(Part: 47) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

Next day, when I stepped into the college, everybody stared at me. I reached to my classroom after ignoring everybody’s gaze. The whole class is staring at me too, I sighed deeply and reached to my desk. Thank God, Anu is already presented there. She hugged me tightly as I sat down.

“I’m fine, Anu,” I told her, blinking my eyes as we broke the hug. She’s looking at me concernedly.

“I’m happy that you’re fine. I’m sorry that last day, I wasn’t with you.” She apologised.

“Don’t be sorry and don’t worry, I’m fine and that bastard is behind the bars.”

“I’m proud of you, Sana.” She placed her hand on my face, I smiled.

“Now, I’m understanding why Professor Sidharth took her extra class daily.”

“They both are so shameless.”

“I just can’t believe that she’s in a relationship with her professor.”

Few girls are gossiping about me. Bitches, they just need some hot topic to chatter. I don’t care what they think about me. I can make their mouth shut within a second, but don’t want to waste my time in useless people.

I looked at Anu, she is fuming in anger, clutching her fist. “I’m feeling like to kill them.” Her eyes are burning in anger.

I placed my hand on my shoulder. “Anu, relax, ignore them. They are bitches.” I intentionally uttered in a loud voice.

My lips curved up into a smile as I see my Hottie Professor, strolling into the classroom. He smiled back at me. Like always, he’s looking breathtaking handsome.

One of the students asked. “Sir, are you really in the relationship with Shehnaaz?”

“Yes, I’m in love with my student.” He answered the student, gazing at me adoringly, the whole class gaped at him. He’s openly gazing at me like this. He’s daring like me. I shyly moved my eyelashes down. He’s making me crazy with his gaze. I really feel lucky to be his girlfriend. I know the girls would be burning in jealousy. I’m blushing because the way he’s looking at me in front of the whole is making crazy.

“Today’s topic is love only.” He turned towards the whiteboard, facing his back to the class. He wrote the topic ‘love’ on the whiteboard with the black marker.

He settled down on the chair comfortably. Now he’s looking at me openly, I’m feeling shy because all the students’ eyes are on both of us.

I received his message after a few minutes.

My Hottie Professor: Now, I can stare at my Princess openly.

We passed a smile to each other.

Sana: But you can’t flirt with me in the class because now everybody’s eyes will remain on us only.

My Hottie Professor: I’ve my own ways, you don’t worry.

I chuckled after reading his message.

We spent the lecture talking, glancing and passing the smile to each other.

Sana: I’ll miss you.

I sent the message as the bell rang.

My Hottie Professor: I’ll miss you too and please take care of yourself. I’ll meet you in the break at the backside of the college.

We smiled at each other for the last time and he walked out of the classroom.

Like this, two weeks passed away. In these two weeks, I remained busy in my internal exams and he kept himself busy in his work because he didn’t want to disturb my studies. My whole focus was on my exams. Now after my exams, we planned to meet each other at the Mafia club. I’m going to stay with him tonight. I’m excited for tonight. After so many days, we are going to spend some romantic time.

Today, I’m wearing black cut sleeves gown and my hairs are open. I stepped into the club, having a smile on my face, but the smile faded away from my face as my eyes fell over Sidharth, he’s hugging a girl. I knitted my brows and clenched my fist in fury. Only, I’ve right to hug him. I lost my mind after seeing them so close. He’s the only mine. How could he give this right to someone else? I’m fuming in anger.

I stormed to the bar counter and asked the bartender to give me the glass of whiskey. I clenched the glass, glaring at them in anger. They are now talking to each other, standing so close. I drank the whole glass of whiskey in one go and took a deep breath, glaring at them.

“May I dance with this beautiful lady?” Somebody asked me for a dance.

“Yes.” I agreed because of anger. I lost control of my mind because of the anger and the whiskey. If I were in my senses, I would never do that. I would never agree to dance with a stranger.

I went to the dance floor with an unknown person. I’m not in my senses now. We danced, standing in front of each other. As the person grabbed my waist and yanked me to himself, I didn’t feel good. Now, I’m regretting badly for saying yes to him.

“Leave me, I don’t want to dance with you.” I tried to push him away.

“What happened, baby? Why are you saying no now?” He asked, coming closer to me, I moved my face back. What did I do with myself? This man is so disgusting.

Before I could do something, my saviour, Sidharth marched towards us, killing him with his glare. He pulled him away from me and punched him on his face many times, holding his collar. Then he left his collar and gave him the last punch. The person slumped down on the floor in an unconscious state, bleeding.

After that he glared at me, his eyes are spitting fire and his jaw is clenched. I gulped the lumps down my throat in fear because I’ve awakened the devil inside him. His anger is very dangerous.

He seized my wrist and dragged me out of the club.

As we reached in the parking area, he grasped my arms and pinned me against the car. He gave me a deadly glare. “What were you doing with that bastard on the dance floor?” He asked, clutching my arms.

“Because, because you hugged that girl.” I shuttered.

He gritted his teeth. “You let that bastard touched you because you were jealous of me?” He asked, digging his nails in my arms. Now I’m literally shivering with the fear.

I know, I know, I did stupidity and his anger is justified, but I want to know who was the girl with him.

“Why did you let that girl touched you?” I questioned him back.

“She was my cousin.” He bawled, I widened my eyes in shock after knowing this. I experienced a sharp pang of guilt.

Oh, fuck! Now I really deserve his anger. What the fuck I did because of my jealousy. I’m regretting badly now.

“And for your kind information, she hugged me, I didn’t. You know that I hate girls, Shehnaaz.” My heart ached when for the first time, he called me Shehnaaz instead of Princess. He’s really angry with me. Now I’m looking at him in guilt.

“You’ve really disappointed me this time.” He left my arms, jerking me away. I can vividly see in his eyes that he’s hurt. I hurt him. My heart is crying inside. I’m feeling extreme pain because I’m the reason that he’s hurt today.

“I’m sorry.” I apologised and a few tears trickled down my cheeks.

“Sit in the car. I’m dropping you home.” He commanded without looking at me and marched toward the other side of the car. He opened the door and sat inside. I composed myself and climbed into the car after wiping my tears. As I sat inside, he started the car engine, he’s angry and badly hurt. He’s not even looking at me now. My chest is getting heavy because of pain and guilt.

He is driving the car harshly in anger and I’m staring at him in guilt. After a few minutes, our car screeched to a halt in front of my house.

“Go home.” He ordered sternly, glaring straight.

“Sidharth, I’m sorry.” I started crying because I want to stay with him. “I don’t want to go, leaving you alone like this. You can take your anger out on me,”

He turned his face towards me and suddenly roared at me. “You have no idea, how much angry I’m right now. I can hurt you, Go home.”

I know only I can calm him down and he’s wrong, he can never hurt me. I’m ready to take his anger because I deserve it. I made him angry by letting that bastard touch his Princess. I’m disappointed with myself. I deserve the punishment for my mistake.

“I don’t care. I just want to stay with you. I deserve your anger. It is my fault. I’ll not go. I’ll stay with you.” As I uttered, he clenched the steering and squeezed his eyes shut to control his anger.

“You’re making me angrier, get out of the car.” He glared at me in anger, I shook my head.

He unlocked the door and stormed out the car. He opened the door of my side and pulled me out of the car after seizing my wrist. He slammed the door close and I flinched.

After that he sat inside the car and drove off, leaving me alone, crying in guilt.

Thank God, today mom and dad have gone out for the dinner. I’m wondering across the room, thinking about him. I’m getting restless and drowning in the guilt. I want to calm him down. I can’t leave him alone in that state. Oh God, for the first time, I’m disappointed with myself and feeling to punish myself. I hurt him and made him so angry that he doesn’t even want to stay with me. I’m going to his farmhouse. I can’t stay here and wait for tomorrow. I can’t spend this night without him.

I reached to his farmhouse. He dropped me at home because he doesn’t want to hurt me in anger. He knows he can do anything with me because his mind is not in his control. He really loves me a lot because in anger also he’s caring about me. I love him a lot too and I can take his anger. That’s why I came here. Anger is also a part of him and I’m ready to bear it that too because I love him utterly.

The main door is open which means he’s inside only. I smiled, stepping into the house. My heart cried as I found him drinking, sitting at the bar counter. I closed my eyes dejectedly.

He strode towards me in anger and pinned me against the wall. “Why? Why did you let him touch you, Princess? You, you know that you’re only mine. Only I’ve right to come close to you.” His voice quavered with rage. He’s so close to me. I’m staring in his eyes which are filled with immense anger.

“I’m sorry. I’m guilty for my mistake, ” I apologised.

He left my arms and moved away from me. “Strip now.” My heart skipped beating as he commanded in a stern voice.

What is going to happen next?

Excited for the next part.

Love Mehak

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