(Part: 7) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Next Morning

Sana woke up in the morning, having a huge smile on her face after sleeping peacefully at night in the arms of her husband. She was lying on her one side, her head and her hand was on his chest and her knee was on his waist. He was sleeping holding her tightly in his strong arms. Waking up in his arms where she felt safest, waking up listening to his heartbeat which was her favourite music, every morning she wanted to wake up like this only.

She raised her head from his chest and smiled, looking at her husband who was sleeping like a small baby with open mouth. She started admiring him and got lost in him for a few minutes.

“Don’t leave. I want to sleep more.” As she tried to come out of his arms, he murmured in sleep holding her tighter.

“Sid, I am getting late. I want to make breakfast.” She spoke looking at him. She could lie in his arms for twenty four hours but she wanted to make breakfast for everybody.

“But I want to sleep in your arms more.” He spoke like a stubborn kid pulling her closer to himself. She was smiling, seeing his cuteness.

“Okay, but only for half an hour,” Sana spoke like a strict mother snuggling in his arms. He just kissed her head in response. She fell asleep in his arms again within a few minutes thinking about her life.


Sid woke up again after sleeping for two hours more. Sid was admiring her from one hour. She looked at him after opening her eyes and he wished her good morning kissing her forehead. “Good morning, my beautiful angel.” She smiled in response and wished him back in a sleepy tone. For a few minutes, they kept staring into each other eyes having a smile on their face.

“Sid, I wanted to make breakfast for everybody. You made me late now.” She complained like a cute baby while he was playing with her hair.

“No, I will never let you make breakfast.” He said making her look at him confusingly.

“Why?” She asked raising her eyebrows.

“Because I wake up late and I will not let you leave the bed before me.”

“Don’t you want to eat breakfast made from my hands ?” She asked in a fake sad tone and he smiled seeing her.

“But I want to eat this in breakfast.” He spoke huskily brushing her lower lip with his thumb. He was gazing at her lips intensely, having desires in his eyes. Sana got lost in his touch.

“So, Can I have them ?” He asked like a gentleman, looking at her still rubbing her lip.”

“But I haven’t done the brush yet.” She spoke innocently making him chuckled.

“As If I care Sana.” Saying this he captured her lips coming above her. She was taken aback and started responding to his kiss after a minute. Her hands went in his black silky hair and pulled him closer to herself. They slept at night after kissing each other lips and in the morning, they were kissing each other lips like they were craving from ages. They were exploring every corner of each other mouth. Sid was turning her on and making her crazy by rubbing his body against her while kissing her lips.

Leaving her lips, he attacked toward her neck. She arched her back and threw her head back to give him complete access to her neck. He bit the side of her neck lightly but didn’t leave any mark. She moaned in response clenching his hair. He again came back to her lips after kissing and sucking every inch of her neck.

“Damn. Sana, you are so irresistible.” He was kissing her lips softly and said breaking the kiss for few seconds only. He again captured her lips. Sana was completely lost in him. She was under the spell of his love.


“Mahi, my towel,” Jay shouted for the towel from inside the bathroom when Mahi was arranging the clothes in the cupboard. Muskan was still sleeping. She shook her head in disbelief seeing the towel which was kept on the sofa. She went toward the door of the bathroom picking up the towel.

As she knocked on the door, he opened the door. Mahi breath became uneven and she froze on her place seeing his husband wet muscular body. He was only wearing boxer which became wet. The water droplets on his six packs abs were making him look hotter and Mahi was going crazy seeing his hotness. Jay was smirking seeing her condition. As she bit her lower lip, he took her inside holding her shoulders. He closed the bathroom’s door with a kick and slammed her lips pinning her hands above her head on the door. He was sucking and biting her lips while rubbing his hard junior against her inner thigh making her completely turn on.

“I need you right now.” He spoke near to her lips breaking the kiss. Both were gazing into each other breathing heavily.

“Then do it fast. Muskan can wake up at any time.” Jay smiled listening to her words and again captured her lips after cupping her face. Her hands reached on the waistband of the boxer after rubbing his chest. She pulled down his boxer and he pulled down her leggings with undies swiftly. She widened her legs for him and he eased into her in one go making her scream in his mouth.


Sid walked outside from the bathroom and found his angel standing in front of the mirror, she was drying her air with the hairdryer. She was wearing pink plazo suit. He was loving the way her hairs were flowing in the air. She was looking so beautiful. She smiled seeing him through the mirror and he smiled back strolling toward her. Her breath became heavy and her heartbeat accelerated as he pulled her toward himself by grabbing her waist from behind. He nuzzled her hair and inhaled the scent of her hair. He snaked his one arm around her waist and from his other hand, he took the dryer from her hand.

“Let me do this angel.” He whispered, looking at her through the mirror and she just smiled in response. He started drying her hair while his other hand was going up from her waist. He grabbed her one twin and squeezed it making her moan softly. He massaged her both the twins one by one while drying her hair, she squeezed her eyes shut, clutching her hands. He was smirking looking at her expressions in the mirror.

“It’s done.” He spoke pinching her nipple over the fabric. She moaned opening her eyes in response. He was smirking looking at her and she was smiling shyly looking at him through the mirror.

“Sid, have you seen my phone ?” She asked turning toward him. Sid’s expression got changed. He hid her phone because he didn’t want her to come across that news and read any of the messages which she was receiving from yesterday.

“I didn’t.” His heart ached while lying to her.

“I remember that I kept in my handbag before leaving from the hotel and when today I checked it, it was not there.” she was worried. She wasn’t understanding where it went away.

“Relax.. we will buy the new.” He spoke cupping her face and she nodded her head slightly in response.

“Give me your phone. I have to call dad.” She asked for his phone. He nodded his head and went to bring his phone which was kept on the table. He gave his phone to her after calling her father. She smiled at him putting the phone on the ear. He led her toward the dressing table and made her sit on the stool which was kept in front of it. Sana raised her eyebrows looking at him through the mirror and waiting for her dad to pick up the phone. He picked up the comb from the table and showed to her.

“Sid I will do it.” She was about to get up, but he held her shoulders and didn’t let her move. She stared him through the mirror.

“Hello daddy. Good morning.” Before she could say something. Her dad picked up the phone and she greeted him. He started combing her hair carefully and gently. Sana smiled at him looking at him through the mirror. His gestures made her always speechless. She always felt so lucky to have him in her life.

“Did you take breakfast?” She asked concernedly. She was so happy after marrying Sid but a little sad too because her father had to live alone now. She was worried about him because he was getting old and nobody was there to take care of him.


After talking to her father for a few minutes, She hung up the call. Sid was standing behind her holding her shoulders. He could see that she was tensed and he knew the reason also but he didn’t want to make her more worried talking about it, so he started talking about something else.

“Sana, what are you wearing tonight at the reception party?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“See yourself tonight.” She spoke getting up from the stool and picked up the case of sindoor from the dressing table.

“That’s not fair angel.” He complained like a small kid and she stood in front of him opening the case. He filled the sindoor on the parting line of her hair. She closed her eyes and smiled contently. He took her in his arms after kissing her forehead. She snuggled in his arms, having a smile on her face. Both got lost in each other arms closing their eyes.


“Wake up my little princess,” Mahi spoke caressing Musu’s hair who was sleeping cutely covering the whole bed. She didn’t respond.

“Wake up baby.” She started kissing all over her face. This was her way to wake up her princess from her deep slumber.

“Five minutes more, mumma.” She spoke in sleepy tone turning toward another side. Mahi sat beside her and leaned down.

“Okay take ten minutes more.” She spoke caressing her hair and kissed her cheeks. She smiled in sleep.

“Jay wake up Muskan after ten minutes. Give her bath and bring her downstairs. I have to make breakfast.” As Jay came back from the washroom, Mahi instructed him standing up from the bed. She left in a hurry before Jay could stop him. He shook his head in disbelief.


Sana stepped into the kitchen and found Mahi and Neyonika were preparing breakfast and few maids were helping them in chopping the vegetables and giving them the things which they needed.

“Good morning, mom. Good morning, bhabhi.” She wished them, strolling toward them. They smiled at her and wished her back.

“Good morning, mam.” Maids also wished her and she smiled at them wishing them back politely.

“Don’t call me mam. You all can call me with my name. I don’t have any problem.” They all smiled at her nodding their heads. Once again she won the heart of her mother in law with her kindness.

“So sweet of you, mam. I mean Shehnaaz.” One of the maids said and she just smiled in response.

“I am sorry, mom, I know, I am late.” She apologised from Neyonika.

“You woke up on time. You aren’t late and you can wake up anytime bacha (child). There is no timing.” Neyonika said putting a hand on her face.

“Sana, your mother in law is not like the mothers-in-law of television drama who will punish you for waking up late. In fact, she is extra sweet.” Mahi spoke encircling her arms around Neyonika neck from behind.

“I love you, mom,” Mahi spoke after kissing her cheeks from behind. Sana was smiling wholeheartedly seeing their bond.

“Love you more mera bacha (my child),” Neyonika spoke putting her hand on her face.

“Okay Mahi, I will handle all this. You take Sana outside at the dining table.” Neyonika ordered Mahi. She nodded her head.

“But why outside? I want to help you with preparing breakfast.” Sana spoke innocently while Neyonika and Mahi passed each other a smile.

“Sana, I will tell you everything. Come with me.” Mahi led her out of the kitchen.

“You can’t do any household work until the colour of henna fades away completely.” They settled down at the dining table and Mahi told her why she can’t cook.

“I think, this rule has been made, so that newly married couple can enjoy a few days of their marriage without any work. By the way, mom will not let you work so much. You know she is the sweetest mother in law of this world. She never made me feel like I am less important to her than their own kids. Now you will also get to know about the mother’s love and care.” Mahi was happily praising her mother in law and Sana was smiling contentedly.

“You are also sweet, bhabhi.” Sana complimented her and Mahi smiled broadly.

“Thank you, Sana. By the way, call me Mahi because I want to become your friend.”Mahi spoke putting a hand on her hand which was kept on the table.

“Okay, but I will make you my friend on one condition.” She spoke making Mahi looked at her confusingly. She raised her eyebrows.

“You have to tell me your love story. I really want to know.” Mahi smiled happily, remembering about her and Jay love story which was filled with lots of twists but at the end, they became one forever.

“Sure, why not ? So friends.” Mahi asked forwarding her in front of her.

“After you will tell me the story.” She chuckled after saying this.

“Just kidding, Mahi.” She spoke holding her hand and both laughed wholeheartedly with each other. This was the beginning of their unbreakable friendship.

Sid was admiring them standing upstairs. He was happy to see the way Sana was bonding with his family.

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