(Part: 15) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part : 15

Frustrated Sidharth

Neyonika was making Sana meet with the guests while Sid was standing at the bar counter with his brother. Muskan was with her grandpa because Jay and Mahi didn’t arrive yet.

“I know, Bhai, why you are standing sad here,” Cabir spoke after taking one sip of scotch from the glass. Sid was standing, placing his elbows on the bar counter and leaning against the counter.

“I am not sad.” He spoke and smiled forcefully looking at him.

“Really, bhai?” He laughed at him. Sid glared at him.

“I know, Musu spoiled your plan. You wanted to come with bhabhi alone but musu, Oh my poor bro, ” he laughed more, pulling his cheeks. Sid was looking at him, having anger in his eyes. He was already frustrated because he was not getting the kiss and now on the top of that Cabir was making fun of him which was doing the work fuel in the fire.

“It seems like Jay Bhai has taken the full advantage of this and that’s why he has reached half an hour late.” When Sid was killing Cabir with his looks. That time Cabir saw Jay who was entering into the party hall with his beloved wife.

“Now it’s time to tease my big bro.” He took another sip of scotch and left after putting the glass on the bar counter. Sid shook his head in disbelief and then his eyes started finding his angel.

“Mom is here then where is my angel?” He thought when he found Neyonika talking to Mahi and Jay.

“Where were you both?” Neyonika asked from Mahi and Jay.

“Mom, our car broke down then we had to call the mechanic.” Jay instantly replied while Mahi was trying not to blush at that time.

“Mom, bhai is lying.” Cabir interrupted their conversation walking there. Jay and Mahi’s eyes shot up in a shock. Neyonika looked at him confusingly.

“Cabir, shut up. Why he would lie? You always speak rubbish.” Neyonika scolded him and Jay chuckled.

“Mom, listen to me.” Cabir tried to tell the truth to her mom but she left ignoring him.

“Oh, poor kid, Mumma is not listening to you.” Jay spoke holding his chin. Cabir made a sad pout. How could Jay leave the opportunity of teasing his prankster brother?”

“Yes, My little bro, I was lying. I was spending time with my beautiful wife as you know.” Jay spoke, entwining his hand with Mahi’s hand. They both passed each other a smile. Mahi winked at him after kissing Jay’s chuckles.

“I will see you both.” Cabir walked from there saying this making them laugh loudly.


As Sana walked out from the washroom, somebody wrapped his hand around her waist and covered her mouth with his hand.

Sana got scared and she was about to bite his hand. But as the scent of perfume reached to her nostrils, she immediately recognised the touch of that person, he was her husband, she sighed. He took her behind the pillar.

“You really scared me, Sidharth.” She yelled on him, punching his chest lightly when he came in front of him.

“And madam you, couldn’t you go to the washroom after informing me? I was finding you everywhere.” He shouted on her concernedly making her feel guilty.

“I am sorry, baby.” She instantly apologised and the ‘baby’ word brought a huge smile on his face. She knew very well that how to make her beloved husband smile.

“It’s okay but don’t repeat this next time.” He warned her showing his index finger. She nodded her head in yes like an innocent kid in response.

“I love you.” He suddenly confessed making her smile.

“Now, I want my pending kiss.” He spoke huskily pinning her against the pillar after holding her arms.

“You want it now ?” She asked and her eyeballs were moving here and there nervously because he was asking her to kiss him in public which was something new for her.

“Now means now, angel.” He replied and she looked at him nervously.

“Sid, we can’t.” She denied making him sad.

“Why, angel? I am seriously getting frustrated now.”

“Sid, I forgot to bring the lipstick, that’s why. You know after the kiss my lipstick will be get spoiled.” She gave him the excuse after thinking for a few seconds.

“Don’t worry, I have brought the lipstick.” Sana’s eyes shot up in a shock listening to this.

“I already knew that you would surely forget and that’s why I kept it.” He left her arms and show her the lipstick after taking it out from the pocket of his trouser.

“Sid everybody would be finding us. We shall go. It’s our reception.” She was about to go but he again pinned her on the wall holding her arms.

“Please angel, I really want the kiss.” He said like a baby is requesting for chocolate from his mother. She smiled seeing his cuteness.

“I know, you are hesitating to kiss me in the public but don’t worry nobody would come.” He assured her, blinking his eyes.

“Okay.” She finally agreed and waited for him to kiss her closing her eyes. Sid smiled and moved closer to her lips cupping her face. A shiver rushed down her spine as his hot breath caressed her lips, it turned her on.

“These lips are my addiction.” He whispered near to her lips while his thumb brushed her soft lips. Her hands were on his chest which clutched his blazer. He was driving her crazy.

“Chachu… Chachi where are you ?” Sidnaaz looked at each other with wide-open eyes in shock as they heard Muskan’s voice. This was the fourth time when somebody was coming between their kiss and this was third the when romance breaker ‘Muskan’ was not letting them kiss.

“Will she let us kiss or not ?” Sid said getting irritated and moving away from Sana.

“Chachu Chachi, aap dono ko dundh hi liya meine, pal aap dono yaha kal kya lhai ho? (Chachu Chachi, I finally found you both. But what you both were doing here ?” She asked after coming in front of them. Sid gave a forceful smile to Muskan.

“Musu we were playing hide and seek with you. I think you forgot but then too you found us.” Sana laughed after saying this. Muskan also giggled putting a hand on her mouth cutely. Sid was glaring at Muskan. Sana asked Sid in a gesture to smile. He smiled faintly.

“Musu, why are you alone ?” Sid asked, picking her up in his arms.

“Mein Mumma ko chakma dekal aagya.. ( I came after dodging Mumma.)” She laughed loudly after saying this. Her cuteness made them also laugh.

“That’s wrong, Musu. Mumma must be looking for you. That’s really bad.” Sana scolded her.

“Mumma mujhe ganda ganda khana khila lhi thi, chachi. (Mumma was making me eat tasteless food, Chachi.)” She spoke and made a cute pout.

“Aur smell bhi aarhi thi. (and it was stinking too.)” She wrinkled her nose and closed her nose with her finger and thumb. Sidnaaz laughed on her cute antics.

“First let’s inform your Mumma that you are with us and then Chachi will feed you tasty tasty food,” Sana spoke and licked her lower lips cutely. It turned on him more and he cried closing his eyes. Then they both went taking Muskan to the party hall.

“Oh god, when you will let us kiss ?” Sid murmured to himself walking behind Sana.

Haha, would Sid kiss Sana or I should say Will Muskan let Sidnaaz kiss ? 😂😂😂😂

To know, keep reading Love Story.

I’ll post one or two updates at night.

Love Mehak

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