(Part: 48) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

I stripped off naked in front of him, dropping every piece of clothing down on the floor one by one, gazing at him. I’m not ashamed to stand naked before him because my body his. I’ve submitted myself to him utterly on that day only when we had made love for the first time. He is glaring at my waist. I know, in his mind he’s only thinking about how that bastard was dancing with me by grasping my waist, his anger is rising with each passing second. He’s out of his senses, his mind is not in his control.

He grasped my waist and yanked me to himself. “You’ve really disappointed me a lot, Princess. How could you let any other man touch you?” He’s clutching my waist and pulling me closer to himself.

“Did you forget that you’re mine and it hurts me a lot when someone sees or touches you?” As he asked, I moved my eyelashes down in guilt. I know I did wrong and I’m ashamed of it.

Really, how did I let him touch me?

He trailed his one hand up my waist. I’m shivering with his touch. “Today, I’ll remind you that you’re mine, mine to touch and mine to feel.” He whispered against my lips, clenching my jaw. His eyes are filled with extreme anger. I’m craving to see the love in his eyes again. I’m a bit scared because I’ve never seen him in such a rage before.

“You belongs to me.” He captured my lips and pulled my head back by grasping my hair harshly. He kissed my lips roughly, biting my lips, yanking my hair and clenching my waist in fury. He grinding his crotch against mine harshly. Oh god, today he’s really angry. It is really a punishing kiss. I’ve made him so angry. It is my fault, I deserve his this kiss. Tears trickled down my cheeks mechanically after seeing how angry he’s. I hope, he gets fine soon. I’ve really awakened the devil inside him. Now I’ve to deal with this devil and I’m ready for it.

“You’re only mine, Princess, only mine.” He uttered possessively in outrage after the kiss. I’m panting, gazing at him.

“I’m only yours.” I murmured.

He knelt down before me and bit my waist harshly leaving the deep mark there, I screamed, clutching his hair. He is leaving his mark all over my waist and stomach, squeezing my butts and twins. He is not hurting me by doing this because he’s marking my body his, it is a pleasure for me. My body, my soul, I utterly belong to him.

“Today, I’ll leave my marks on every inch of your body. Whenever you look in the mirror after tonight, these marks will remind you that you belong to me. After this, you’ll never do such stupid things which you did today by giving permission to some other man to touch you.” He uttered these words, gazing up at me intensely. I got goosebumps all over my body after listening to his words. This man really drives me crazy. He’s so incredible. I’m loving his devil side too. I love his every side. I’m not afraid of his any side now. His devil side is arousing me more now. I don’t know why but I’m loving his this side too.

He lifted me up in his arms and strode towards the bedroom. He threw me on the soft mattress. After glancing at me, he walked towards his cupboard. He’s standing facing his back to me. I don’t know what he’s taking out from it. He turned towards me, still, his eyes are burning with anger. My eyes moved down towards his hand. I narrowed my brows in confusion, seeing the tie in his hand. He strode toward me, climbed on the bed and straddled me.

“Give me your hands.” He ordered sternly. I instantly held out my hands in front of him. He tied my hands firmly with the tie, still glaring at me in anger, but looking tempting.

He flattened my tied hands above my head and warned me. “Keep your hands here only.” He trailed his hands down my arms to armpits, I’m shivering and breathing heavily under him. My chests are rising up and down. I moaned as he suddenly squeezed my twins. He attacked my neck, he’s nibbling and biting my neck, leaving his marks there too. I’m moaning, arching my back. He started sucking one of my twins and playing with another one. I screamed, clutching my hands and threw my head back as he bit my one nipple and pinched the other one harshly. I screamed louder as he stretched both of my nipples with his hand and teeth. He’s really wild today because of his anger, but I’m enjoying his touch like always and loving his wild side.

After that he dug his face in my inner thigh. “Sidharth…” I shrieked loudly as he pushed his two fingers roughly into me without any warning, sucking my most sensitive spot. He thrust his fingers in and out, nibbling my spot. I’m moaning loudly. This is incredible. My legs started shaking, I’m about to release, but he took his fingers out of me. I cried in frustration. I need him badly now.

He climbed out of the bed and undressed himself, glaring at me. He’s damn hot. I can see in his eyes that he’s still so angry. I’m silent because he doesn’t like me to give an explanation when he’s angry. He wants me to stay quiet. He crawled on the bed, over me after wearing the condom. He positioned himself on me, glaring at me intensely. His warm breath is caressing my face.

“You’re only mine, Princess. Nobody has the right to touch you.” He shoved into me deeply, fulling me and stretching me, completing me again. I squeezed my eyes shut and fisted my tied hands, screaming loudly and arching my back. He thrust me hard and fast, groaning. “How could you let anybody touch you?” He shouted and gave a hard thrust. “How could you, Princess?” Another hard thrust. “How could you?” Another and another.

He pulled out of me and suddenly flipped me on my front. I moaned as he hit my butts roughly two times, making me jump. He squeezed them and rammed into me from behind. He yanked my hair and thrust me hard, shouting. “You’re only mine. I can’t bear it when anybody touches you.”

He’s not stopping today. He’s thrusting me, nibbling my back and grasping my hair. I’m crying now, burying my face in the mattress after seeing how much angry I’ve made him.

“I’m only yours, Sidharth. I, I’m only, yours.” I screamed loudly and finally, he stopped. He lay down beside me after coming out of me. I’m crying, not because of the pain, I’m crying because I hurt him a lot, today. Would he never forgive me for my mistake? Have I lost my Sidharth forever? No, no, I can’t live without him, I really love him. I cried and fell asleep within a few minutes in that position only because I’m so tired mentally and physically.

I’m in half-sleep, he opened my hands and pulled me in his warm arms and covered us with the comforter. I smiled blissfully and fell asleep peacefully in his warm arms, listening to his heartbeat.

Next morning, I woke up in his arms. I raised my head from his chest and found him staring at my marks on my wrist, his eyes are now filled with guilt. He’s caressing my wrist. He had tied my hands firmly last night, that’s why now the light marks have been formed there.

His eyes moved to my face. “I’m sorry, Princess. I was not in my senses last night,” he paused. “I hurt you a lot.” He whispered guilty, moving his eyes to my neck where there are marks of his love bite. He looked at me in guilt.

“Sidharth, I can understand you were angry and you didn’t hurt me. I can’t even explain you in words that what I felt when you gave me these love bites.” I traced the love bites down my neck, smiling contentedly. He’s still looking at me in guilt.

“I was so rough with you last night. I never ever wanted to be so rough with you.” He gently kissed my wrist.

“Aren’t you angry now?” I asked suddenly because last night after seeing his anger, I was thinking that he would never forgive me.

“No,” he shook his head, I sighed with relief. “ Now I’m guilty of hurting you. I warned you to go home, why you never listen to me, Princess.” He’s again becoming angry. He’s angry Bird.

“You didn’t hurt me. Yes, you were rough and wild, sometimes it’s okay. You know, I love your wild side too.” I winked at him. I’m trying to change the atmosphere.

“You’re lying.” As suddenly he uttered, I narrowed my brows. “You were hurt and crying last night.” I pouted sadly.

“I was crying because I made you so angry. I was thinking that you would never forgive me.” I told him the truth, he’s still looking at me in guilt. Last night, he was extremely angry and today he’s extremely guilty.

“I’m sorry. It was my fault. I got jealous of your cousin and danced with that bastard. I should have asked you first that who is she before reacting. I’m sorry.” I apologised and he stared at me incredulously.

“You’re really not hurt?” He asked in disbelief.

I shook my head. “No, your wild and dominating side arouses me more. I really love your this side, Sidharth. You can never hurt me.” I rested my head on his chest and he embraced me. I snuggled in his arms like a baby.

He kissed my head. “I really love you, Princess. I lost control of my mind when I get angry. I know, I’ve hurt you.” I raised my head and glared at him.

“You’re making me angry now. I’m saying that you didn’t hurt me.”I rebuked.

“I’m sorry.” He kissed my lips softly and gently, pouring his all love in the kiss. I loved his wild side last night but missed his kiss filled with immense love. I kissed him back with equal flavour, moving my hands in his hair. His thumb is stroking my cheeks and his finger are below my ears. I love him a lot. I really love him. I love everything about him. I love him from my heart and soul.

Promo: Sana sensed that Sid is behaving differently from few days.

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