(Part : 3) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

“Bhaiya, Bhabhi, what’s the need of hiding the love bite. Everybody knows here what happens on the first night of marriage.” Sidnaaz’s widened their eyes in a shock listening to Cabir’s words. He was smiling at them shamelessly. Sana looked down embarrassingly and started playing with her fingers under the table. Sid glared at him. Everybody was also shocked with Cabir’s comment and they were looking at Sidnaaz.

Luckily Muskan didn’t pay any attention to Cabir’s words because she was busy playing with her teddy.

“Cabir, stop behaving like a kid every time, have some manners.” Neyonika scolded him while he gave ‘What I did?’ looks to her. Neyonika showed him her eyes and he became quiet.

Sid shook his head in disbelief looking at Cabir while he passed him a smile. Then Sid looked at Sana who was still playing with her fingers and her eyes were looking down. Sid entwined his hand with her and she instantly looked at him. He blinked his eyes and she smiled in response feeling better. Then both started eating. Neyonika was smiling seeing them. She was happy for his son because he got a perfect life partner.

“Jay, will you pass me the salad?” Mahi said to Jay thinking that now he would look at her but he didn’t. He just passed her the plate of salad without even looking at her. She frowned looking at him. ”Musu, Mumma give you a tight slap this time if you won’t eat.” Mahi shouted on Muskan taking out the anger of her husband on her daughter when like always she was showing her tantrums while eating the breakfast.

“Mumma, musu katti hai apse. Apne mujh pal shout kiya. (Mumma, musu is angry because you shouted on me.)” She made an angry pout. Mahi sat there holding her head.

“Musu aaj sirf chachi ke hath se kaegi.( Today Musu will eat from Chachi’s hand only.)” She spoke looking at Sana who was already looking at her having smile on her face. She caressed her cheeks and Muskan gave her a cute smile in response. “Come I will make you eat Musu,” Sana made her sit on her lap. Then Sana started feeding her and she was also giving her kisses on her cheeks. Sid was having a constant smile seeing his angel who was really happy. He was so relieved seeing her like this.

“Mr Gill we are planning to do the reception after two days. Hope you don’t have any problem with it.” Raj asked from Sana’s father putting the glass back on the table after taking the sip of water from it.

“No, Mr Shukla, I don’t have any problem,” Ram replied him politely cleaning his hands with the tissue. Sana looked at his father and they passed each other a smile.

“Everybody take some rest. Then we have to leave for Mumbai in a few hours.” Raj said after completing his breakfast and he stood up from his chair buttoning his blazer.

“Dadu Mein apke sath aunga, kal wali stoly musu aul mele teddy ko fil se suni hai. Haina teddy.. ( Grandpa I will come with you. Me and my teddy want to listen to yesterday’s story again. Right teddy?)” Raj was about to leave but he got stopped listening Muskan’s request. After asking from her teddy, she jumped down from Sana’s lap and rushed toward her dadu. Everybody were laughing seeing her.

“Sure, let’s go,” Raj said picking up Muskan in his arms. He was having a lot of work but he could never deny the request of his little granddaughter. Nothing was more important for him than Muskan.


They both stepped into the room after taking breakfast. Sid was locking the door while she threw her dupatta on the bed and shouted happily walking toward Sid who was already approaching toward her having smile on his face. “I am so happy, Sid.”

“I can see that angel and even I am so happy seeing you happy like this,” Sid cupped her face and both stared into each other eyes intensely having a smile on their faces.

“It was so much fun while having breakfast with the whole family. I am so glad to become part of this family now. Thank you so much, Sidharth.” She thanked him through the core of her heart because the reason for her happiness was him only.

Sid was about to say something cutting her words but she shushed him putting her index finger on his lips. “No, today let me speak.”

“I am really thankful to you. I know you will say that I don’t need to say thank you but I really want to. Because you brought me back, Sid, from the dark world. You freed me from the memories of my past which were not leaving me. I am so happy after years. I am feeling like I am flying Sid.” Sana was sharing her happiness with him and Sid was silently listening to her crossing his arms around his chests and having a smile on his face. He was so relieved to see her like this. His happiness was also having no bound seeing his angel who was a free bird now. He freed her from her past which was killing her from inside.

“By the way Angel, What you do when you get happy like this ?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“I do the painting. In fact, I paint when I get upset, It gave me peace. It’s like painting is in my blood. I do the painting when I am happy and I do it even when I am sad. “ She laughed joining her hands. Sid could clearly see her love for the paintings.

“So why don’t you do painting now ?” He asked holding her shoulders. She gave him confused looks.

“But how? We don’t have Paintbrush and Canvas. We don’t have anything.” She spoke getting upset.

“Relax, don’t worry about these things. Leave all this on me and you just tell me do you want to do painting now ?” He asked and she instantly nodded her like an excited kid. Sid smiled broadly and pulled her cheeks calling her cute. She blushed in response moving her eyelashes down.

“Seeing you only one-word come out of my mouth, beautiful.” He whispered while his hands were stroking her soft cheeks. She blushed more closing her eyes. Sid chuckled seeing her cutenesses.

“I love you a lot, angel. Always keep smiling like this.” He whispered, tucking her hair behind her ear admiring her beautiful face. She was just smiling looking into his eyes.

“I love you more, Sidharth.” She confessed resting her head on his chest. He embraced her in his protective arms and she snuggled in his arms. Both were having a content smile on their face.


“Jay, what’s your problem? Why are you making the issue of such a small thing? Did I say something wrong ? Muskan is stubborn and naughty because she got this quality from his daddy.” Mahi burst out on Jay when he closed the door walking inside the room.

He turned around and found her standing angrily crossing her arms around her chest. She was giving him deadly glares. He strolled toward her. He grabbed her waist and pulled her toward himself making her looked at him shockingly.

“You said absolutely right Mahi. I am naughty”. He spoke huskily coming close to her ear taking her breath away from her. He bit her earlobe. She clutched the collars of his blazer and bit her lower lip in response.

“So let’s do naughty things with you.” He whispered in her ear while his hands entered inside her Kurti which was having a slit in the middle. His hands were rubbing her bare stomach while his lips were touching her cheeks. Mahi got completely lost in his magical touch, Jay was smiling through the corner of his lips.

“You are so shameless also,” Mahi said angrily pushing him away and rushed toward the door when he was just about to grab her twins from inside the Kurti. Jay was shocked by her act.

“Mahi, What shame in front of wife ?” Jay shouted walking behind Mahi to stop her.

“Jay, Now I am angry because you ignored me without any reason.” She shouted and left from there slamming the door on his face.


Sana was painting standing in front of Canvas. She was completely lost in her work and Sid was completely lost in his work, work of admiring his angel. He was sitting on the sofa resting his chin on his hands and his elbows were kept on the table. He thought to click a few pictures of her because she was looking so beautiful at that moment. Her eyes were sparkling with the happiness which he could see clearly.

In one hand she was holding the tray and in the other hand paintbrush. Hairs were coming over her eyes and disturbing her. She tried to side it away with her hand from which she was holding the brush but in this, she put the paint on her face. Sid chuckled seeing this. She looked at him making a sad pout. He stood up and reached toward her taking long steps. He lifted his hand up to tuck her hair and dipped the finger of another hand in the tray of colour. Sana was completely lost looking into his eyes when he was tucking her hair behind her ear. He suddenly applied the colour on her nose, she frowned.

“This is not fair Sidharth.” She complained like a two-year-old kid, he was laughing crazily holding his stomach.

“You are looking so cute, angel.” He spoke pulling her cheeks and she made a sad pout.

“Tit for tat Mr Shukla.”She laughed applying the colour on his cheeks with the paintbrush. He laughed with her.

“Let’s take some selfies.” He spoke taking out the phone from the pocket of his jeans. Then he took some cute selfies of them on his phone. They were looking so adorable at that time. Then they cleaned each other faces with wet towel looking into each other eyes.

“Now let me complete my painting and don’t disturb me,” Sana said strictly showing her finger to him. Sid nodded his head meekly. She smiled and started doing her work again. He was seeing that her hairs were still disturbing her by coming in her eyes again and again. He went to the dressing table and smiled finding the clutcher.

She was so engrossed in her painting that she didn’t even come to know when Sid came to her and stood behind her. He carefully started gathering her hair with his hands. Sana turned her face and they passed each other smile. He never left any chance to make her feel blessed to have him in her life. She was smiling happily when he was tying her hair in a bun very carefully because he didn’t want to hurt her.

“It’s done.” He sighed after tying her hair with the clutcher. She turned toward him, having a smile on her face.

“Thank you, ” she pecked his cheeks and lips making him blush this time because these kisses were unexpected for him.

“So cute.” She chuckled and he rubbed his nape looking down shyly. She was just smiling seeing him.


After a few minutes, Sana was still busy in completing her painting while Sid thought to check the messages of his fans on Instagram.

He was smiling reading the messages but suddenly his expression changed. He frowned seeing something on the phone. He instantly stood up and rushed to the balcony in anger, calling somebody. Sana didn’t notice him because she was lost in her work.

“Sidharth,” she called him three times after few minutes and when she didn’t get any response. She looked toward the sofa but he was not there. Then her eyes started searching him in the whole room. She sighed, seeing him standing in the balcony but next moment she got worried because she could clearly see that he was shouting on somebody angrily on the phone. She understood that something was serious because she had never seen him losing his temper on small things.

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