(Part: 9) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

“Daddy.. aap mela Bunty le ae, you are best. (Daddy, you brought my Bunty, you are best.)”She rushed toward the edge of the bed where Jay was standing. Jay gave the teddy to her and kissed her cheeks. Muskan started jumping on the bed joyfully hugging the teddy near to her chest. Jay and Mahi were smiling looking at their princess.

“How did you bring this?” She asked when Jay walked toward her and sat down in front of her. She paused when Jay showed the order summary of that teddy bear on one online app.

“You found the same toy online.” She looked at him surprisingly. He was just smiling at her.

“It was a difficult task but nothing remains difficult for me when it comes to you and our princess happiness. You were sounding so worried for Muskan on phone and I can’t see you both sad.” Jay whispered and Mahi was looking at him having a broad smile on her face and her eyes were filled with so much love.

“You are the best. I am so lucky to have you and I love you so much.” She hugged him tightly wrapping her arms around his neck. He hugged her back having a smile on his face and kissed her head. Muskan frowned seeing her Mumma and daddy who got lost in each other forgetting about her.

“Musu bhi hai yaha.. (Musu is also here.)” she tried to pull them apart holding their shoulders. Jay and Mahi broke the hug while laughing on their daughter’s cute antics. She was looking at them with an angry pout. Jay and Mahi hugged her together and sandwiched her in between them.


“Sid, I want to talk to you.” Sid was about to open the door of her room but stopped hearing the voice of Mahi.

“Come inside then.” He spoke turning toward her but she nodded her head in no.

“Actually Sid, I want to talk to you in private.” Sid nodded his head. Somewhere Sid got an idea that what she wanted to talk about. Mahi started walking toward her room and he followed her.

They stepped inside her room. Sid sat down on the couch and she walked toward her after closing the door.

“Sid, I think you shouldn’t hide about that fake news from Sana. You should tell her before she came to know from somewhere else. She deserves to know. She will understand you, Sid .” She tried to convince him to tell Sana about the fake news standing in front of him. He was listening to her looking down.

“I know she will understand me but,” he stood up. “She will get upset. You don’t know, bhabhi, after so many years, she is happy. I just can’t see her sad again.” He said sadly looking at her. Mahi put her hand on his shoulder.

“I can understand your concern, Sid. But she is your wife, she has the right to know everything. Sid, I am putting myself at Sana place then I am telling you what I feel. I never want my husband to hide anything from me and I don’t want him to solve all the problems alone. I want him to share with me everything. I am sure, Sana also wants this from you, Sid .” Mahi tried to make him understand as a friend to him. She was showing him the right path.

“Bhabhi, I have seen her in so much pain that now I just want to see her happy. I can’t bear sadness on her face. It hurts a lot.” He closed his eyes dejectedly and her crying face came in his mind.

“But I think, you are saying right, I should tell her.” He opened his eyes and spoke after taking a deep breath. Mahi smiled slightly in response because finally, he understood her.

“I am glad you understand, Sid. Now go and tell her.” Sid nodded his head in yes on her words.

“Thank you, bhabhi for always showing me the right path.” Before walking out of the room, Sid thanked her wholeheartedly holding her hands. Mahi smiled at him and he walked out.


Sid walked into his room to tell Sana everything but god was planning something else.

His face colour changed when he saw Sana sitting on the edge of the bed holding her phone in her hand and she was having tears in her eyes. His heart broke down seeing his angel in tears. This was the only reason that he didn’t want to tell her about the news to her. He couldn’t even see a single tear in her eyes.

“Sana,” He called her in low voice and took a few small steps toward her. She looked at him dishearteningly like her eyes were asking from him that why, why did he do this with her.

He reached toward her and she stood up still looking at him with her moist eyes. He was looking down in guilt standing in front of her.

“I,” Sid looked at her and he was about to say something but he stopped as she showed him her hand.

“Why did you do this Sidharth? You have hurt me for the first time.” Sid was feeling guilty. He closed his eyes dejectedly. He never wanted to hurt her, but he hurt her by hiding the truth from her.

“You thought, I won’t trust you after reading this news.” Sid nodded his head in no listening to her words. She was taking things in the wrong way.

“I can explain..” He spoke and lifted his hands toward her to hold her face but before his hands could come in contact with her face, she moved away from her face. He took away her hands looking at her sadly.

“I don’t want any explanation. I need some alone time.”

“No, I am not going. You have to listen.” He spoke, cubbing her face and pulled her face toward himself. Both looked into each other eyes deeply.

“Please, leave me alone for some time.” She begged from him to leave her alone but he nodded his head in no while his thumbs were wiping her tears.

“Okay fine, so I am leaving.” She spoke angrily while pushing him away. He was shocked seeing her anger.

“Sana stop,” she walked out of the room and he rushed behind her calling her.

“Please, listen to me for once, Sana.” He stopped her holding her hand and requested her to listen to him.

“The news didn’t hurt me, Sid.” She turned her face towards him.

“You have hurt me by hiding it from me. By doing this, you showed me clearly that you don’t trust me.” he left her hand listening to her words and she rushed from there last time looking at him dishearteningly.

Few tears rolled down from his eyes to his cheeks. He was regretting badly for hiding the news from her. He didn’t think that she would react like this. He was feeling guilty because she was hurt and crying because of him. He became the reason of her tears which he never wanted to become.

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Love Mehak

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