(Part: 42) The Professor And His Princess

I dashed into the library, panting. There is no one in the library, my eyes are desperately searching for Manik. He has serious anger issues and he is really possessive for me, but I also know that only my love can calm him down.

I turned around as I heard the sound of shutting the door. He locked the door before turning towards me. He’s glaring at me, his dark eyes are smouldering in anger.

Suddenly he pinned me against the bookshelf with full force, clutching my arms in fury. “I told you to stay away from him, did you forget?” He leaned down and asked in a deadly calm tone which sent the shivers down my spine. He’s scaring me. Calm down, Nandini. He won’t harm you, he loves you. It just that he’s angry.

“I, I’m sorry.” I shuttered, gazing in his blazing and dark eyes.

He fumed in fury, digging his nails in my arms and whispered after dangerously coming close to my face. “You’re only mine, Princess. Nobody has the right to come close to you and touch you except me. That bastard wants to snatch you from me, I won’t leave him.”

“He’s just my friend, ” as I uttered, he shushed me, placing his finger over my lips.

“I don’t want to listen to anything.” His voice deepened.

He’s thinking wrong, nobody can snatch me from him because I’m utterly his. I want to explain this to him.


I flinched as he stormed. “I said, no word, Princess.”

He’s really extremely angry for the first time. I should remain quiet and let him take his anger out. When he cools down, then I’ll explain to him that I’m only his.

“Bend down on the table on your front and hands flattened above your head.” He commanded sternly, pointing his finger at the table. I nodded meekly and strolled to the table. I bent down, resting my half body against the table and placed my hands above my head. I’m panting and my heart is racing with anticipation, I don’t know why, but his this side aroused me more. The way he commands me, gazing at me like I’ve to face the consequences if I refuse to comply with his orders, it sent the shiver down my spine. Yes, I know this is insane, but his dominating personality excites me like hell. I’m not scared because I know he loves me and he’ll never hurt me, not in my dream too. I’ve utter faith in him.

He stood behind me, his legs are rubbing against mine. He bent over me, placing his hands on the table on either side of me. He gently removed hair from my back. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as he nuzzled my back. His touch, oh God, so incredible. He is caressing his soft lips against my back and taking away my breath.

“He touched my Princess’s back with his dirty hand.” He whispered against my back. I shivered as his warm breath caressed my back. “How dare he?” He took my skin between his teeth and bit there, clenching his teeth. I moaned loudly, clutching my hands. He has surely left his mark there. Then he nibbled my whole back, removing his the touch of his hand. I’m feeling so good.

“You are only mine, Princess. Nobody can touch my girl. If anybody does, he has to face the consequences.” He breathed in my ear in possessive tone and bit my earlobe. I love his possessive side too, I love him utterly.

He stood up, yanked my knee-length skirt up, slid my undies down my legs and then take it off. “I’m going to be very rough today, but you can stop me if you can’t take it.” Goosebump arose all over my body and my inner thigh throbbed after listening to his words. I heard the sound of pulling down the zipper of his jeans. I’m utterly aroused, I need him badly now.

“Open your legs wide.” He ordered, like always I complied instantly. I opened my legs as much as I can. “Do you have any idea, how sexy and tempting you’re looking in this position, Princess? I’m aroused.” He uttered in an excited tone, stroking my butts, I felt like his anger vanishing away. “But only I’ve right to see you like this.” His anger again came back. I moaned as he squeezed my butts. I flinched in shock and surprise as he hit them lightly.

“You’re only Mine, Princess.” Then he grabbed my waist and shoved into me deeply in one go. I screamed loudly, clutching my hands. He pulled out instantly and again shoved into me deeper, his rhythm is slow but very rough and hard. Whatever is it, I’m loving it. He placed his one hand over my back and pressed me against the table. He grasped my hair with his other hand and rammed in and out harshly, I cried out in pleasure and pain. He’s angry, I can feel that he’s taking out his anger, he’s trying to calm down himself. I can take his anger too because I love him utterly.

“Give your hands, keep them behind your back, I want to hold them.” As I placed both hands on my back, he instantly held them firmly and thrust me fast. With every stroke, he’s yelling. “You’re mine only, Princess.”

I’m screaming. “I’m only yours.” We exploded together. He fell over me, still deep in me. “I really love you, Princess. I know you’re mine, I trust you but I don’t trust others because the world is cruel. Stay away from the person like Vikas. He’s not good for you.” He implored, he cares for me a lot. He’s overprotective for me. He has seen the cruel world which I didn’t, that’s why he’s like this. He wants to protect me from the world.

“I promise, I’ll never meet him, trust me.” l promised him and turned my face to look at him.

“I trust you, Princess.” He smiled and kissed me deeply and softly, pouring his love, grasping my hair. I hissed as he pulled out of me after the kiss. After that he lay on the table, cuddling me. We’re still naked from down, but who cares. I just can’t believe this that we’re lying on the table like this in the college library. We’re marking all the places in the college with our love. I think we’ll not leave any single corner of the college.

“I hope, I didn’t hurt you because of my anger, today. I just lost my mind.” As he asked, I glared at him.

“You can never hurt me. I love your every side, just remember this. I know you were angry. If you don’t take out your anger and suppress inside you, it will increase the problem. It is better to take out your anger. I can handle it.” I blinked my eyes, he stared at me incredulously.

“You always make me speechless with your love.” He uttered and placed a kiss on my forehead. “I love you a lot.” He smiled at me.

“I love you more.” I smiled back.

“By the way Princess, I’ve never seen your anger in this one month. Don’t you get angry?” He asked incredulously.

“I get angry when you leave me after turning me on.” I pouted sadly, he chuckled.

“Actually you know, everyone gets angry. Even I get angry, but my anger is my control.” I told him.

“My anger is also in your control.” He smiled, I laughed.

After spending an hour in the library, we stepped out, smiling.

Next day, I reached college and Anu told me. “You know yesterday somebody locked Vikas in the boy’s washroom. Today the sweeper took him out. The poor boy spent his birthday in the washroom.” Anu felt pity for him. I know this is done by my Manik. I shook my head in disbelief after knowing this.

I turned my face on another side and murmured. “He’s crazy, but mine.” I chuckled.

My hottie professor strolled into the room and a bright smile spread across my face, seeing the love of my life. He gave me a small smile before starting the class. He’s looking so tempting in sky blue colour shirt with black jeans. The sleeves of his shirt are rolled up till his elbow. I’m gazing at him, sitting at the last desk. He’s so attractive and now this hottie is mine. I just can’t believe that I’m the girlfriend of this hot man.

I came on the earth back as my phone vibrated in my hand. I moved my eyes down at the phone and smiled, seeing his message.

My Hottie Professor: You’re distracting me with your constant gaze, Princess. If you keep staring at me like this, I will hug you in front of the whole class. By the way, you’re looking so breathtakingly beautiful in this red dress.

I chuckled after reading his message and glanced at him, he’s explaining something to a student now.

Nandini: I don’t care, you can hug me now.

I replied to him with the heart emoji and glanced at him. He read my message and smiled, walking to his chair.

My Hottie Professor: You’re so daring.

Nandini: Did you forget that I kissed your cheek in front of everyone?

My Hottie Professor: You really amazed me with your sudden kiss that day. I was shocked. You’re so different, Princess and I really love you the way you’re, a perfect girl.

Nandini: I’m your princess now.

My Hottie Professor: Yes, My Princess.

We passed a smile to each other. He’s now sitting on the chair.

Nandini: I got to know that you had locked Vikas in the washroom yesterday.

I glanced at him, he gritted his teeth.

My Hottie Professor: I want to throw him out of the college and want to lock him in his own house so that he can never touch or see my beautiful Princess. I’ve to take the class, we’ll talk later.

Again back to his angry mode. I looked at him, he glared at him.

Nandini: Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll never talk about him.

My Hottie Professor: That’s like my good Princess.

Nandini: What about my hug?

My Hottie Professor: After the class, meet me at the backside of the college to get your hug.

Nandini: But I want it now.

My Hottie Professor: Let me take the lecture, Princess.

Nandini: Okay.

We smiled at each other. He took the remaining lecture and I did my work of admiring my hottie Professor. Haye, why he’s so hot?

After the lecture, I went to meet him at the backside of the college. As I reached, he embraced me tightly in his strong arms. I hugged him back, smiling blissfully. His arms are my heaven and peace of my soul.

“I love you.” We confessed the love, gazing in each other intensely after the hug.

“Mom has packed lunch for you.” I took out the lunch box from my handbag and gave it to him.

“I’m hungry. Let’s eat the lunch together today.” He suggested, his eyes glinted with the excitement.

“Here?” He nodded his head, smiling. My adorable baby.

“What about the lecture?”

“Skip it.”

“Okay.” I agreed, he grinned.

After that we settled down on the floor, leaning against the wall. I opened the lunch and fed him Rajma rice. We smiled at each other. He’s gazing at me, his eyes are filled with immense love. He took the spoon and fed me too. Like this we fed each other one by one, gazing at each other fondly. He moved closer to my face and cleaned corners of lips by sucking it. When he’s with me, then there is no need of tissue paper. As he moved away, I instantly pulled him to me by grabbing his shirt collars and kissed him deeply. He responded me back, placing his long fingers around my neck and stroked my cheeks with his thumbs. I came over his lap while nibbling his lower lip. We kissed each other till infinity.

“You’re my drug, Princess. You intoxicate me.” He breathed against my lips, gazing at me intensely.

“And you’re my world.” I dug my face in his shoulder and snaked my arms around him, sitting on his lap, my favourite place. As he embraced me, I snuggled in his arms like a small baby.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Hayee manan ka library romance was so hot and sizzling and even when manik was angry and was ready to have a rough make out session but still he cared enough for to tell him id it is to much for her so that he can stop he is so damn cute yaar…
    Manik aur uske haarkate are hilarious now he locked that vikas in toilet as a punishment and when nandu tried to confront him he got angry god ketna gussa karta hai yeh manik…
    Hayee manan ka last scene was so cute the way they where desperate for there hug and how lovingly they feed each other food was so lovely…

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