(Part: 51) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

Sid woke up in the middle of the night and what he heard next, it shocked him. He heard his angel’s voice. She was saying something in sleep constantly which wasn’t audible to him. He looked at her worriedly and got horrified because she was sweating badly. He hastily jumped out of the sofa and reached toward her within a few seconds. He looked at her worriedly. She was sweating and murmuring something constantly. She wasn’t sleeping peacefully. He was hurt to see her condition. He wanted to see her angel sleeping peacefully every night. He never wanted to see this. He bent down, putting his ear near to her mouth to hear what she was saying.

“Please, don’t leave me, ” she was constantly, murmuring those words in sleep. Sid closed his eyes dejectedly, seeing that she couldn’t even able to sleep properly at night because of the fear of losing people. Nightmare haunted her. Seeing this, he got horrified to think that what she had gone through. Nobody was there with her to fight with her nightmare. She fought with her fear and pain all alone.

He knelt down on the floor beside her bed. He took her one hand in his hands and just pressed his forehead against her. She was constantly murmuring the same words and it was breaking his heart. Her condition was making him feel empty from inside. But within a few second, she stopped murmuring. This happened only because of his touch. His touch gave her relief in sleep also. This called as the power of love. It said true love has the power to conquer all pain.

Sid took a breath of relief. He looked at her, moving his face little away from her. She was now sleeping peacefully, gripping his hand tightly. Looking at her with love-filled eyes, he tucked her hair behind her ear which was on her face. He wanted to kiss all over her face but at that moment he just placed a kiss on her forehead, promising her that he would always guard her sleep against the nightmares every night. He was ready to sacrifice all his comfort and peaceful sleep so that his angel could sleep peacefully every night. Sana smiled in sleep also when his lips came in contact with her skin. Touch of his lips brought a smile on her face in sleep also. He kissed her eyelids. Through this kiss, he wanted to take away all the pain of her sleepless night and all the tears which her eyes had shed. Then he rested his head on the bed near to her face and fell asleep, staring at his angel and holding her hand tighter.


Mahi woke up at four in the morning and looked at Jay. She found him, still awake and his eyes were staring Muskan. She was shocked.

“Jay, ” she called him worriedly, sitting up on the bed. Jay looked at her, having guilt and pain in his eyes. Mahi’s heart broke down, seeing his condition.

“Jay, please don’t, don’t do this with yourself. You are hurting me by doing this. You are hurting your Jaan by blaming yourself.” Mahi spoke in crying tone, having tears in her eyes.

She cupped his face with her hands and sucked his lips after bending down toward his face. He didn’t respond but she kept sucking his lips softly. She just wanted to take away his all pain with the kiss. So that he would get some relief. For the first time in life, he didn’t respond to her kiss. His condition was hurting her more and more. Tears were constantly falling down from her eyes. She wasn’t stopping and just kissing him without any pause crazily. She wasn’t in a condition to kiss him but still, she was kissing him because she wanted him to respond to her kiss. She badly wanted him to respond to her kiss.

“I am sorry..”Jay said, pushing her away from himself, holding her shoulder from his one hand while his other hand was wrapped around his princess who was sleeping above him. Mahi was catching her breath back and looking at him, having tears in her eyes. Jay felt more hurt, seeing tears in her eyes.

“I am sorry.” He again apologised, wiping off her tears from her cheek with his one hand.

“I need some time to get over this. I am not able to forgive myself. Mein, Apne aap ko maaf hi.. maaf nhi kar paa rha hoon. ” He chocked up while speaking. Mahi cried, closing her eyes in pain.

“Will, will you help me ?” He asked, looking at her, having hope in his eyes.

“I am always there for you Jay. I won’t let you suffer more in this guilt. I will take you out from this guilt. You have to come out from this guilt for me, for our princess, for all of us.” She said,  resting her face on his face and her hands were holding his face. He cried in pain and she too cried in more pain.


Next morning

This day was special for Sidnaaz because they were going to be tied up in a knot with the person of their choice. They were desperately waiting for this day. After this day, everything was going to be changed. From Sana’s surname to her home, everything was going to be changed. Her priority was going to be changed, but the thing which would never change that was their pure love. Sana had no idea that her life was going to become more beautiful than her expectation with this marriage. Sid was going to fill up her life with happiness and going to make her life colourful.

Sana woke in the morning and a broad smile spread across her face when she saw Sid, sleeping in front of her eyes. After admiring his adorable face, she looked at their hands which were entwined with each other. She smiled again. She brought his hand near to her lips and kissed his knuckles, closing her eyes. From her other hand, she ruffled his silky and soft jet black hair. This was her best morning ever because after waking up and seeing the person whom you love the most, sleeping in front of your eyes, it is the best feeling ever.

Sid woke up after a few minutes and found her angel, admiring him. He smiled. His heart was happy. This was one of his dream which came true. The dream of seeing his angel in front of his eyes when every morning he opens his eyes and every night before closing his eyes. He was the happiest soul this morning.

“Good morning.” Sana wished him in her sweet and sugary voice. Sid smiled broadly and coming close to her face, he kissed her forehead and wished her good morning. She closed her eyes in response, having a content smile on her face when his soft lips touch her forehead. They smiled, looking at each other. Butterflies were flying in their stomach because of the excitement of getting married.

“By the way, how and when did you reach here from the sofa ?” She asked, pointing her finger toward the sofa. Sid looked toward Sofa and then toward her. She raised her eyebrows, looking at him. He again got tensed, remembering about her condition. Sana looked at him confusingly.

“Because you needed me.” He said, looking at her after taking a deep breath.

“Thank god last night I stayed here or else… pata nhi tum so bhi pati yah nhi aram se.” Sid said sadly because last night her condition had horrified him.

“Sometimes I wonder that I came into your life very late. You suffered a lot. I can’t even imagine how many sleepless nights you have spent in pain.” He was saying all this disappointedly. Sana was just staring at him unbelievably because he always thought about her. He cared about her a lot, she could see this.

“Sidharth, Relax, I fine now.” She sat up on the bed and said, holding his hand. Sid was still sitting on floor only.

“I’ve spent many sleepless night in pain. But that time has passed. I know from now every night is going to be beautiful and better with you. I am sure that you won’t let your angel cry. You won’t let me fall again.” She said confidently and Sid was stunned, listening to her words. The girl whose mind was filled with negative before a month. Now She was so positive.

“Now don’t stare at me like this. I know you are shocked, listening to my words. Yes,  I have changed and all credit goes to you. I never thought that I will get changed so soon. You changed me a lot within this month. It’s good to be positive. You encouraged me and still encouraging me to live happily and freely. I am moving on, forgetting about my past, just because of you. I want to thank god for sending you to me at the right time. I was drowning but you saved me at the right time. You are not late Sidharth. You walked into my life at the right time. You called me angel but you are the real angel of my life.”She spoke each and every word through the core of her heart. Her every word was showing what he was for her.

For the first time, she made him speechless with her words. She made him happy with her words. He wanted to say a lot but nothing was coming out of his mouth. He got up and just hugged her tightly, making her shocked with his sudden hug. He was holding her tightly in his arms. She hugged him back, wrapping her arms around his back and having a beautiful smile on her face and the reason of her smile was him. Both went to another world after coming into each other arms. They were having a content smile on their face and their eyes were closed. They got completely lost in each other arms. They found heaven on earth only. They touched each other soul through the hug. Love is not only about the meeting of two bodies, love is about the meeting of two souls.


“Daddy, voh log ne mele sath aisa ku kiya? Daddy musu ko ghal jana hai, yaha ni lehna. Musu ko bhut dal lag lha hai.” Muskan woke up and started crying, hugging her daddy tightly. She was still lying on his daddy. Jay was feeling more guilty, seeing his princess crying in pain. He was constantly, rubbing her back and controlling his tears.

Mahi was sleeping, turning her face to another side. She woke up, listening to Muskan’s screams. She composed herself and then sat up on the bed after turning toward their side.

“Why my little princess is crying so early in the morning ?” Jay was about to speak something but before that Mahi spoke, patting her hair. She asked like nothing had happened last night. Jay looked at her helplessly. She blinked her eyes, looking at him while her hand caressed Muskan’s hair.

“Mumma, musu ko yaha ni lehna. Musu dal gye bhut. Musu ko dal laga bhut.” Muskan held Mahi hand tightly while screaming. Her condition horrified both of them. They couldn’t see their daughter suffering like this.

“Musu, why are getting scared now? Game is over now.” Mahi spoke after composing herself. Muskan looked at her confusingly and Jay too. He had no idea that what was going in his wife’s mind but he knew she would make everything fine like always. He had full trust in his wife.

“Nobody will hurt you more. Nobody will take you away from Mumma daddy.” Mahi continued.

She was about to speak more but Muskan asked, cutting her words “Game matlab? Musu ko kuch smajh ni aala.” she asked confusingly, sitting upon his daddy’s tummy.

“God plays this game with every family. Mumma and daddy were also not aware of this game. We won this game because we found you and god gave us extra points for this. You should be happy because we won this game.” Mahi tried hard to convince Muskan with her words. This idea had come in her mind last night before sleeping.

“Really Mumma?” She wiped her tears and asked again to clear her doubts. Mahi nodded her head in yes, having a small smile on her face.

“Really daddy?” Then she asked her father to confirm. She looked at him and he nodded his head in yes.

“Yes, We won the game. Musu is so happy.” She started jumping on the bed and clapping her hands happily. Nobody could say that she was crying in pain a few minutes ago. This magic had done by a mother. A mother always finds a solution to every problem of their kids. A mother can go to any extent to bring happiness of their children.

Jay and Mahi, now they were having happy tears in their eyes, seeing her little princess happy like before. They were having a content smile on their face. They both looked at each other and Jay mouthed thank you. She just smiled in response and he smiled back. Like always Mahi made everything fine. He was feeling light inside, seeing his happy princess. He stared at his wife, having so much love in his for her. He was not understanding that how many times he should say thank you to god for sending a wife like Mahi in his life. Like magic, she took away his all pain and filled up his life with happiness.


Sidnaaz were lost in each other arms from a few minutes. Knock on the door, brought them back on the earth. They pulled away from each other, having a small smile on their face. Sid went to open the door, last time glancing at his princess. She also stood up and walked behind Sid, wearing her sleepers. Cabir was on the door. Sana wished him good morning. He was just grinning at them.

“Bhai, bhaiya, you both are so desperate. Before marriage, staying in one room. You can’t even wait for one single day. Kamal hai,” Cabir teased them and Sid glared at him. Sana smiled shyly, looking down.

“I am going to meet Muskan,” Sana said and  last time glancing at Sid, she walked from there escaping from the Cabir teasings.

“Bhabhi listen,” Cabir called her from behind but she didn’t stop. Sid was smiling seeing that how smartly his angel escaped.

“I am also going, bye.” Sid also went from there, saying bye to Cabir. He was standing there sadly. He had planned to tease them more after all he caught them in one room so early in the morning. But sadly, Sidnaaz escaped from there, spoiling his all plan. Cabir was standing on the door with a sad pout and in the background, the song was playing’Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye’. The perfect song for his situation.


Jay and Muskan, they both were taking bath together in the bathtub. They were splashing the water on each other and enjoying a lot. Jay didn’t want to leave her daughter alone for even a single second. He wanted to be with her every time. The incident made him scared a lot. This was also the reason, he thought to take a bath with her. He was not even going to take bath, leaving her with Mahi. Mahi was getting worried, seeing the way Jay was behaving. She was standing in the bathroom, looking at them.

“No Musu, Mumma has already taken a bath.” Mahi said in a strict tone, showing her hand when Muskan was about to splash water on her. Jay splashed water on her. Mahi glared at him and he winked at her. Muskan giggled, palming her mouth cutely.

“I am going.” She said angrily and came out of the room. She went to open the door when she heard the knock. She smiled, seeing Sana on the door. Both wished each other good morning. She asked her to come inside and both settled down on the sofa.

“Where is Muskan ?” She asked while her eyes were searching for her in the whole room.

“She is taking a bath with Jay,” Mahi replied with a small smile. Sana made O shape mouth.

“How is Muskan?” She asked.

“She’s fine now.” Mahi told her how she became fine.

“I’m happy to know this. I just want to apologise. Somewhere Muskan went through a lot because of me. He used Muskan to get me. I am,” Sana apologised because she was still blaming herself. Her words made Mahi angry because she got pissed off by this blaming game. She already got tired off making Jay understand that he wasn’t at fault.

“Shehnaaz.. please stop it,” Mahi snapped at her. Sana was shocked, seeing her reaction.

“Last night whatever happened. It wasn’t anybody fault. Nobody was at fault except that bastard Aman. I am not understanding that why everybody is blaming themselves.” Mahi said sadly while Sana sensed something wrong, seeing her sudden anger.

“Bhabhi, Relax, I am sorry that I blamed myself.” Sana placed her hand on Mahi’s shoulder. Mahi looked at her tensely and she was looking at her worriedly.

“If something is bothering you, you can share it with me,” Sana said while Mahi gave her small smile.

“Mahi, Towel.” Mahi opened her mouth to speak but got stopped, listening to Jay’s voice.

“Sana thank you. I will surely share with you but not now. We will talk later. Now you should go and get ready for the Haldi function first.” Mahi got up, saying this. Sana also got up, having a small smile on her face. She walked out from the room, nodding her head.


Sid was setting his hair, standing in front of the mirror. He wore yellow Kurta for the Haldi function. Today the smile was not leaving his face even for a second. He was on the seventh cloud because after a few hours, Sana would be his wife and he would be her husband. The biggest thing is that after their marriage, he wouldn’t have to find any reason to spend time with her. She would be there with him for 24 hours. 

“I am gonna make our Haldi Memorable and very special for you my angel.” He thought in his mind, having a smirk on his face. Something naughty and crazy was going in his mind.

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So next update will be of Haldi and then marriage, both the updates will be huge and special. After that their first night🤭🤭.

So how do find the update?

How do find Positive Sana ?

How do find Mahi’s Idea to make Muskan normal and happy again ?

Love Mehak

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