(Part: 12) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

“Mumma aap mujhe jaldi se tyaar kaldo. Aaj musu sabse phele tyaar hogi.(Mumma make me ready fast, today musu will get ready before anybody.)” Muskan strolled toward Mahi, holding her doll in her hand. Mahi was sitting on the sofa and she was busy on her phone.

“Okay, then lets select your dress,” Mahi said excitedly getting up from the sofa. She picked up Muskan in her arms and walked toward the dressing room.

Muskan was sitting on the stool in front of a huge mirror wearing a beautiful red frock. Mahi was combing her hair carefully and lovingly while she was playing with her doll which was in her hand.

“Mumma, daddy kab aenge? Mujhe unhai apni dless dikhani hai. ( Mumma, When will daddy come? I want to show him my dress.)” she stood upon the stool and asked looking at Mahi.

“Daddy is on the way. He will be reaching here at any moment.” Mahi answered while putting the red colour pins on hair.

“Mumma main kaisa lag rha ho? ( Mumma, how I am looking?)” She asked excitedly from her mother and rolled hair on her tiny finger in attitude. She was looking super cute.

“You are looking so pretty my doll.” Mahi cupped her face and gently kissed her forehead.


“Sana tell me, what are you going to wear at the reception party ?” Sid asked encircling his arms around her waist from behind when she was combing her hair, standing in front of the mirror.

“It’s a surprise, Sid. When I get ready then you will see yourself.” She answered after turning toward him and he made a sad pout.

“Stop being so cute baby or else I will eat you,” Sana warned him pulling his cheeks and chuckled.

“Then who is stopping you, angel, from eating me. I am all yours, go ahead and eat me.” He pulled her closer to himself grabbing her waist and whispered near to her lips. Their proximity started making her breath heavy and heartbeat fast. His hands were squeezing her waist.

“Sid, I, I have to get ready. We are getting late.” She tried to push him away, but he held her tighter.

“But before that I want you to eat my angel.” He pulled her more closer to himself. Now their chests were pressing against each other and she could feel his hard membrane on her stomach over the fabric.

“Ahaa, Sid. I think something went in my eye.” Sana suddenly started yelling in pain covering her one eye with her hand.

He started laughing loudly after leaving her. Sana looked at him confusingly still her hand was covering her one eye.

“You are really a bad actor, Angel.” He spoke while laughing. She made a sad pout because he caught her lie.

“How do you catch my lie every time, Sid ?” She asked in a sad tone.

“Because you can’t lie to me, Mrs Shukla.” He rubbed his nose against her. She smiled at him cutely and he kissed her nose.

“Now take your clothes and leave the room. I have to get ready.” She spoke giving his clothes which were kept on the bed.

“Are you throwing me out of my own room?”

“Yes, because now this is my room too.” She spoke holding her waist.

“Sid, please, I have to get ready. Please go..” she requested pushing him away when he again started coming close to her lips.

“Okay fine, I am leaving. But give a call as soon as you get ready.” She nodded her head on his words.

“I am excited to see my angel in that dress which is a surprise for me. That’s why I am going without getting my kiss.” He kissed her cheeks and walked out. She was laughing on his words while closing the door.


Mahi was standing in front of the mirror and applying lipstick. She was looking dead gorgeous in red crop top and skirt. The theme colour of the party was red for girls and black for the boys. Her hairs were curled perfectly and falling on her back.

That time only, Jay stepped into the dressing room. He had just come back from the office. He was holding the coat in his hand and the sleeves of the shirt were rolled up till his elbow. A few seconds ago, he was completely exhausted but after seeing his beautiful wife, he became fresh and his tired eyes started sparkling. After keeping the coat on the couch, he walked toward her.

He encircled his arms around her bare waist from behind and pulled her closer to himself. Mahi was taken aback. She had no idea of his presence. She looked at him through the mirror.

“Are you planning to kill your husband by your looks today?” He whispered in her ear and she blushed looking down. He smiled, seeing her response in the mirror.

“Really this girl is going to kill me one day,” Jay said to himself in his mind.

“Jay, first you tell me that when did you come back from office?” She removed his hands from her waist and asked turning toward him. Jay was looking at her from head toe.

“I came when you were busy in applying lipstick on your lips, the lipstick which I am going to spoil now.” He whispered, coming close to her lips and his thumb was rubbing her lower lip.

“Jay, we are already getting late. So stop all this. You will get the kiss after the party.” She said pushing him away.

“Can’t we skip this reception, Mahi? because I need you right now.” He asked pulling her toward himself after wrapping his arms her waist and he was nuzzling her neck.

“Jay,” she shouted pushing him away.

“Today is your brother’s reception and you are asking this question. That’s very bad.” She scolded him and he made a sad pout.

“Okay fine, I understood. Now stop scolding me and tell me where is our little princess.” He asked raising eyebrows.

“She is showing her dress to everybody. You get ready and I am bringing her.” She walked out leaving a disappointed Jay behind her who didn’t even get a kiss.


Sana called him after getting ready and in no time he reached in his room like an excited kid, but got disappointed when he didn’t find her in the room. His phone started ringing which was in his pocket. ‘My Angel’ this name was flashing on the screen. He instantly picked up the phone and put the phone over his ear.

“Where are you, angel ?” He asked getting frustrated because he was going crazy to see her.

“Calm down, Mr Shukla. Don’t forget that the fruit of patience is sweet.” She laughed after saying this and listening to her laugh from another side, he instantly calmed down.

“But where are you? You know that I am dying to see you.”

“Just close your eyes, count till ten and I will be in front of you.” She told him.

“Okay, I am doing.” He closed his eyes and started counting loudly. Sana walked out from the balcony and laughed silently putting a hand on her mouth after seeing Sid. She was looking breathtakingly beautiful in red saree. Her hairs were straight and falling on both sides of her shoulders. She stood in front of him setting her hair.

“Ten…” saying this, he opened his eyes and he froze after seeing her. She was looking so sexy in that red saree. For the first time, he was seeing her in the saree. He used to think that how she would look in saree and also he used to imagine her in saree, but she was looking more beautiful and sexy in real than his imagination. She had really surprised him with her this look.

The way he was gazing at her from top to bottom, it made her blush. She looked down becoming red like a tomato.

“Sid,” she called him putting a hand on his shoulder and brought him back on the earth.

“I am just speechless, Sana. I can’t even describe in words that what you are doing to me right now. This saree is suiting you as it has made for you. Can we cancel this reception?” He asked and both chuckled.

“By the way, you are also looking very hot in this black coat suit, Mr Shukla.” She complimented him, encircling her arms around his neck. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to himself making her shocked. She shivered with his touch. Their fronts pressed against each other and turning them on.

“Not hotter than you, angel.” He whispered coming close to her lips and took her breath away from her. She blushed and her eyelashes moved down.

“I really love the way you blush and that time how your big eyelashes moved down.” He snaked his one arm around her waist and whispered pulling her chin upward with his thumb and index finger. She smiled shyly looking at him.

“You notice every little thing about me.” She spoke happily. He smiled looking at her and his hand was playing with her silky hair.

“Yes.” He kissed her cheek.

“Now can I get what I want ?” He asked raising his eyebrows while his hand tucked her hair behind her ear.

“What ?” She asked like she was having no idea what he was asking for. She was just teasing her husband.

“I want to spoil your lipstick, I want to eat your lips and I want to feel your tongue dancing inside my mouth.” He whispered huskily, coming near to her lips and his thumb was brushing her lower lip.

His other hand was rubbing her bare back, the blouse of saree was backless. Her breath was becoming heavy because of their proximity. She was shivering with his touch. She could feel his hot breath on her lips and her whole body was burning with the desire.

She really wanted him to kiss her and take her to the place where only he could take her. The place which is far away from the real world, the place where there is no tension, no pain, no stress, where there is only love. It was her favourite place.

“Chachu Chachi, how I am looking?” Muskan’s voice startled them. They immediately pulled away from each other. Both were feeling so embarrassed after getting caught by a little girl.

So that’s how the romance breaker ‘Muskan’ broke their chachu chachi romance for the first time.

“Chachu kya chachi ki aakh mein kuch chala gya tha? (Did something go in Chachi’s eyes.)” Muskan asked innocently walking toward them. Sidnaaz took a deep breath of relief because now they wouldn’t have to explain her.

“Yes, but how did you come to know ?” Sid asked out of curiosity.

“Kuki jab Mumma ki eyes mein kuch chala jata hai toh daddy bhi Mumma ki eyes se aise hi nikalte hai. (Because when something goes in mumma eyes, daddy takes it out like this only.)” Muskan explained them innocently having no idea what actually her parents did.

Sidnaaz passed each other smile listening to her words. They were happy to know that they were not the first one whom Muskan had caught.

“Ab aap dono mujhe batao ki mein kaisi lag lhi ho? (Now you both tell me that how I am looking?)” She asked and twirled delightfully to show her dress to them. Sidnaaz were smiling at her. She was really looking so cute and beautiful at that time.

“You are looking so pretty like a princess, Musu.” Sana picked her in her arms and kissed her cheek. Muskan passed her a cute smile and thanked her. Then she looked at her Chachu for the compliment.

“You are Cutest and prettiest.” He said pulling her cheeks and she grinned in response. Then Sidnaaz together kissed her cheeks and she put her tiny hands on their cheeks.

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