Love Story (Part: 102 Fighting With the Fear)

Next whole day, Nandini didn’t get Manik’s message and she became restless because the same had happened with her a few years back. Arjun had done same with her, he left, saying that he’s going for some important work and started ignoring her, after that she had lost him forever. Now Manik was also not responding to her calls and messages. She was getting anxious because of her past again, and she was losing control of her mind by overthinking, mixing her past and present because everything was happening same as before.

“No, no, Manik can never do this me. He loves me a lot. He must be busy. I’m thinking wrong.” She was murmuring this again and splashing water on her face, standing in the bathroom.

“I still remembered Arjun always said that, that he would never leave me, he would always love me, but one day he ended everything. If Manik leaves me like Arjun, I’ll surely die.” She slumped down and started crying hysterically, hugging her knees close to her chest.

“I really love Manik and started trusting him too, but why this is happening to me. When will I get normal? When will this fear go? When will I get free from my past and fear utterly?” She became hysterical and began screaming. She was getting anxiety attack again.

She stopped screaming when she heard the ringtone of her phone which was kept on the bathroom’s slab. She instantly stood up.

“Manik,” She saw the caller id and murmured, having a small smile on her face. She was so happy and relieved because she had been proved wrong, he called her. He was doing her video call.

“Oh shit, if he sees tears in my eyes and comes to know that I again started doubting him, he will get hurt. I don’t want to hurt him.” She placed the phone on slab and hastily splashed the water on her face before picking up his video call.

She picked up the call and her lips curved into a broad smile, seeing his face. Only by seeing his face, she felt relief.

“I’m so sorry, Angel. I was really busy in the night shoot, and when I picked my phone to call you, I got to know that there was a network problem. I hope, you didn’t think wrong. You trust me right? You know that I will never ignore you intentionally, right?” She could vividly see how much he loved her, she experienced a sharp pang of guilt for doubting him again, she burst into tears in front of him mechanically.

His heart skipped beating for a second, seeing his angel in pain.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” She apologised, crying in the guilt.

“Why are saying sorry, Angel? You’re scaring me now. Tell me what happened?” He asked instantly, his heartbeat quickened and his eyes too brimmed with tears, seeing his angel in pain.

“I’m sorry for doubting you again. I really love you Manik, but still, I thought that you’re ignoring me and you would leave me because, because same had happened me before also, but I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have doubted you. I’m feeling guilty now because I doubt you again. I’m disappointed and angry from myself for doubting the person like you who trust me and love me so much, you’re doing a lot for me, but still, I’m thinking wrong. I’m sorry,” She shuttered and cried in guilt and agony.

Tears started trickling down his cheeks mechanically, seeing his Angel’s condition. He wanted to hug her tightly. He can’t see her in pain. He could completely understand her fear.

“Angel, relax, calm down and don’t blame yourself. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. I’m not hurt that you doubted me, I’m hurt, seeing you in guilt. After what had happened with you in past, it is normal to think all this. It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust me. There are so many thoughts come in our mind, don’t overthink about negative thoughts, they are part of us only, don’t say that why I’m thinking this. I’ve always said you to think about our happy moments whenever you feel like this.” He explained her again like always and she felt better now.

“Thank you for making me understand like always and I’m fine now.” She smiled at him, wiping her tears. “You know, I myself don’t understand that what happened to me, I just lost control over myself. It is normal, right?” She asked, doubting that she’s losing her mind.

“It is utterly normal, Angel. It just that you overthink that why I’m thinking about my past again, why I’m thinking this and that. If you think something negative, think ten positive thoughts rather than thinking that why I’m thinking this. Jo thought aa rha hai use ane do, angel, don’t think too much about it. I really love you and I can’t see you like this. You’ve to understand because I can’t be with you twenty-four hours, I want to be with, but you know that work is also important.”

She nodded her head. “I understand. Now I’m fine, don’t worry.” She smiled.

He smiled back. “Just keep smiling like this, your smile is so precious and beautiful. It really hurt to see you in tears.” He placed his hand over his heart.

“I really don’t want to doubt you, but I don’t know what happen to me always.” She whispered, again feeling guilty.

“Again, you’re overthinking. Angel, I know you trust me, you’re just scared to lose me like you had lost Arjun in past. It is completely okay if you’re thinking about the past. Don’t feel guilty because I understand you,” He blinked his eyes and she smiled blissfully. Like every time, he understood her and calm her down after being in a different country.

“I’m so lucky to have you in my life, Manik. I really love you. Thank you for always understanding me and standing beside me since starting.” He smiled. “I want to kiss you and hug you tightly right now.” She added.

He pouted sadly like a baby. “I miss you a lot. Next time, I’ll take you with me wherever I go.” As he uttered, her eyes glinted with happiness.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes, because I’m missing you.” He answered.

“I’m missing you too.” She heard the knock on the door. “Manik, I think mom is on the door. Wait,”

“Angel, then I’ll call you after taking the shower.”

“Don’t forget to call me or else I’ll not able to sleep properly the whole night without listening to your voice.”

He smiled. “I promise, I’ll call you. Now go and open the door.” She smiled and last time they looked at each other, he hung up.

“Today, I’m going to sleep with my beloved bhabhi.” As Nandini opened the door, Mukti jumped over her and hugged her. She smiled, hugging her back.

“You know, I come here fighting with mom for sleeping with you. She also wanted to sleep with you. I said to her clearly that Today I want to spend some private time with my bhabhi.” As they broke the hug, Mukti told her and she laughed after knowing this.


“Raj, by the way, I forgot to ask you where you find Nandini?” Neyonika asked from her husband. He was lying on his front, putting his arm on his forehead. She was lying on her one side, facing him. As she asked, he turned his face at her after removing his arm.

“I saw her three times before understanding that she’s a perfect girl for our Manik.” Neyonika’s eyes glinted with excited to know the full story. “First I saw her on the red light, she was helping kids to cross the road and then she made them eat Ice cream. That time I didn’t understand god’s signal, ‘God bless her’ these words automatically escaped out of my mouth. The second time I saw her in the gurudwara, she was serving the langar and third time I saw her in the orphanage, there too she was spreading happiness. When I saw her for the third time, I understood god’s signal. I understood why he’s bringing her again and again in front of my eyes. I’m really so happy for Manik, Neyonika. She is really a nice girl, she will keep our son happy always.” They both smiled, they were happy to find a perfect girl for their son who had a beautiful heart with a beautiful face.

“But the poor soul has suffered a lot in her life,” Neyonika uttered sadly. “I hope she gets completely fine soon.” She added.

“Neyonika, she will be fine completely now because we all are with her. Don’t worry.” Raj took Neyonika into his arms.

On the other hand, Nandini and Mukti were talking and laughing. Mukti was showing Manik’s and everybody’s childhood photographs to her and telling her that how innocent he was in childhood. He did everybody’s homework and saved all the siblings from parents’ anger. Nandini was happy to know more about his husband. Mukti slept after some time, but Nandini was waiting for Manik’s call. She was seeing their marriage and honeymoon photographs on her phone, having a smile on her face. She kissed Manik’s photo over the phone and giggled adorably.

Then only she received his call and her eyes shimmered with the happiness by just seeing his name flashing on her phone screen. She hastily climbed down from the bed and rushed to the balcony to talk to her husband.

“I love you, I love you so much.” She gave him a kiss over the phone.

“What’s the matter, today so much love?”

“No, I feel so much love for you every day.” She confessed to him, he chuckled.

“Then what do you feel like to do with me?” As he asked, she looked down shyly.

“I feel like to give you a hard kiss.” She told him and bit her lower lip because she was badly missing the feel of his lips over her.

“And?” He asked teasingly.

“Then everything happens automatically, you know.” She hid her face with her hand, shying.

“What, angel? I want to know in detail.” He asked to tease her.

“Manik, change the topic, please.” She requested him because these talks were arousing her inner desires.

He chuckled. “Why?”

“Because, because I’m getting turn on.” She replied to him, flushing.

“Okay so let me continue further, then I kiss you back, grabbing your butts and grinding myself against you, and I love the way you bite my lower lip, moaning when I squeeze your round butts. Then we break the kiss, I hastily pull your top over your head and you open my shirt buttons. We again start and I squeezed your twins,”

“I’m feeling sleepy, good night.” She disconnected the call because his words were arousing her inner desires. She was enjoying, but her urge for him was increasing.

Manik laughed loudly. He loved to tease his angel.

He received her message after a few minutes.

Nandini: Now when is your shoot?

Manik: In the afternoon, I’ll message you before leaving for the shoot. Now you should sleep, Angel.

Nandini: I’m just sleeping, take care and don’t forget to message me before leaving for the shoot.

Manik: I’ll inform you, good night. I love you a lot.

Nandini: I love you more.

Next morning as she woke up, she checked his message.

Manik: I’m leaving for the shoot, I’ll call you as soon as I get free. Angel, I want to come back home and meet you, that’s why I’m trying to complete the shoot as soon as possible, and I’m not getting time to talk to you in between. Don’t think that I’m ignoring, I can never do this. I miss you every second. Don’t skip your meal and don’t overthink. I really love you a lot and take care.

Her lips curled into a broad smile, reading his message which was filled concern.

“I feel so lucky to have him in my life.” She murmured to herself before replying back.

Nandini: I’ll take care of myself and you too take care of yourself. I’ll wait for your call and love you a lot, come back soon.

She went to take the bath after tucking Mukti in the blanket properly.


When Nandini told everybody during the breakfast that she would go Art gallery, Musu exclaimed excitedly. “Musu will also go to alt gally with you.”

“Okay baby, chachi will take you to alt gally.” Nandini agreed and pronounced Art Gallery in her language.

“Chachi, you’re vely nice and musu loves you a lot.” Everybody laughs on her cuteness.

“Chachi loves more.” She kissed Muskan’s cheek, she was sitting on her mumma’s lap.

“Nandini, take a driver with you. I’m calling him. He’ll drop and pick you up.” Neyonika told her.

“Mom, thank you but I’ll drive myself. I really don’t need a driver.” She politely denied.

“Okay, no problem but drive safe.” She smiled and nodded her head.


“Chachi, chachi stop the cal, stop the cal.” Muskan suddenly yelled, sitting on the passenger seat, Nandini instantly applied the brake.

“What happened?” She asked concernedly from Muskan.

She licked her lower lip cutely. “I want to eat Ice cleam.” She told pointing her finger at the Ice cream trolley. Nandini sighed with relief after knowing this.

“Sure.” She stepped out of the car, opened the door of her side, unlocked her seatbelt and lifted her in her arms.

“So which Ice cream do you want to eat?” She asked as they reached Ice trolley.

“Musu wants cholobal, mango, olange, cola,” Muskan started telling her list.

“Musu, tell only one. If you eat so many ice creams at one time, germs will spoil your teeth and then you’ve to live without teeth whole life. Do you want to live without them?” Nandini was scaring her that she herself denies eating lots of Ice cream.

“No, one is enough, Chachi. I can’t live without teeth.” She shouted, getting afraid. Nandini smiled happily.

“So which one do you want?”


After that, they reached her Art gallery and Muskan was so amazed to see lots of painting in one room. She was staring at them with open mouth and eyes. She was looking so adorable at that time. Nandini was smiling, seeing her facial expressions.

“Wow, so many paintings. Yeh dabh kitni achi hai, apne banae? (This is so amazing. Did you make them?)” She asked, her eyes shimmered with happiness.


“Mein ek le lun? apne loom ki wall pal lagungi. (Can I take one? I’ll hang on the wall of my room.)” She asked excitedly.

“Of course, my baby. You can take as many you want.” She placed a kiss on Muskan’s cheek.

“Aap sach mein bhut pyaale ho.” Muskan kissed her back on her cheek.

“And You’re cutest, Musu baby.” She caressed her nose against her. Then Nandini spent whole day with Muskan and enjoyed a lot. They both loved each other company a lot.

So finally the update is here, don’t forget to leave your precious comments.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu jese he manik ghar se chala gaya uske fears wapas aa gaye she again started thinking negatively that manik will also leave her as he was not picking up nandu’s call nor replying to her messages…
    But like always manik consoled her lovingly that its normal to fear as she has already been left alone and after manik ke sweet words sunkar nandu finally shant hou gaye…
    Hayeee musu and nandu ka part was soo sweet musu really loves nandu so much thats why she loves to spend time with nandu…


  2. So beautiful part happy to read this again sukoon and I really miss you my musu you are the cutest and yaa my manan too and I love the way you show muku and nandu seen that was amazing and manik Baba ki flirting was very amazing smile aa gayi


  3. I was waiting for the update and finally you updated it and plzz if possible share some more scene between muskan and nandini☺️and you write amazingggg❤😍

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