(Part: 50 B) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

We lay down on the bed, cuddling each other. He pulled the comforter over us. “Thank you for loving me so much always, Princess.” He kissed my forehead, I smiled.

“I’ll love you always.” We beamed ear to ear.

“You didn’t understand anything after seeing the video?” He asked after a few seconds.

“You were hurting that girl. Why?” I asked, narrowing my brows. “Why you were hurting that girl?” I asked, staring at him bemusedly.

“I wasn’t hurting that girl, Princess. I was spanking her with that stick. She was enjoying it. It was giving her pleasure and pain both. Before meeting you, I use to dominate girls.”

“She was your girlfriend?” I asked instantly, cutting his words.

“No, Princess. You’re my first love. I hated girls before meeting you, and you know the reason why.” Yes, because of his stepmother.

“Then who was she?”

“She was my submissive.”

“Submissive?” I raised my brows.

“We were in the BDSM relationship. It means bondage, and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism. This involves spanking, wiping, bondage, gagging, submission, pleasure, dominance, handcuffs and much more. I was his master and she was my submissive. She loves pain. After my stepmom, I was craving to give pain to women. When I was eighteen, studying in the U.S.A, I came to know about this relationship. This relationship is common in foreign countries, but not in India. I made my first submissive when I was nineteen. In this relationship, submissive has to follow every command and rules of their master without any argument and if they don’t, they get punished. I punished my submissive, tied them up, wiped them, fuck them roughly to take out the anger. I used to see my stepmom in all the women before meeting you. I came into this relationship just to take out my anger and aggression. But the real meaning of BDSM is not only about giving pain. It much more that. It is more about the pleasure of submissive. They gave their full control to their masters by trusting them utterly that they wouldn’t hurt them beyond their limit. Princess, I never forced any girl, they willingly submitted themselves to me. I was feeling good and enjoying it because I had been craving to take out my anger and aggression of my stepmother. But the truth is that I wasn’t completely satisfied after coming into this relationship. After getting you, I understood that I wanted love more than this. I’m utterly satisfied with my life after getting you. You’ve completed me.” He paused and asked. “You want to ask something?”

I shook my head. I’m just blank at this moment. This is so deep and crazy shit. I never heard about this before. I’m trying to understand. For now, I’m just listening to him and I’ll think about it later on when he finishes telling everything to me.

“Princess, I know you from one year and I joined college for you.” I widened my eyes in shock after knowing this. What, he really knows me from one year?

He smiled, stroking my cheek. “It was love at first sight, but I wasn’t ready to accept that I love you because I don’t want to hurt you because of my this nature. You’re the first girl who didn’t make me angry. After seeing you I didn’t feel like to hurt you. I smiled, seeing you. You were wearing a blue top and black jeans that day, your hairs were open and flowing in the air, you were eating Ice cream. I kept staring at you like an idiot. It was the first time, I found a girl so beautiful. You know, now I thank god every second for making me meet you. At that moment only I understood that you’re a special girl for me and I love you. I wanted to approach to you that day only but stopped myself after thinking that I might hurt you because of my dominating nature. I was getting restless, I wanted you in my life badly. I needed you, I needed love badly. After fighting with myself for one year, I joined the college to admire you and started talking to you as a Stranger because I was craving to talk to you. That’s why I used to say that we couldn’t be more than just friends because I never wanted to make a part of my dark life, I didn’t want to hurt you. But God was planning something else because you also fell in love with me and for you, I thought to give a chance to us because I don’t want to break your, heart, by rejecting you. It took me one week to make myself ready to make you the part of my life, my dark life. Now you’ve become my life.” He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“You know, that night because of my anger, I treated you like my other submissive which I never wanted to do. I was angry with myself for treating you like them. That’s why I was trying to change myself because I never want to treat my Princess like other girls because she’s special. She deserves my love and only love. I’m just afraid of my dominating nature and anger. I like to discipline and command people. This is my nature and I’m happy that you’ve accepted me the way I’m. I’m so lucky to have you, Princess. I gathered courage and today I told you everything because of you only. You made me believe that my past doesn’t matter to you and you’ll always love me, that’s why today I told you everything without any fear because I know you’ll understand me and never leave me because of my past.”

For a few minutes, we gazed into each other eyes silently. His past was beyond my thinking but I just can’t believe that he loves me so much. He wasn’t ready to accept me because he doesn’t want to hurt me, but for me, he accepted me. From starting, he has always thought about me only. He never thinks about himself. He needed love, but still, he wasn’t ready to accept me because of his dominating nature. But he doesn’t know, his dominating nature arouses me. I can be his submissive too because I trust him that he will never hurt me. I love it when he commands me, disciplines me, punishes me and Master word sounds so sexy. What I’m thinking? I think I’m going insane. I’m so happy because today, I know everything about him.

“Say something.” He uttered after a few minutes of silence.

“You were so stupid that you were thinking that I would leave you after knowing this. I’m shocked, but I don’t think, you did something wrong. But One thing you did wrong.” I frowned at him.

“What?” He instantly asked, getting afraid.

“You accepted me late. Life is so small and you wasted our one year of that small life.”

“I’m sorry, I was afraid.” He guiltily stared at me.

Suddenly a question popped up into my mind and asked instantly. “You were in a relationship with other girls in that one year too?”

“No, because I stopped hating girls after seeing you. My hatred for girls vanished away automatically. I just only think about you.” I smiled after knowing this. “You changed me a lot, Princess. You make my life so beautiful and you teach me to live. I’m so lucky to have you.”

“I’m also lucky to have you, Sidharth.” I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes, having a content smile on my face.

I raised my head and excitedly looked at him. “Sidharth, by the way, we can also try this relationship just for enjoyment because this is something new and exciting for me, I’ve complete faith in you and I love the way you dominate me and punish me. You know, I want to experience everything with you.”

“You really want to try this?” He asked in utter shock, his eyes glinted with excitement which means, he also wants to try.

“Yes, because I want to look at your every shade. I want to see you as a master too. I want to make you my master also after my hottie professor.” I winked at him. “ I want to experience everything in this one life with you and only you. You’ve so many shades and I love your every shade, my Master.” I flushed after calling him master and he smirked at me.

He suddenly turned me on my front and came above me. “You’re beyond my imagination, Princess. You’re so carefree girl. I love you a lot. You’re so different and unique and the way you called me master, it turned me on. Please, say it again.” I flushed harder, we are gazing at each other intensely.

“Master,” I whispered against his lips and he captured my lips. He started kissing me hungrily, I kissed him back with equal flavour, running my hands in his hair. He swiftly moved my dress up and slid my undies down my legs, I undid the button of his jeans and pulled down his jeans with the boxer hastily, freeing his junior. He eased into me deeply, pinning my hands against the mattress without breaking the kiss, I dug my nails into his hands and bit his lips. He gave me the time to adjust him and then started thrusting me, hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I feel so good and complete when he’s inside me. I love this feeling. It is a pleasurable and pure bliss.

“I love you, Princess.” He pushed into me deeper and came out. “I love you a lot.” He pounded into me deeper and deeper, I screamed louder and louder.

“I love you, Sidharth.” We cum together. I hugged him tightly, wrapping my legs and arms around him.

“Sidharth, will you show me your master side?” I asked after a few minutes as we broke the hug.

“Of course, Princess because I know you trust me that I would never hurt you. You have a submissive nature. We can try it if you want. You’ve to follow all my rules and commands, and you have to submit yourself to me utterly.” He smirked.

“I’m ready to submit myself utterly to my master.” I winked at him. He shook his head in disbelief and embraced me in his arms. “This will not a relationship of Master and submissive, this will the relationship of Master and his Princess. No matter what, you’ll always remain my Princess.”

Finally, the story ends here.

Unexpected part?

But I’ll write the sequel which will be like fifty shades of grey, more erotic and hot than this book. Since I watched that movie, I wanted to write a book like that, filled with love because I want to write something different and unique. If you don’t like this concept, then you can skip the sequel of this book and you can read my other books, but please don’t spread negativity because I know not everybody will like this concept.

So how do you find the book ‘Professor And His Princess’? Shower your love to this book for the last time.

And also don’t forget to tell, how much excited you are for the sequel?

I’ll take two or three weeks break before starting the sequel because I want to complete my pending books in that break. Hope you understand.

Love Mehak


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