your professor?

“I’m watching you all from here, so don’t try to cheat.” He warned everybody.

“Miss Nandini, what are you waiting for, start doing the test.” He uttered. “If you don’t want punishment, then start doing the desk. I want you to write down the answer to each and every question.” He whispered, caressing my bare thigh.

I’m gone today. If he keeps touching me like this, how would I complete the test? He’s really evil and loves to punish me, but this time, I’ll not let him punish me. I’ll focus on my test, not on him and his touch.

I removed his hand from my thigh, glaring at him. He chuckles, I ignored him. I opened the cap of my pen and then started doing my test.

I glared at him in anger as he again placed his hand over my thigh. He’s smirking at me shamelessly.

“Don’t try to remove my hand this time or else you’ve to bear the consequences.” He warned me sternly in a low voice as I lifted my hand to remove his hand again.

“If you keep doing this, then how would I concentrate on my test?” I asked in a crying tone.

“This is your real test.” He winked at me.

Evil! Evil! Evil! Very Evil!

I exhaled deeply and started doing the test. He’s stroking my thigh and driving me crazy. Only I know, how I’m writing the answers.

“No, no, no,” I screamed in my mind as he slid his hand up into my dress. The warm touch of his soft hand is making me crazy. My heartbeat is accelerating and my breath is becoming heavy.

Forgetting about the test, I got lost in the touch of his hand. Oh god, his heavenly touch is so amazing.

“Concentrate on your test, Princess.” As he reminded me, I stared at him pleadingly. He just smiled wickedly at me.

I cried silently before moving eyes down on the paper. He’s a monster. My inner thigh is craving to feel the touch of his hand, he’s arousing me during the class, I just can’t believe. But deep inside I’m enjoying this because this is exciting, and something unique.

Who could think that their professor is caressing my thigh like this at the backseat?

I sighed as he finally removed his hand. “You did great, Princess. You’ll surely be rewarded.” As he whispered, I grinned at him. He smiled broadly, seeing my expression.

Then only the bell rang. “Time up.” He stood up. He collected the paper himself and walked out of the class after last time glancing at me. Now I’m excited about the reward.

Anu sat beside me and asked, raising her brows. ”What was happening at the last desk?” I blushed, moving my eyelashes down.

I looked at her and answered. “Nothing.”


“Your face is telling everything to me, stop lying.” I flushed more.

“I can’t tell, Anu.” I hid my face with my hand shyly. She burst into laughter seeing my condition.

“You’re so cute, Nandu.” She pulled my cheeks, I smiled sheepishly. I can share anything with her, but not this.

After attending two lectures, I messaged him excitedly in the break time while having lunch in the classroom after so long because of mom. Now I’m not allowed to eat outside food anymore, she has warned me. I’m not upset, rather I’m happy. I missed eating the lunch made by her in the college, I missed her a lot. I’m glad that she’s fine now.

Nandini: When will I get my reward? In the extra class after college?

My Hottie Professor: I’m sorry, Princess, I have an important meeting in the afternoon after college.

My lips curved down as I read his message. I’m upset.

Nandini: That’s not fair, I want my reward.

My Hottie Professor: I’ll give you the reward at night, please don’t get upset. I’m sorry that I’m making you wait.

I pouted sadly because I’ve to wait for more.

Nandini: It’s Okay, I understand, work is also important. I know you want me too. I’ll wait for my reward, but now I want my reward with interest at night.

My Hottie Professor: I love you, Princess.

Nandini: I love you more.

In the evening after finishing his meeting, he came to my house. He took permission from mom and dad to take me out for one night. “She’s all yours, Manik, we trust you, you’ll keep her happy and safe.” This was their answer. Mom and dad trust him in the same way I trust him. I’m happy to see this. They know, he will protect me and never hurt me intentionally because his eyes vividly say that he truly loves me. I adore him the way he takes care of my parents like they are his real parents.

“I won’t let you sleep tonight, Princess.” He uttered after stopping the car in front of his farmhouse. I flushed, moving my eyelashes down.

“Very bad, then my professor will punish me in the college for not sleeping on time.”

“He won’t, because he has only asked me to give you the reward for being his good student.” He whispered, coming close to my face, my heartbeat quickened.

“What you will do?” I asked, my breath became heavy because of our proximity. He’s so close to me, our lips are few inches away.

He breathed against my lips. “I’ll give you extreme pleasure and will make you scream my name the whole night.” I flushed again. He clasped my face and placed a lingering kiss on my lips and pulled away after making me breathless.

“I just can’t wait now, I need you badly, Princess.” He placed his hand on the bulge between his leg. I blush hard and became more aroused to know that he’s so hard for me.

“Then let’s go inside because I’m too craving to feel you inside me.”

We hurriedly climbed down from the car. He captured my lips, pinning me on the wall as we walked into the house. As we broke the kiss, he grasped the hem of my midi, hastily pulled it over my head and tossed it on the floor. We reached to the stairs, kissing each other hungrily and scattering our clothes and accessories in the whole house. We became so desperate that we made love on the stair. I’m under him and he’s deep inside me. My legs are wrapped around his hips and arms around his neck. He’s thrusting me hard and fast, making me scream his name loudly with his each and every stroke. I just can’t believe that we ended up on the stairs. We’re fucking crazy people, but I’m loving every bit of our craziness. He led me to our room, holding my hips and without coming out of me, my legs and arms encircled around him. After that we made love on the bed for a few hours in different positions and fell asleep, getting tired, cuddling each other at the end peacefully, but we’re not satisfied yet. We’re becoming each other addiction, but this addiction is not harmful.

Promo: Possessive and angry Manik.

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Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hehe poor nandu manik likes to tease her very much issliye usko kast bench par betha deya do that he was be naughty with her and even kept benches surrounding them empty so no can see them…
    Aab agar yeh ase harkate karega tou how can nandu write a test but as Professor had warned her she wrote the test which impressed manik so now nandu will get the reward….
    Inka passion ek dusre ke liye kaam he nahi hota and now tou they where loving each other after 1 week tou passion tou peak pai tha so they made love on stair case only hayee…


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