(Part : 50 A) The Professor And His Princess

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I came back from coaching Center, exhausted, but my all tiredness vanished away as I received a message from my hottie Professor. A broad smile spread across my face instantly, seeing his name flashing on my phone’s screen. I really love him a lot. He’s peace of my life.

I opened his message, sitting on the bed.

My Hottie Professor: Ready for the punishment for provoking me a whole week?

I flushed after reading his message.

Nandini: I’m always ready for it.

My Hottie Professor: I’m reaching at the farmhouse in few minutes and sending a driver for you.

Nandini: I love you.

My Hottie Professor: I love you more, Princess. You’re my everything.

I smiled after reading his message. He loves me a lot.

I took a quick shower after shaving my hands and legs with Venus Razor. I’m wearing black lingerie under a black long dress, his favourite colour. I took a glance at myself in the mirror before strolling out of the room.

Now, I’m sitting on the backseat of the car, going to his farmhouse. I’m excited for tonight like always. My eyes are shimmering with the happiness and my lips are curved in a broad smile. My heart is pounding inside.

My phone beeped up in my hand. I instantly checked the message, thinking that it would be of Manik. I narrowed my brows in confusion after seeing an unknown number. I opened the message, a video is loading. I played the video, my eyes enlarged and my mouth wide open in shock after seeing Manik with a naked girl. A girl’s wrists and ankles have been tied to the bedposts, she is lying on her front, facing her back to him, and he’s standing bare-chested with a thin stick in his hand. My heart almost stopped beating as he hit the stick on her bare butts twice, the girl flinched in pain and the video ended.

The phone slipped down on my lap in shock. I palmed my mouth, my eyes are wide open. I’m utterly baffled after seeing this video, not in a state of thinking anything.

“What the fuck was this?” I murmured, taking hands down my mouth.

He was beating the girl in the video. Why, and who is the person who has sent me the video? Oh god, I’m bemused. I want my answer. When will I reach to his farmhouse? I don’t want to assume anything for now. I just want to reach there as soon as possible.

“Drive fast,” I asked the driver to drive fast because I’m going crazy, wondering about the video. How could he hurt someone like this?

“Calm down, Nandini, calm down.” I took a deep breath to relax. I’m just wondering why he was hitting the girl in the video.

I reached to his farmhouses within ten minutes, but these ten minutes were like ten hours for me. I directly rushed to his room after opening the main door from the key.

As I stepped into the room, I found him removing his black blazer. His lips curled up into a sexy smile as his eyes fell over me. “So you’re finally here, my Princess.” He uttered, gazing at me intensely after placing his blazer on the sofa. I forgot everything after looking at him. He hypnotises me with his sexy looks. This man really drives me crazy.

He strolled toward me. “You’re looking damn sexy in my favourite colour dress. I’m impressed.” He whispered huskily, coming close to my face. A shiver ran down my spine as his warm breath caressed my face. We’re gazing at each other intensely. He grasped my waist and captured my lips after pulling me to himself. I responded him back, my one hand went in his hair automatically, and I clutched the phone with my other hand. He is grinding his crotch against mine and taking his hand up my back. I got completely lost in the intense kiss, forgetting everything, but as I suddenly remembered about the video in which he was hitting the girl, I pushed him away from myself.

He stared at me, raising his eyebrows in shock. “What happened, Princess?” He asked concernedly, his brows creased.

“I want some answers.” I opened the video on my phone with shivering hands and showed it to him. He gasped after seeing the video. He swept his eyes from phone to me.

“What is this? Why are you hurting the girl?” I asked in fury.

He dashed to the bathroom and I rushed behind him. “Manik,” He slammed the door on my face before I could ask something. I felt a sharp in my heart as I heard his cry from inside the bathroom. Fuck! Why he’s crying? There is something very serious.

“Manik, open the door,” I yelled from outside, banging the door. “Manik, Why are you crying? You’re scaring me. Please, open the door.” I asked.

“You’ll leave me.” As he screamed from inside, my eyes brimmed with the tears, my chest is becoming heavy. I just can’t see him like this. It hurts a lot to see him like this.

Tears mechanically trickled down my cheeks. “I love you, Manik. I’ll never leave you, please, open the door.” I cried, placing my forehead over the door. I can feel that he’s also standing, putting his forehead on the door inside.

“You’ll hate me, Princess.” He cried more.

“Why would I hate you, Manik? I can never hate you because I love you a lot. I’ll not ask about that video, but please just open the door.” I’m trying to calm him down. I’m curious to know about the video, but before that, I’ve to calm him down. He’s most important to me.

“After knowing my dark secret of the past, you’ll hate me.” After listening to his words, I sighed with relief because that video is of his past, not present. I want to know his dark secrets, I want to know everything about him, but whatever it is, it doesn’t matter to me because, in present, he loves me only. I can see in his eyes how much he loves me. He is so afraid to lose me. His past doesn’t matter to me because I know he loves me truly.

“Manik, do you love me?” I asked suddenly. He became quiet after listening to my question.

I uttered after a few seconds of silence. “I really love you, Princess. I just don’t want to lose you. I love you so much. I want to protect you from this cruel world. You’re my world. I can do anything for your happiness.” A smile spread across my face after listening to his confession, tears are still rolling down my cheeks.

“Manik, whatever is your past, it doesn’t matter to me. In present, you love me truly, only this matters to me. Your dark past, nothing can stop my heart from loving you. Whatever you were in past, it doesn’t matter to me because I know in present you’re such a beautiful person. I love you, Manik. You’ve to trust me now that I will never leave you. I want you to trust me, Manik and share everything with me. I promise you that I’ll understand you. Now I really want to know everything about you.” After explaining to him everything, I commanded. “Open the door, now.”

He opened the door slowly, he’s staring at me helplessly like a small kid. He’s like a baby who needs love. Oh god, how could he think that I would hate him? I can never hate him. My heart beats for him only.

“I really love you. I’ll never leave you.” I hugged him tightly, burying my face in his chest and clutching his shirt from the back. I want to assure him that I’ll never leave him. I want him to trust me and share everything with me.

I smiled blissfully as he hugged me back and pulled me closer to himself. “I feel so lucky to have the person like you in my life, Princess. I just can’t believe that you’re still in my arms after seeing that video.” He placed a kiss on my head.

“I’ll get angry if now you don’t share everything with me,” I warned him, glaring at him as we broke the hug.

He clasped my face and smiled at me. “I’ll share everything with you because now I’m utterly sure that you won’t leave me after knowing my past, but you will be extremely shocked after knowing this because my past is beyond your thinking.” I’m getting curious now.

“My story is going to be very long and after knowing this, you’ll have millions of questions in your mind, so I think we shall lie down comfortably on the bed first.” I just nodded my head. My heartbeat is accelerating because of the curiosity. I really don’t have any idea what can be his past. I’m clueless and curious. Finally, he’s going to share everything after putting his fear on the side. I’m happy after getting successful in assuring him that I’ll never leave. Our love is so strong that no power can separate us.


  1. Zor ka jhatka dhere se laga mujhe. Expect nahi kiya tha aisa video but jo main soch rahi hu agar woh nikal jaye to main to gayi…. nandu ka kya mere dimag mei 1000 sawal aur paida hojayenge… anyway lets see the next…. kitne jhatke baki hai waise? 😂 pehle se gin loon to asani hoga…


  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hehe nandu tou manik ke punishment ke liye bhi always ready hote hai thats why when manik messaged her to come to his farmhouse for punishment she agreed without any fear…
    Shit ye kesa video hai manik ka where he is hitting a girl and who is that disgusting person who send that video to nandu i am sure uss insaan yeh socha hoga after seeing this video nandu will leave manik but no there love is very strong and it wont break easily…
    Poor manik uska reaction was so shocking he started crying after seeing thats video thinking now nandu will hate him for his past and nandu’s heart was breaking seeing her love crying like that and doubting her that she will leave him…
    Ketne pyaar se and with all the affection she has for manik she consoled him that she can never leave him which made him trust her and come out…
    Now when he knows she wont leave him and she loves him alot so he got ready to share his past with her…


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