(Part: 44) The Professor And His Princess

Next day also he didn’t let me go to college and asked me to take rest. Mom and Dad also supported him. He is becoming their ladhla. After college, he came to meet me. He had lunch with us and left because he had some work. Mom didn’t even let me go to the coaching centre. Taking rest in the house whole day, it is so difficult. Oh god, this is torture.

He remained busy the whole day, I spent my day missing him. He doesn’t get tired of working for the whole day. He didn’t even message me. I’m angry with him now.

My Hottie Professor: I’m sorry, Princess. I was really busy with important work today. I know, I should have to spend time with you because you were on rest today. I’m sorry.

And my heart melted as I read his message at night after dinner.

Nandini: It’s okay, I understand, but I’m missing you a lot.

My Hottie Professor: I’m missing you too, Princess.

Nandini: Are you still busy?

My Hottie Professor: Yes.

I pouted sadly because I really needed him right now in my arms.

Nandini: Okay, when you get free, then message me.

Then only, the doorbell rang. Who could come to our house at night? I wondered.

“Nandu,” I heard mom voice from outside.

“Coming,” I answered, climbing down from the bed. I wandered out of the room and widened my eyes in amazement, seeing Manik. He is sitting in the hall with mom and dad. He messaged me that he’s still busy. Oh! He wanted to surprise me. He’s the best. He knows very well how to bring a smile on my face.

As he looked up at me, I smiled broadly. He smiled back, titling his face on one side, his sexy smile is damn attractive.

“Manik, did you have dinner?” As Mom asked, he moved his eyes toward her.

He held her hand. “I just come here to eat a tasty meal from your hand.” He leaned down and kissed her hand. She caressed his hair, blessing him. I smiled at them. I feel so happy to see their bonding. They both found their lost happiness in each other.

“Nandu, go and bring dinner from him.” I nodded my head and went to the kitchen after glancing at him.

When after the dinner, Manik was going to sleep in the guest room, mom stopped him. “Wait,” he looked at her bemusedly.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“To sleep,” he instantly answered.

“Don’t act smart in front of me. Wherever you stay here, you go to the guest room to sleep, but wake up in Nandini’s room. Do you guys think that we both are a fool?” As Mom asked, he placed his hand on the nape of his neck and moved his head down. She moved his eyes from him to me, I instantly moved my eyes down shyly. They caught us.

We smiled at them sheepishly. “You can sleep together.” As dad permitted him to sleep with me, my eyes shimmered with happiness.

“Really?” I asked incredulously.

“But keep the door open.” As Dad uttered, we looked at each other sadly.

Shit, now we can’t do anything.

“Samarth, give them some privacy. They’re not kids, they’re adult.” As Mom said to dad, we grinned at each other. “You can close the door.” She smiled at us.

“I love you, you’re best.” I hugged her tightly. She’s the best.

I frowned as Manik uttered. “It’s okay if dad wants to keep us the door open, we don’t have any problem.” Oh god, why he’s so good?

“I was just kidding, Manik. I don’t have any problem.” He smiled as dad also permitted to close the door. They are permitting us to sleep together before marriage only, I’m not surprised because I know they are modern, they want to give us complete space.

After that, we said good night to each other and strolled to our respective rooms.

“So do you like the surprise, Princess.” He asked after shutting the door.

“I love it and I love you a lot.” I hugged him tightly, wrapping my arms around his neck. He hugged me, pulling me closer to himself.

“I love you more.” He kissed my forehead after breaking the hug. “And I’m really sorry that today I couldn’t give you time,”

I cut his words. “It’s okay, I understand. Don’t be sorry.”

“Now sit and let me see your ankle and elbow.” He placed his hands over my shoulder and made me sit on the bed. He placed a few kisses on my elbow over the scratch after sitting down beside me. A shiver ran down my spine as his lips touched my skin.

I clasped his face. “It’s not paining, I’m fine.” I blinked my eyes. I moved his face down and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.

“I need you now, angel.” He whispered against my lips.

“Then what are we waiting for?” I winked at him. I held the hem of my top and pulled my blue top over my head while he opened the buttons of his shirt.

“Haye, sexy.” After tossing his shirt on the floor, he captured my lips, grasping my hair and pulling my head back. We lay down on the bed, kissing each other deeply and hungrily like we’re craving from ages. He’s on top of me, astride me. I hastily opened his jeans button and pulled his jeans and boxer down his legs while he slid my short and undies down.

“You’ve really become my addiction. I never get satisfied with you. What you’re doing to me, Princess?” He breathed against my lips, gazing in my eyes deeply, pinning my hands against the mattress. I’m panting, looking at him intensely.

“I’m doing exactly what you’re doing to me,” I whispered and we smiled at each other.

“I love you, Princess.” He again captured my lips and eased into me, stretching and fulling me, and making me feel complete again.

After our quick make-out session, we lay down naked in each other arms, having a blissful smile on our faces. It’s not just sex, it is pure bliss for us. He pulled the blanket over us and I snuggled in his arms like a small baby. He kissed my hair gently and slept peacefully in his warm arms, listening to his soothing heartbeat. The best place where I want to fall asleep every night.

Next day, we left for college together after having breakfast. He stopped the car few kilometres away from college like always.

“Climb the stairs carefully.” He instructed me sternly. I smiled at him, nodding my head.

“Okay, my caring boyfriend.” I rubbed my nose against his. After kissing his lips, I stepped out of his car.

I reached the classroom but stopped at the door when I saw a female teacher ogling at my hottie professor chest, talking to him. The top three buttons of his white shirt are opened.

“Why he keeps them open?” I frowned. She’s still leering at his hot chest shamelessly. I want to kill her for staring lasciviously at my Manik. Only I’ve right to gaze at him like this. He’s only mine. Now I understand why he gets jealous of Vikas always. She’s wearing a deep cut blouse which is showing her cleavage, trying to seduce him, bad move. She gave him a lecherous smile and walked away, touching her body against him. I fumed in anger. Is she really a teacher? I wondered.

He turned to me and raised his brows, asking me what happened. I averted my eyes in anger.

He walked passed by me, whispering. “Meet me at the backside.”

As I reached the backside of college, our meeting place, I closed his all the buttons of his shirt angrily. “Keep your all the buttons close like this from next time,” I warned him, grabbing his collars.

He grabbed my waist and yanked me closer to himself. “Or else?” He asked, raising his brows.

“Or else I’ll also punish you.” I spoke, moving close to his lips.

“Why you want me to close my buttons.” He snaked his one hand around my waist and stroke my cheek with his other hand.

“Because only I’ve right to see your hot and attractive body. I don’t like it when someone leers at your body. I feel like to kill that person.” As I told him in anger, he chuckled. I narrowed my brows in confusion. Why he’s laughing?

“You know, you’re looking so cute right now. I’m feeling like to eat you up.” I pouted angrily, he pecked my lips.

“You always do this,” I complained like a kid.


“Take away my anger within few seconds. You never let me show my anger.” He chuckled after knowing the reason.

“Today, I’m really going to eat you, you’re so adorable.” He leaned and nuzzled my neck. Now I laughed. “You’re driving me crazy with your unlimited cuteness.” He whispered against my neck.

“Now let’s go, we’re getting late for the class.” I reminded him about the class, now he pouted sadly.

“And don’t dare to open your buttons and talk to that teacher,” I warned him, pointing finger at him. He meekly nodded his head. I’ve to take care of my hottie professor or else there are so many girls in the class too like that teacher who doesn’t leave any chance to seduce my Manik. Disadvantages of having a hot boyfriend.

Promo: “She’s my girl, my Princess.” Manik roared in anger.

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Love Mehak


  1. Awesome mindblowing update…
    Nandu ke parents trust manik and nandu so much that they even allowed both on them to sleep in one room and yeh baat tou humare manan ke liye sabse bade the as now they can be each others arms all night without fear of getting caught…
    Hehe aab nandu jealous hur when she saw another teacher ogling her hottie professor and staring at his which she has no right as only can look at his sexy chest…
    Possessive nandu ko dekhkar maza aa gaya the way she closed his buttons in anger was so funny and now manik bhi chup chap buttons lagva ke raha tha…
    Now they have changed there as now is nandu is being possessive over manik…


  2. O’sum update. I think both of them playing a role play 😜Specially in love their possessiveness make them even more closer if it’s going to be a healthy reason whr as if both of them trust each other thn dat ll be a pure bliss. I hope they ll carry that 4 ever and d writer ll always make our manan special and unique too by their charming character.


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